Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I think I would like to see this movie again, but probably not till I can fast forward over the parts I don’t want to watch and rewind the parts I want to see a couple times in a row.

But I have a couple questions:

1. Why did Galen send a hologram video confession instead of something way more helpful? (Like the plans! Or the latitude and longitude of the target! So many options!)

2. Who decided that firing the Death Star at Scarif was an A+ plan? It was an Imperial planet! Full of Imperials! And super important documents! It was important enough to warrant a scientifically improbable shield, but as soon as a few rebels landed it was all ‘just obliterate everything, we’ll sort it out later.’

One can only imagine the conversation that must have taken place:

Some sort of Imperial Officer: “Sir, there’s some rebels down there.”

Tarkin: “Are they winning?”

IO: “No. There’s only a few left. Bad news is they’ve they’ve already stolen the plans.”

Tarkin: “Shoot it with the Death Star.”

IO: “But — there’s like two of them. The entire rest of the population of the planet is our people. Also that’s the backup data for every Imperial document ever scanned.”

Tarkin: “Shoot it with the Death Star.”

IO: “We couldn’t just send down some TIE fighters to clean up the mess?”

(And then they shot it with the Death Star, in what was arguably one of the worst strategic decisions ever made in a Star Wars movie.)

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