Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Why not do a work post today? The week is already completely disarranged by the holiday and general sense of ‘AH IT’S A NEW YEAR WHAT AM I DOING.’

So the other day I was meeting with someone more important than me, and they said:

“You’re very well respected in this company.”

To which my #1 first reaction was to think ‘okay — that sounds fake, but okay.’

I almost said it out loud. It was the perfect opening. But I considered that 1) this person might not know that meme; and 2) even if they did, they might not think it was funny.

So instead I said, “Thank you,” but I think I might have said it with a sort of ‘that sounds fake’ tone? (Because I had just been thinking it! Also, in my experience, when you are well respected, nobody has to tell you.)

Anyway, that’s my story of Memes In Real Life.

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