Jan. 5th, 2017

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Last night I was driving back from work, and I was happily minding my own business on the highway. And when I got to my exit, the car behind me was also exiting. What luck!

I felt like they were a Little Close on the exit ramp, but I tend to have a sense of ‘this is a disaster and no one can drive, including me’ any time I’m driving, so I ignored it. Also I hoped we’d be parting ways at the end of the exit, but nope. Samesies again.

Then it got kind of weird? Because that exit is one of those ‘if you turn right at the end of the exit, and then stay in the right hand lane, you’ll wind up right back on the highway again’ situations. So there I was, moving over into the left lane, and there’s my buddy, staying in the right lane and speeding up.

I slowed down, because typically people realize their error about two seconds from the on ramp and hastily jump lanes. Which they did. Sort of. They made the swap to the left lane, and then, BIZARRELY, turned their right blinker on and came to a complete stop in front of a green light.


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