Jan. 25th, 2017

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It’s review season! (Again!) Every year, my workplace has us all fill out a self-evaluation, which is the starting point for an extremely opaque and generally frustrating process in which you may or may not get a raise.

The kerfluffle so far this year is that the schedule for reviews was sent out with a typo on it — basically the first date said ‘start working on your self-evaluation,’ and then two weeks later, instead of ‘you should be done by now,’ it repeated ‘start working on your self-evaluation.’

Based on the context of the other dates, it didn’t seem impossible to figure out the error, and there are so many people in the company that seem to thrive on pointing out other peoples’ mistakes that I figured it would be corrected quickly. Turns out not so much.

I am side-eying so hard right now, because *last* year we had a “delay” in this process that pushed pay increases back by a week, which I couldn’t help thinking must have saved the company some cash. And now this year it looks like — oh, another delay? Mmm-hmm.

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