Apr. 6th, 2017

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I decided to try one of those 30 day challenges (it’s not really a challenge? it’s mostly to keep me from over-focusing on other things) — anyway, it’s 30 days.

But my difficulty with month-long things like that is that I constantly feel like I am just barely keeping up. (Which is the point of it, I get that, you do one day at a time, but my brain is not always keen to get on board that logic train.)

This time around, I decided to start the 30 days five days early (aka it was still March). At the time, it was just because I was excited about starting and I figured that any time I’m excited about doing something good for me I should probably dive in and do it before the feeling fades.

But so far I am super impressed by how effectively that decision has convinced my brain that I am winning this challenge. (It’s the 6th, but I’m on day 11! I am *crushing* this goal!) I mean, it’s all imaginary, but if the choice is between my brain having an unwarranted feeling of success versus an unwarranted feeling of impending failure, I’ll go with door number one.

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