Apr. 26th, 2017

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My computer keeps trying to install some updates, and I keep telling it to do it overnight and apparently it isn’t. (Maybe there’s just a lot of updates? IDK, in trying to make it easy for people, it also seems to have become very opaque. Yes/no is easy, sure, but without any context it always makes me confused as to what is actually happening.)

Anyway, this morning I had a message that said the update couldn’t install because of Preview. Which makes zero sense to me, but I’m no software engineer, so maybe that’s a real thing.

And since *yesterday* morning my laptop computer decided it would search for a (nonexistent) bluetooth keyboard and not let me do anything with the actual attached keyboard until it was done searching (which never happened, I had to kill switch it), I decided today was the day for updates.

Ten minutes later, black screen. And out of nowhere, a sound I can only describe as a tone of sadness. I legit stared at the laptop in shock. (“What was that?” I asked it. There was no answer)

Thankfully, another twenty minutes later everything is back up and running. WHY IS TECHNOLOGY SO CONFUSING?

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