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I’m at that point of the month when I’m startled *both* by how much of it has already passed and how much is left. It’s the 22nd! But there’s still more than a whole week to go!

(Part of it is the weekends, I think. July has five full weekends, which hasn’t happened since April and won’t happen again till December, and it makes the month feel extra long.)

Anyway, it’s weekend #4, so I guess I should figure out what I’m doing with it!

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This week, in no particular order, I have dreamed about:

1. using a skip-it

2. beef jerky

3. pop-up cards made of wood

4. a UPS delivery driver feud

5. a google conspiracy

And all I can say is: what in the world is going on in there, brain?

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Happy July!

Here’s this month’s door art:

[This one is two pieces of scrapbooking paper as the background, two strips of border from a 2016 calendar (artwork by Adam Guan), and then another 2016 calendar picture (photograph by Kent Mason)]

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Question of the day: why sleep on just one blanket when you could sleep on a whole pile of blankets?

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Jun. 17th, 2017 08:38 am
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I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: thank goodness for laundry, the chore that does itself while I browse tumblr and take a nap.

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Or rather, I’m driving a short distance to a forested area with well-marked trails to tromp around getting sunburned for a while. I can’t wait!

(Really, I’m looking forward to it. It turns out that my ‘regular voice’ and my ‘sarcastic voice’ are pretty identical, which probably says something uncomplimentary about my personality, but I am entirely genuine about this. Trees and sunshine! ::hearts::)

PS: I especially love trail bridges.

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You know what’s great about Wonder Woman’s superhero name? Truth in advertising.

*Wonder Woman: is she a wonder? yes! is she a woman? also yes! a+ name, 100% score

*Batman: is he a bat? no! is he a man? yes. 50% score.

*Superman: is he super? a matter of debate. is he a man? not a human one. score unclear.

*Flash: is he a flash? no. does his power involve flashing? no. is his power light-related? no. very confusing, 0% score.

*Green Lantern: is he green? no. is he a lantern? no. 20% grandfathered score since it’s an inherited title, plus Kermit bonus points, total score 25%.

*Nightwing: is he the night? no, that’s Batman. does he have wings? i don’t think so but to be fair i haven’t followed his character arc. 10% bonus points for it being a cool name anyway.

*Aquaman: pretty good name, actually? being an aquatic man and all that. plus i know almost nothing about this character except that Jason Momoa played Ronon on Stargate Atlantis, so 80% nostalgia score.

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The best kind of caturday — when there are still TWO MORE weekend days to come!


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May. 20th, 2017 08:25 am
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In addition to being caturday, it’s also fitbit goal day. I don’t think my goal was ‘sleep in, then take a nap.’

On the other hand, why *wasn’t* that my goal?

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5K Day!

May. 13th, 2017 06:25 am
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[Backstory: a business close to the place where I work hosts an annual 5K Run/Walk event; my workplace offers free registration as an incentive to go.]

Alternate names for today’s event, based on this week’s conversations at work:

1. Free Yogurt Day

2. The Please Don’t Rain 5K

3. Tell Me Again Where We’re Parking Day

4. I Didn’t Know The CEO Was Attending; Did You And Does This Change Things; Discussion Points To Follow

5. Show Up To Claim Your T-Shirt Day

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movie day!

May. 6th, 2017 08:21 am
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Going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today. (Volume 2? I’ve just been calling it Guardians2 in emails, even though that makes it potentially confusable with a bunch of other movies. Which reminds me of that great ‘this trilogy makes no sense’ post from back when the first one came out*.)

My prediction for this movie: somewhat garbage, but not 100% garbage.

Why that makes me want to see it more: there’s no pressure — the most disappointing movies for me are when I want them to be amazing, and they’re just not, so this is much more fun. I basically just want it to be moderately entertaining for two hours, give me something to talk about on the internet, and be an excuse to get DBOX tickets (rumble seats!). So far, winning on all fronts.

(*I did look for it. Briefly. Anyway, it was the movie posters for Legend of the Guardians, Rise of the Guardians, and Guardians of the Galaxy, with the caption “This trilogy makes no sense.” There seem to be quite a few variations of it floating around the internet at this point, but I couldn’t find the exact one I was thinking of.)

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I guess we still need rain, but if we could just get an hour of sun each morning? So the cat could properly bask? That would be really great.


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The google doodle today is super cute, and includes a cat, a fox, and a frog! It’s all my weaknesses in one place!

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Me: [checks how many posts I’ve done this week that were just a picture] Only one? Perfect.

[from 2014, both the cats waiting for spring, picture from *Andrea]

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As it is currently far too cold out for me to want to do anything outside (after mid-March I require temps to be *at least* above freezing to go tromp around in the forest), and since I’ve already slept in for an extra hour, it must be time for weekend chores!

(Normally this would not be super exciting. But I have a coupon! It’s the little things, really.)

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Just realized I never turned the heat back up after lowering it mid-week to open a window. (No wonder it’s so chilly in here!)

Many days feel like an ongoing delicate negotiation between me and my body, and today is all that cranked up to 11.

Me (to me): So…. how’s it going?

Also Me: UGH

Me: Hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Sick? Angry? Sad? Cold? Hot? Headache?

Me Again: ARGH

Still Me: …okay. That’s cool, this is fine. Everything’s fine here.

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After last weekend’s tempting open window experience, we now have 15F degree temps and a brisk wind. Sounds like a good day to stay inside, cook mac and cheese, and not think about work!

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Feb. 25th, 2017 09:36 am
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[Note: It’s not actually spring yet, but we’re having an unusual pre-spring-teaser of warm weather. In other words, the window is open, but I had to turn down the heat to do it.]

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Confetti! It’s a parade!

We’re not quite back to this yet:

But a lot of the snow has melted off the balcony, and it is tentatively looking like we may get through next week without any snow at all (!!!), which would be hugely helpful for the ‘where do we put it all’ situation as well as the ‘this road surely used to have two lanes’ problem we’ve got going on here at the apartment parking lot.

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