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And now that it really *is* Friday, another fic rec! (Huge thanks to bluemeridian, whose pinboard page brings great joy!)

I’m waiting through the weekend before I start in with the Wonder Woman fics, since most are full of spoilers. So here’s the Guardians of the Galaxy, visiting Peter’s family on Earth:

guess who just got back today, by irnan

“All right,” said Louisa sharply. “That’s enough, this a family dinner –”

“Well yeah, that’s why we’re fighting,” said Peter.

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Avengers fic, circa 2014! Sometimes I cannot even, and so I put in a load of laundry and read a fic.

Living On My Own, by rekishi

“James Barnes is back in the world and finds that not only has there been 1) an alien invasion, but 2) Howard Stark had a kid. One that dispenses unsolicited life advice, no less. Oh, and 3) Captain America is alive again, after getting himself killed by his own recklessness in a move so stupid only Steve could have come up with it. In which James learns to do laundry, turns into an accidental neighborhood vigilante and makes Tony Stark a happy grease monkey, all while he figures out where to stake his claim.”

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1. I laughed! I cried! I saw two women on the screen at the same time!

2. I liked it more than the first one!

3. Baby Groot is still voiced by Vin Diesel. (Aww….)

4. Peter said he’s been flying the Milano since he was ten years old. (And then Rocket says he’s cybernetically designed to fly a spaceship, which — really?)

5. Possibly the best recurring theme: Nebula being 10,000% done with everything.

6. Best plot news of the day: this movie has nothing to do with Infinity Stones. (The events of the first movie are briefly mentioned, but no new Infinity Gauntlet related plot occurs.*)

7. Baby Groot is flipping adorable. The apparently irresistible waving thing — super cute.

8. Remote piloted fighter ships are possibly the smartest idea ever for a space battle. I vote we ret-con the entire Nova Corps fleet to also be remote piloted, because then I could finally stop crying about That Scene from the first movie.

9. I absolutely do not believe they were ever planning on leaving Nebula in a prison on Xandar.

10. [*ETA apparently there was a comics callout to one of the infinity gems in one of the post-credits scenes. Also, there are multiple post-credits scenes, FYI.]

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Clint Barton and the Howling Commandogs, by galwednesday

This story has: Cute dogs! Kate Bishop and America Chavez! Clint Barton being a general failboat! James Barnes as recovering amnesiac assassin and dog trainer!

Kate rolled her eyes. “Of course we knew. How many one-armed amnesiacs do you think are running around these days? It’s fine, I shot at him a little when he first turned up to make sure he wouldn’t go berserk.”

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Still below zero here, but it should be into positive single digits by noon!

Fic rec for today has nothing to do with the holidays, but parts of it take place in places far warmer than here right now. Yay!

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Pine, by galwednesday

Avengers AU where Steve works for SHIELD and Bucky works for himself and neither of them got frozen.

Steve took a deep breath in. Let it out. “See, guys?” he said calmly. “This is why we keep chatter off the comms. You never know who’s been listening.”

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No time for long fics! It’s nanowrimo time! (Says the person who started reading a 200,000+ word Merlin epic yesterday… Not done yet, so I don’t want to rec it until I make sure I won’t cry at the end.)

Anyway, here’s a short fic to rec for today!

A Short List of Relevant Skills and Abilities, by ignipes

That whole saving-the-galaxy-from-certain-destruction thing has convinced them they kind of want to be good guys, but they pretty much only know how to be bad guys.

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A classic! I have re-read this one many times, and it never fails to make me smile.

Breaking News, by nightwalker

“‘Can’t comment on awesome news’,” Peter read out loud from his phone. “‘Getting proposed to.’ Holy crap, there’s already a CapTony hashtag. How many followers do you have, Tony?”

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This is essentially my fave trope of ‘snowbound in an inn at Christmas,’ except they’re not actually snowbound, and it’s not an inn. But there is a cat, so that evens it out.

I’m in the Wrong Place to be Real, by hermionesmydawg

After hours of being in this damn jet (and who gave Steve fucking Rogers a license to fly this thing anyway, hello, he crashed a plane into the Arctic on purpose once), they land in the middle of a field. Yes, a field. Literally right next to a fucking cow. They file off one by one, each taking in their new surroundings. Bucky moos hello to the cow.

“Did you just moo?” Sam asks. Bucky shrugs, and Sam rolls his eyes. “You didn’t say a fucking word the entire flight, and yet, you greet a cow. A goddamn cow.”

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ten times as long (to put yourselves back together), by inkvoices

This is a brilliant idea — rather than waiting until all those pesky MCU Phase 3 movies come out, just start writing fix-it fics now! Yes please!

(Plus, baby Groot tree! Aww…)

“So, what you’re telling me is that this is a completely unknown form of plant and you’re worried because maybe aliens left it here or something?”

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Two thumbs up!

[Comics!verse, so Jan is in it (yay Jan!) and also Don Blake, and Iron Man’s identity is a secret.]

Think of This as Solving Problems (That Never Should Have Occurred), by Sineala

Author Summary: No one knows Tony is Iron Man. Then Tony gets amnesia, and literally *no one* knows Tony is Iron Man.

“Well,” Tony said, giving Steve another appraising glance, “you look like you went to an even more interesting party than I did. Very patriotic.”

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Currently a tumblr!fic, set in copperbadge’s Silver Age AU:

The Ranger and the Stray, by copperbadge

As surrogate little brothers went, Clint made a pretty good Stark.

[The rest of the series on AO3: The Silver Age]

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within me, an invincible summer, by notcaycepollard

“Canada, then. I like Canada. The people are nice. I heard they give you a gallon of maple syrup with your passport, that true?”

“I dunno, I’ll make sure to include that point in negotiations.”

(I want this for the team so much — Sam and Bucky and recovery and Canada and all of that!)

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One more fic rec for Friday!

warm blood (feels good, i can’t control it anymore), by notcaycepollard

That story where Captain America’s two best friends become cuddle buddies.

Sam feels like maybe it’s not him making it weird, like, this hundred-year-old cranky ex-assassin who shares a house with Sam now is cuddling him, Steve is away on mission and Sam is being cuddled because Steve’s not here, it just. It’s weird.

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Sticking with the theme of avoiding my reality this week, here’s another fic rec!

Like a Horse and Carriage, by Traincat

It’s the fake-married for the FAFSA fic!

“You can’t throw rice anymore,” Peter says days later. He sounds tired, which Johnny is sure has nothing to do with the fact that he ambushed Peter at 3 AM to talk about their upcoming scam wedding.

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Last week’s searches were memorable in all the wrong ways, so how about a bonus fic rec instead?

The Stars Go Red, by orbingarrow

AU where Tony’s sort of a super-villain and Hydra keeps trying to recruit him.

Tony knows that won’t be the end of Hydra’s pursuit. He avoids his more obvious labs and moves to one of his back-ups. This one is cooler anyway. It’s a proper mad scientist hideout on St. Lucia, near a volcano and everything.

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I liked it! I have Many Questions. Top 5:

1. Why didn’t Nina have a dog?

2. Is Nightcrawler Raven’s child?

3. Did Charles recognize Storm from Logan’s memories?

4. Why were there so many fewer kids in the mansion when Quicksilver did his rescue than we’d seen before? Weekend? Not actually 100% a boarding school?

5. What was Alex doing for those ten years, while he was apparently not hanging out with Hank at all?

And for the Bonus Round:

+1. I 10,000% want to know what happened with the rest of the mansion kids while the heroes were off doing whatever. Their house blew up, with all their stuff, zero adults around, one car… even if the rest of the movie only took a day, what did they do for that day? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Not canon in any way, shape, or form at this point, which is just how I like it!

The one where Bucky secretly lurks around the Tower until Darcy starts bringing him coffee and snacks:

The Extraordinary Friendship of Darcy Lewis and James Buchanan Barnes, by cosmicocean

“I have to go because a maniac’s yelling at me,” Buchanan informs her.

“We’ve all been there,” Darcy agrees.

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It was good! I didn’t like it as much as I thought I might like it, based on how much other people seemed to like it. If that makes sense.

I waited till I could see it on the little itty bitty screen, so it would be easier to fast forward over the gory and/or scary parts, which was a good call. And it’s not like I didn’t know it was a superhero origin story movie, but I didn’t realize quite how much it would follow that plot and not deviate.

Things that were awesome about the movie:

1. Negasonic Teenage Warhead

2. Vanessa

Very important questions:

1. Why does Dopinder keep driving Deadpool around if he never pays the fare? And how did he explain the duffel bag full of guns?

2. What is NTW’s preferred name? What’s the name plan for when she’s not a teenager anymore?

3. How does Vanessa get her hair to grow so fast?

4. Whatever happened to that other guy, who wanted to make banana pancakes with his kids?

5. What’s it like for non-X-team mutants to live in New York with the X-Men upstate?

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1. funny one-liners

2. understanding all those tumblr jokes about location titles

3. T’Challa

4. probably there’s a lot more but I can’t think of it right now, because I’m still kind of baffled as to how the movie could be *so long* and yet not fit in more character growth

5. I don’t think Aunt May is really Peter’s aunt.

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It was not a very search-laden week, apparently, so instead here are five questions I have post-CACW.

1. Where was SHIELD the whole time?

2. How happy am I about Redwing? (SO happy!)

3. Is Pepper secretly running an intergalactic cooperation and mutual aid program?

4. What ever happened to Extremis?

5. Is Spiderman a minor?

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