Sep. 7th, 2017 05:58 am
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There’s a scene early in ‘Rise of the Guardians’ — North makes a little ice train (that can fly!), and a yeti bursts into his workshop and the door hits the train. North and the yeti exchange pained noises a couple times (PS it’s hilarious).

Anyway, that’s pretty much the exact noise I made when I saw that AO3 will be down for maintenance for two hours today. If you, like me, maintain your sanity at work by having an AO3 tab open in the background (it’s part of my tab rotation! a perfectly legitimate way to schedule work flow!), take note of your time zone and plan accordingly!

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Time to go back to work for two days!

[PS: You know what’s the most annoying thing about a touchpad that’s 7 years old? The on-again off-again ability to click and drag. I mean, that’s probably why I’m so patient with my work computer being slow, so — bright side!]

I cleared out some of the unnecessary emails yesterday morning, so there’s that to be grateful for. Also, it’s veggie day, always good for another episode of ‘how shall I combine these veggies with mac and cheese *this* week?’

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coworker: “I can’t get into [program]! It says I’m not connected to the internet!”

me: “…This may sound like an obvious question, but — is your computer connected to the internet?”

coworker: “I think so?”

me: “Can you see other internet things, like your email?”

coworker: “Let me check. Yes! Oh, [program] is working now!”

(Note: This was literally just intended to make my coworker do something else for the five seconds it would take the initial program to load. Isn’t technology great! ::jazz hands::)

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I tried out the “Hannaford To Go” experience yesterday (order groceries online, drive to the store to pick them up). It was interesting.

The best thing about it is that it lets you separate the time it takes to shop and the time it takes to pick up the shopping. So I could pick out my groceries on Thursday afternoon, when I had plenty of time to look at a screen, but couldn’t physically leave to go to the store. (::cough:: I was at work.) And then I could pop over to the store before work on Friday morning and pick them up, a block of time that easily fit driving to the store and back, but would definitely not have accommodated actually shopping.

On the other hand, between the time I placed the order and the pickup, I remembered five other things I probably should have gotten. Also, I’m totally one of those people who has no idea what the product is called, just that ‘it’s usually about here on the shelf, and there’s some purple on the box,’ so that meant I had a second tab open to google stuff to see if I could find enough key words to get it to pop up in the grocery search results.

Still, I promised myself a sticker on the sticker chart for trying something new, and I have a good start on next week’s grocery list, so I’ll call it an overall win.

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I am not-so-secretly terrified of social media. I mean, sure, I post here, and I lurk on tumblr more than I should probably admit. Conceptually, I can see the benefits of having an online presence.

But I worry a lot. (I mean, about everything, not just my online presence, but that’s part of it.) What if my identity is stolen? What if I say something stupid that gets taken out of context and ruins my life? (an actual thing that has happened)

And now my workplace wants us to take on answering questions on social media as part of our expanded responsibilities. They say they have our back, but it’s not in writing and I probably wouldn’t believe it even if it was. I am 100% convinced that any one of us would be fired in a hot second if something we said blew up online.

Ah, fear, my constant companion. So our days together go.

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I have been confusing dates all week. What month is this? What year is it?

*This morning I tried to find more information on registering for an event, only to realize (after an embarrassingly long time) that it happened back in 2015.

*Yesterday, I was baffled by why we would be receiving 100+ orders “this week” that were meant to ship in September — finally I figured out that “this week” was part of a calendar event invite *in* September.

I blame the weirdness of the upcoming non-three-day-weekend. My brain thinks ‘holiday weekend!’ and then immediately goes ‘but I’m working Monday?!’ and then ‘but not Tuesday?!?!’ and boom, confusion loop.

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Work Wednesday! As in, I will be at work today! Working!

Yeah, not much excitement on the work front this week. The boss is interviewing for some new team members, which is one of those things that always makes me glad I’m not the boss.

Also I slept in a little this morning, so I’m feeling a little discombobulated by the whole timeline of the day. Am I early? Am I late? Why does my computer tell me when my phone is ringing? WHAT’S HAPPENING?

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My computer keeps trying to install some updates, and I keep telling it to do it overnight and apparently it isn’t. (Maybe there’s just a lot of updates? IDK, in trying to make it easy for people, it also seems to have become very opaque. Yes/no is easy, sure, but without any context it always makes me confused as to what is actually happening.)

Anyway, this morning I had a message that said the update couldn’t install because of Preview. Which makes zero sense to me, but I’m no software engineer, so maybe that’s a real thing.

And since *yesterday* morning my laptop computer decided it would search for a (nonexistent) bluetooth keyboard and not let me do anything with the actual attached keyboard until it was done searching (which never happened, I had to kill switch it), I decided today was the day for updates.

Ten minutes later, black screen. And out of nowhere, a sound I can only describe as a tone of sadness. I legit stared at the laptop in shock. (“What was that?” I asked it. There was no answer)

Thankfully, another twenty minutes later everything is back up and running. WHY IS TECHNOLOGY SO CONFUSING?

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Things I have googled while trying to decide what to post today:

1. long-term weather forecast

2. my daily horoscope

3. knife sharpening

4. toe length personality traits

5. does it use electricity if you have the light switch turned on, but the light turned off

So at this point, I’m just going to leave it there before it winds up being time to leave for work and I’m still rambling around the interwebs in my pajamas.

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Apparently there is no widely recognized podcast rating system. Several episodes I’ve listened to have the itunes red E, but vary on whether the “explicit language” is bleeped out or presented as-is.

And then there’s the pre-podcast warnings on content, which tend to offer vague ‘this podcast contains content which may not be suitable for young children’ messages. Which is — not super helpful?

Something that would be awesome: let’s get some AO3-style tag clouds going so I can know exactly what kind of content I’m going to find. More creator-generated tagging, less oversimplified (or nonexistent) rating structure!

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I’ve started listening to podcasts! Super late to the party, as usual. So far they seem to serve a few main purposes:

1. Distracting me from winter. A real plus. I’ve been trying to subscribe to things that have a regular release schedule, so I can look forward to the next episode.

2. Good exercise motivation. Listening to 1A often makes me so grumpy that I walk faster on the treadmill just to release the irritation. That’s a win-win, right?

3. All that news is making me way better at the games on ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.’ I like to shout out the answers while I’m listening with earbuds in, just to really confuse my neighbors.

4. I’ve learned that I will listen to the presenters of Rocket talk about things I have no clue about just because I enjoy their conversations.

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After my failed attempt in December to interview my way into a new job (within the same company I work at now), I am now trying a new technique: go do fill-in work for other departments and hope one of them likes me. The language around the plan was a little more professional than that when my boss and I hashed it out, but that’s basically it.

I had my first ‘go help out somewhere else’ day yesterday, and I thought it went okay. The person in charge said maybe six sentences to me, and the person who showed me what to do was not at all fooled when I pretended I knew how to do a vlookup in excel. But they said I can come back on Thursday, so there’s that.

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For less than a year, but more than half a year, I have been using one of starandrea’s fitbits. Most of the time I leave it on at night, because it actually does seem to encourage me to get more sleep (aka go to bed earlier). (Possibly this is a natural consequence just of getting older? Who knows.)

But I’ve noticed that one of my sleep stats — number of times “restless” — has improved a LOT. Despite me not feeling like there’s been any significant improvement in the quality of my sleep, or even in the number of times I wake up in a night.

And I think it’s sort of funny, because it’s really just measuring whether or not the fitbit itself is moving around. So it turns out that in the last few months, fitbit has trained me to leave one arm still at night. (Which, to be fair, may be helping me fall back asleep faster.) Score one for unintended consequences!

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Feb. 9th, 2017 07:43 am
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Except not really, because we are “perfectly capable of working from home.” Which I wouldn’t exactly describe as a true statement, in the strictest sense of the word “true.”

I would say I am somewhat capable of working from home. I mean, there’s the good part:

Good Part:
No commute!

But it’s not all good. Because it’s one thing to get yelled at by a stranger on the telephone when you’re in an office surrounded by supportive coworkers, and quite a different thing to get yelled at by a stranger on the telephone in your own home.

Although calls forwarded to our personal cell phones can’t be recorded, a fun fact I learned a few years back. So there’s that.*

(*Not even kidding, the only thing anyone takes advantage of this for is to skip asking the question ‘Is there anything else I can help you with today?’ We get points deducted from the call if we don’t ask it, but — as anyone who’s ever been awkwardly asked that question on a call can attest — it just doesn’t fit into every conversation. It’s a relief when you can just leave it out. Believe me when I say, they’ll call back if they think of anything else to ask. Or even if they just want to ask the same thing again.)

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It’s meeting day today! Interesting note on meetings at my workplace: in an attempt to make things easier, they’ve actually created a fascinating way to keep track of a lot of things that are going on.

1. The company uses google calendar, with varying degrees of success.

2. There are only a certain number of meeting rooms, and they each have their own calendar (so you can book the room and invite everyone in the meeting and it will show up on their calendar).

3. Which means you can add the meeting room calendars to your own view and see what’s booked in there each and every day.

4. So interesting! Browsing the week’s meetings is now a relatively common activity for our team. It’s often difficult to tell whether people don’t realize the calendars are public or just genuinely don’t think anyone looks at them. Surprise!

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The good news: Our area has been downgraded from 'Winter Storm Watch' to 'Winter Weather Advisory,' and the estimated snow totals have dropped to 3-6 inches. Which really isn't that much, but it sounds like driving could potentially be a tricky situation pretty much all day.

The bad news: I hate driving in snow.

The good news: Technically, we're allowed to work from home.

The bad news: We've never tried it before with our current system.

The good news: I just tried it. It works, for a certain definition of working that includes "very slowly."

The bad news: At work, we have two monitors, probably one 15" and one 17." (They don't match. Yeah, it's a thing.) At home I have one 13" laptop. What *really* makes it great is that the remote login screen is actually EVEN SMALLER than my laptop screen. So you're trying to do two monitors worth of work in one 7x10" rectangle. With a time lag. While you're on the phone.

The good news: I actually brought home all my papers and notebooks, which historically means I will not need them.
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More of my adventures in technology!

I turned on the voice-activated “hey siri” option on my phone, which has mostly just made me paranoid about saying the phrase “hey siri.” However, it is also super useful for setting timers when your hands are dirty.

[For example, I have yet to get out of the habit of doing food prep and then putting whatever it is in the oven/toaster/stovetop — then realizing I want to wash my hands before I put them all over my phone, and then forgetting how much time has passed by the time I’m done.]

[Siri will set alarms too, either by a “set an alarm for 30 minutes” or a “set an alarm for 8:30 am.” The timer will give you the countdown on the screen, but the alarm can be set to play a song, so it’s really a toss-up.]

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Let me first say, am I the only one who has a terrible time figuring out where the mac equivalent of the control panel is? Every. Time. On the other hand, it means I feel very accomplished after just locating it, and anything I manage on top of that makes me feel like a technological wizard, which is kind of fun.

Also, I was perfectly happy with Snow Leopard! Snow leopards are adorable and have floofy tails; it was a joy to have my operating system share their name. But once my phone pestered me into an update, it stopped talking to iphoto. And itunes. And that was sort of a problem.

Google stepped in and suggested updating itunes. Ah ha, except I had already thought of that — itunes claimed I had the most current version, 11.whatever. Not so, the internet forums replied; the most current version is 12.something-or-other.

Which led down the rabbit hole of updating Snow Leopard to El Capitan, which took a while, and then itunes let me get *that* update, and lo, the phone-computer schism was ended.
Also, my trackpad was reversed. Why, apple, why? I’ve had this computer for a long time; don’t go turning it into a stranger!

And so I carefully made my way to the control panel system preferences, and TURNED THAT TRACKPAD THING OFF. Everything is much better now. The end.

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Important Note:

Just because I’m the only person you could get on the phone after 7 pm doesn’t mean I can actually help you resolve a problem that involves at least two different departments and a significantly higher access level than mine. The reason you can’t get those people on the phone is because they’ve gone home!


It is not my fault that the United States has multiple time zones, and you *really wanting* to fix things tonight doesn’t actually increase my ability to do anything about it.

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1. Successfully evaded today’s team building event. (Unfortunately my “excuse” of having too much work to do is all too true.)

2. But! One of the reasons I am trying to get that work done now is because next week at this time I will be vacationing!

3. After being impressed by Star Trek last weekend, hoping to see Ghostbusters this weekend. Gotta catch ’em all! (Wait, wrong franchise.)

4. Occasionally I check around to see the latest rumors on if/when an updated Macbook Pro will be released, which is fun because articles typically dance around saying ‘we’ve been wrong about this before, a lot, but nobody really knows anything and we have to write something, so…’

5. Apparently I only had four things to say today.

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