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I’m at that point of the month when I’m startled *both* by how much of it has already passed and how much is left. It’s the 22nd! But there’s still more than a whole week to go!

(Part of it is the weekends, I think. July has five full weekends, which hasn’t happened since April and won’t happen again till December, and it makes the month feel extra long.)

Anyway, it’s weekend #4, so I guess I should figure out what I’m doing with it!

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Jul. 18th, 2017 08:34 am
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You know that funny meme that I can’t find right now about the bird that wakes up and thinks ‘what a beautiful day — you know what would make it even better? SCREAMING’

Not only is that a perfect description of my own personal feelings about today, it also matches what the actual birds outside my window are doing!


[Note: This led to a fascinating google thread about why parrots scream, and — if one is to extrapolate to one’s own self — I should follow this simple advice: 1) give myself rewards when I’m not screaming; 2) make sure to touch base frequently with my flock so I know they haven’t gone off without me; 3) identify frightening things in my environment and deal with them as needed; 4) if all else fails, cover myself with a blanket and go back to sleep.]


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This week, in no particular order, I have dreamed about:

1. using a skip-it

2. beef jerky

3. pop-up cards made of wood

4. a UPS delivery driver feud

5. a google conspiracy

And all I can say is: what in the world is going on in there, brain?

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Since I’m working early today, I set my alarm a little early too. And then, of course, proceeded to dream all night about sleeping through it and being late.

Pretty standard fare. And the job I was late to was sort of a weird amalgamation of my current job and my last job — a little unusual, but not too weird.

But the best part — and I love how in dreams things like this don’t seem weird at all — is that in my absence, Tom Bergeron (yep, host of Dancing With the Stars) had stepped in to open the store and cover for me.

Thanks, dreamscape! I appreciate the assist!

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Last night I dreamed about tidying, and also my plants. I mean, my dream!plants were pretty neat, but it turns out dream!me also is bad at watering properly.

That’s got nothing to do with work, but it *is* Thursday, and I *am* going to work, and I didn’t feel like I had much else to say, so the dream thing kind of snuck in there.

I also dreamed there was a bird in my room, and actually woke up enough to think ‘wait, there isn’t really a bird in here, right?’ (Not to worry, it was outside. Or possibly imaginary; it’s not like I woke up all the way to check.)

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Summer sleeping is so different than winter sleeping. In the winter it’s all layers and blankets and socks and having a warm cocoon till morning, then turning on all the lights to make it seem like daytime even when it’s still dark out.

Summer sleeping is one blanket and no socks and sticking my feet off the side of the bed to catch the breeze, and waking up to birds and wind chimes and kids in the parking lot and sunshine in the window even before it’s time to get up.

Both are good! Just a very different feeling.

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Jun. 17th, 2017 08:38 am
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I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: thank goodness for laundry, the chore that does itself while I browse tumblr and take a nap.

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After a very fun but also busy weekend last week, I am excited to have a hermit day today. The hot weather makes a perfect excuse, too!

Today’s goals:

*no driving anywhere (saves money on gas, too!)

*pajamas all day (seriously, it’s shorts and a t-shirt, what difference does it make if I slept in them or not?)

*snacks (an important part of any joyful plan!)

*a movie (totally optional, but I have one on loan and it will be a great way to pretend it’s not 90F degrees for a few hours)

There’s something really cool about having a day where time is not broken into chunks (a few hours before work, errands in the afternoon, that sort of thing). It’s just the day, all day long.

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The best kind of caturday — when there are still TWO MORE weekend days to come!


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At one point, the fitbit app on my phone stopped changing the moon icon when I’d reached my sleep goal. With the latest update, the happy full moon is back!

(It’s one of those things that’s really not a big deal either way, but I like seeing the icon change, and now it does, and I say why not celebrate the small victories?)

((also I love sleeping))

(((today I went back to sleep for a bit after I got up the first time just so I could hit my sleep goal, because I figured I probably wasn’t going to have too many successes today, so I might as well at least have one)))

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Apr. 17th, 2017 07:00 am
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I’m not sure I was mentally prepared for it to be 80F degrees-plus yesterday. I mean, I thought I was, but then it happened and I was all ‘WHAT DO I DO IT’S HOT.’

The answer:

1. sit around and read a lot

2. decide that cooking only one thing for the week is probably fine, because surely it will be easier to figure out food later

3. pat the cat

(Actually, a simpler answer would be ‘just do whatever the cat does,’ which was basically sleep and lounge in various places. An A+ plan for almost any day!)

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Last night I dreamed that I was driving, and a warning light came on in my car. It was a whale. I have so many questions.

The symptoms of the Whale Warning Light seemed to be very poor acceleration while driving forward, and the brakes only working while driving in reverse. (What? As symbolism goes, that doesn’t even make sense!)

So I parked in an empty lot, but every book I thought was my car’s owners manual turned into a book about art when I opened it.

Message for today: beware of whales, and maybe art?

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I just checked my FICO score. (Trivia fact google has just taught me: FICO stands for “Fair Isaac Corporation.” Would not have guessed that in a billion years.)

This is not a thing I had on my to-do list for today, or even woke up and decided to do. But I have a credit card that sends me these emails every so often that say “Your credit score has changed,” and I feel like I should go look at it, just on the off chance that it reveals some kind of information I didn’t already know.

So I got one of those emails, and first I had to dig out my log in information, and then I looked at the score for a few minutes, and dutifully read the little explanations of “things impacting your score.” And I looked at the graph showing my score history, and then I decided I’d done my adulting duty for the day and left.

I’d say it must be time to go back to bed after that achievement, but I actually just got up. Maybe I should check my blood pressure next, just to really lock in my grown-up badge for the day.

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As it is currently far too cold out for me to want to do anything outside (after mid-March I require temps to be *at least* above freezing to go tromp around in the forest), and since I’ve already slept in for an extra hour, it must be time for weekend chores!

(Normally this would not be super exciting. But I have a coupon! It’s the little things, really.)

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I am attempting to finish up the fitbit Pohono Trail Adventure today. Because I looked at my three-day weekend, and I looked at the weather forecast, and I figured it was either going to be the fitbit adventure or I was going to spend three days curled up in a nest of blankets waiting for it to be above freezing again.

Which would also have been fun! I decided to go the indoor adventure route, though. It’s possible I’ve experienced a few moments of questioning my life choices this morning. (But I’ve promised myself that as soon as I finish the challenge, it’s straight to the blanket nest!)

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For less than a year, but more than half a year, I have been using one of starandrea’s fitbits. Most of the time I leave it on at night, because it actually does seem to encourage me to get more sleep (aka go to bed earlier). (Possibly this is a natural consequence just of getting older? Who knows.)

But I’ve noticed that one of my sleep stats — number of times “restless” — has improved a LOT. Despite me not feeling like there’s been any significant improvement in the quality of my sleep, or even in the number of times I wake up in a night.

And I think it’s sort of funny, because it’s really just measuring whether or not the fitbit itself is moving around. So it turns out that in the last few months, fitbit has trained me to leave one arm still at night. (Which, to be fair, may be helping me fall back asleep faster.) Score one for unintended consequences!

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Things I do when a winter storm is predicted:

1. Rest up. No real reason, I just like naps.

2. Where’s my lantern? Do I even *have* batteries?

3. Snacks.

4. Cozy blankets.

5. Make sure the devices are charged. Charge everything!

Additional very important tasks for today:

1. Pat the cat.

2. Stay hydrated.

3. Pretend like I’m going to do something creative.

4. Did I already mention napping?

5. I mean, at some point I’m going to need to take out the garbage, and the priority chore of the day is vacuuming, so hopefully those too, but come on, we’re on blizzard watch right now!

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As in, it’s Wednesday and I’m going back to work today (after taking a sick day yesterday). On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is ‘completely unprepared’ and 10 is ‘I got this,’ I’d say I’m at about a 3.

I mean, there’s some good news!

*It’s not currently precipitating.

*I’m awake.

So already this day is starting off on an easier note than yesterday. May it continue to proceed in a positive direction!

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Things I Imagined I Would Do Today:

ALL the things!!!*

[*shoutout to Allie Brosh and Hyperbole and a Half]

Things I Actually Did Today:

Uh. Well, technically the day isn’t over? So there is still a theoretical chance that I could do all many some a few more than zero of the things. Victory will be mine!

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It is perfectly okay to not feel the same every day!

[Note: This is often particularly hard for me to remember in January and February, when it is dark and cold and I wake up and want to go back to sleep pretty much immediately. The high energy days of late summer and fall feel far away. And I wonder what happened, and if I did something wrong. People all around me are telling me excitedly about their resolutions and their exercise programs, and I’m sitting there all ‘I slept an extra hour and a half and then had six cookies for lunch.’]

Well, here’s my reminder to myself: it’s okay. This is what winter looks like sometimes. This is the low ebb of the cycle, and the perfect time for doing things like extra sleeping and cozy cat-patting time. Winter will pass and other things will seem like fun again.

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