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Sooooo, I’m super excited to be traveling with starandrea next month to see the eclipse! And of course, packing is my favorite part of trips. (Really, it is. I don’t know why.)

And I had this debate with myself, because it’s a three day trip and that’s counting the travel days on either side, so it’s not like an enormous amount of advance packing needs to happen. But on the other hand, it’s a three day trip, which is basically the most fun to pack for because you really don’t have to leave anything out. There’s none of this ‘I wonder if I can get away with wearing the same pants the whole time to save space in my suitcase’ — just bring three pairs! There’s plenty of space!

I decided I could start planning a month in advance, and this morning I woke up and was all, ‘close enough!’ Let the list-making begin!

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Jun. 1st, 2017 06:33 am
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It’s June! It’s — very foggy, actually, at this exact moment, but the sun is making a valiant effort and I think it will make an appearance later.

Reminders for June:

*awesome gift for *Andrea’s birthday

*Fathers Day on the horizon (6/18)

*June is WONDER WOMAN month!

*oh, work

*first of the month — time to Change My Desktop Wallpaper, which always makes me feel Wildly Successful for Minimal Effort!

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I get worried about the cat being bored in the winter. There’s just not as much that’s fun for him to do. (Not that he’s running marathons in the summer or anything, but looking out the window is more exciting when there’s a bunch of baby skunks out there than when it’s just a frost-covered pane of glass.)

So it was suggested to me (thanks Mom!) that I show him some cat videos. It turns out youtube has a surprisingly robust selection of videos specifically designed to entertain cats. And he likes them!

(I mean, right now I’m the one watching a squirrel eat birdseed; the cat’s gone off to another room, but he was here earlier!)

Good news: cat is entertained by watching videos of birds

Bonus news: I am also entertained

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Time for a little Christmas cheer — it’s fair day! (Fair is perhaps overselling it a little. But it’s Christmas-themed!)

Traditionally, this is the point in my nanowrimo novels when my characters also attend some sort of event. (In at least one case, an actual identical Christmas fair.

This year: a barbecue. (It’s summer.)

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Fun fact from our day at Epcot: I got all the way into the Mission Space building without realizing it was *that* Mission Space — the scary puking ride I’d been warned about!

But, you know, we were already there. And so I cheerfully departed for the “Green Team” experience (*Andrea, being far braver than I, opted for the Orange Team). And it was fun! I would describe the Green Team experience as “less scary than flying” but I don’t like flying, so ymmv.

It wasn’t until today, more than a week later, that I happened upon a reference to the ride (reading about how Disney parks handle medical emergencies), and saw the word “centrifuge.”


“On May 19, 2006, Disney began offering a less intense version of Mission: Space (called Green Team, also known as Less Intense training or no spinning), where the centrifuge does not spin, thus eliminating the forces of lateral acceleration for riders who choose the more tame experience. The cabs themselves still pitch and pivot, providing some motion. The normal ride is still available and is called Orange Team (also known as More Intense training or spinning).”

*Andrea, I am SO MUCH MORE IMPRESSED now. Also SO HAPPY I was on the Green Team. (No wonder we didn’t get the same warnings!)

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So it turns out I’ve fallen a few days behind on both posting and nano-novel-ing. One of those seems far easier to get caught up on than the other. In that spirit, here are some fun Florida vacation notes!

1. I love penguins. If you didn’t know me as a small child, you might not know that exciting fact about me, so I thought I’d lead with it. And guess what Sea World has? PENGUINS. (Or rather, PENGUINS!!!1!!1!!)

2. It is already CHRISTMAS at Sea World. No lie, we have a picture in front of the Christmas tree.

3. We saw a CAT at Sea World too! (It was cute. And not officially part of the park exhibits.)

BONUS: *ANDREA is the MOST AWESOME and VERY GOOD at not freaking out about things like ‘but where is our BUS?!’ and ‘why is there no WATER?!’

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Disney day!

Nov. 4th, 2016 05:32 am
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Headed to Epcot. Florida v. fun. Currently ignoring my nano novel.


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It’s trip day! I will be going to FLORIDA, for the FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE!

(For real, I have never been to Florida. I don’t really travel? So this is very exciting!)

Also it is still November, so: current nano word count: 3368

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Last night I drove over a curb on my way out of work and got a flat tire. Not awesome. Called AAA and was reassured that someone was on their way. Awesome.

1. Thanks Dave, the AAA phone operator who asked if I was going to be okay until the repair truck arrived.

2. Big thanks to Mom, who stayed on the phone with me until said truck pulled up. It kept me calm and also provided vital info on Dancing With the Stars!

3. Thanks to the guy whose name I didn’t get who swapped out my tire for the spare at near-NASCAR level speed, but still took the time to give me pointers on driving with a spare.

4. Thanks Joe at the car spa, keeping it real and fitting in my car for a same-day tire replacement.

5. And thanks to my boss, for letting me come in halfway through my shift.

Sometimes it feels like it takes a village just to get me through the day, and sometimes that’s a really good feeling!

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5k day!

Sep. 3rd, 2016 06:09 am
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Time to go do my second-ever 5k! This one is, as my coworkers have been calling it, the “bouncy house 5k.” (I like that better than anything that includes the word “insane.” My fitness level and the word insane should not be present at the same event.)

This is what I keep telling myself:


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Still have not managed to finagle my way back *out* of spending Thursday afternoon doing a “team-building” activity. (Not even with my team! We did our mandatory team-building last week! Pizza was involved!)

In other news, my cat does not agree that “because you’ll be staying with other family members in a week and a half and I don’t want you to look like a hooligan” is a good reason to get his claws trimmed.

Negotiations continue on both of these fronts.

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I walked my first 5k yesterday, which was a new experience. But my workplace was paying the registration fee, making the free t-shirt much closer to *actually* free, and I try to be aware of how many work things I participate in versus ignoring. (I figure it’s not wise to ignore every work event, so I try to participate and be obvious about it when one comes along that seems okay.)

The 5k was fun — got a t-shirt and a chance to spend the morning with awesome people! (Also got a sunburn and what looks suspiciously like a mild poison ivy rash on one arm (how?!), but them’s the breaks.)

Today: clean ALL the things!

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1. Called my landlord Sunday night (got voicemail, as expected). Tried not to sound freaked out. Probably sounded freaked out.

2. Took down bird feeders. While these almost certainly are what attracted the critter in the first place, still felt bad when the cardinal landed on my balcony railing this morning and looked at me reproachfully through the window.

3. Am currently “vacationing” in the other room and sleeping with ear plugs in. (Totally forgot how restful that can be!) Have no idea if critter is still making noise at 4:30 am.

4. Landlord reassuringly un-freaked out. Thinks it may be a chipmunk. (Not sure if this is better or worse.)

5. Mom thinks my cat could take a chipmunk.

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day of 13s

Apr. 10th, 2016 07:16 am
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Happy half-marathon day to my sister! Last time *Andrea did a half-marathon, I decided I would do my own “13” goal and stayed awake for 13 hours. This time I thought I should up the challenge a little, and we’ve been talking about writing, and that seemed like a good area to focus on.

Except 13 words seemed like not very much, and — based on the pace of my writing so far — 1300 words seemed overly optimistic. So I’m emailing her the first 1300 words of the fic (to prove I’ve actually written something, even if it was months ago!), and I’ll be shooting for “somewhere between 13 and 1300” new words today.

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Mar. 6th, 2016 09:12 am
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Huge shoutout to my amazing sister starandrea, who is running a half marathon today! Sending love and hugs and lots of energy — have fun!

(I tried to think of something I could do in honor of the half marathon number 13.1, and this is what I came up with: I will be awake for at least 13.1 hours today! This endurance test has already begun, and I have been cruising at a very sustainable pace for nearly 45 minutes!)

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Moonstruck, by starandrea

I finally got to read *Andrea’s nanowrimo novel from this year, and I loved it!

He raises his eyebrows. “If you’re covering up the cover to make it more convincing–” John mentally reviews that to make sure it came out right. “Then what’s the cover covering up?”

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That’s right — only two weekends after this before Christmas. That means only two weekends (and a day) to fit in those classic Christmas film choices like:

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Die Hard
Charlie Brown Christmas

Those are pretty much the only three on my must-see list this year, although there’s lots of other great ones that I’m sure will come up.

And of course reading lots of Christmas fic! I just checked my pinboard tag and it looks like there are a lot of good stories to be had.

Goal for the day: combine productivity and sloth for a fantastic day of pre-Christmas-ing!

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First, a birthday shoutout to my mom! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

Second, it’s time to do some serious writing. 25,000 by the end of the weekend? (The craziest part is that after we make it to the halfway point, we STILL HAVE TO WRITE THE SECOND HALF!)

Current word count: 21,329

Last sentence written: “Worth it.”

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