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Future’s Past, by darkseraphina

This one reads like a completely enjoyable regency romance novel (absolutely intended to be a compliment, as someone who loves a good regency romance!). All of the Tragic Past pretty much wraps up after the first few chapters, and from then on it is all Enjoyable Correspondence and Strolling in the Garden. Plus, kids and cats. It is as if this story was made for me.

(PS: I had only the vaguest of ideas of who most of these characters were in the HP universe, and it did not impede my enjoyment of the story in any way!)

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Apparently I’m in a very non-committal space right now, because I keep reading things and not bookmarking them.

So I went checking back to see if I’d ever recced to dwell is to die, by FeoplePeel
Quill’s Guardians are a group of reformed criminals at best; save the literal empath they’ve recently outfitted themselves with, Kraglin shouldn’t have to worry about hashing out his feelings with practical strangers.

And I haven’t (I don’t think), but I did find two other fics that I have no memory of but enjoyed reading (re-reading?) off an old bookmarks list.

Living Arrangements, by scifislasher
“Kendrix, please,” he protested. “Hacking is such a loaded word.”

Poems, Prayers, & Promises, by Cyanne
“And don’t think I didn’t notice that you managed to miss the official proclamation. Good thing I wasn’t planning on calling on the Senior Staff to say a few words seeing as the heads of two of my departments were busy eloping at the time.”

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Aww, this is one of those Shadowhunter AUs where everyone has improbable amounts of free time and even more improbable amounts of disposable income and they take naps and cook meals and fall in love. Super enjoyable fluff.

the world’s a little brighter, by thessalami

“I’d offer you my hand but you’ve been holding it for the past minute.”

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Found this one in my ‘Saved For Later’ history in AO3. One of those ‘post-Cap2, pre-everything-else’ fics that envisions a happier MCU where people nap in puppy piles and visit IHOP for breakfast.

The Gift Horse, by fartherfaster

Sam and Darcy are formally introduced for the first time. Sam says “formally” with some flexibility. And a couch. A couch and a great deal of flexibility. Nevermind, he’s said enough. They met, is what he’s trying to say.

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Found this while reading AO3 fic tagged “dragons.” Because dragons are cool.

Tony Stark and the Sentinel of Liberty: A Marvels Adventure, by Sineala

(I almost didn’t click through because it’s also tagged Marvel Noir, which is — not really my jam. But I’m glad I did! I mostly pretended they were an AU of the Armored Adventures versions of the characters, since I know next to nothing about Marvel Adventures or Marvel Noir, and this story includes the Makluan ring — and dragons! — so that totally worked for me.)

“Oh,” Tony says, in the tired, blasé voice in which one might say oh, not another one. “A dragon.”

Steve can’t summon up any words.

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Because I love fics that focus on the crew being awesome — of course they support the command team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a game out of some friendly heckling.

Echolocation, by Darksknight

“Oh, um, were we not supposed to know?” The girl with silver hair blushed a deep blue.

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Aug. 8th, 2017 06:11 am
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It’s a story for me! I love everything about it! starandrea is the best!

good choices (snacks in detention), by starandrea

“Oh, hey,” Billy said, like he’d forgotten they weren’t supposed to acknowledge each other too. “Jason brought snacks, but he says not to tell anyone.”

(Also, I love the idea of the team bonding with all the rest of the detention kids, because I really just want everyone to have a nice time and be okay.)

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Two fics today, because they’re connected and great and I just want everyone to be friends and eat pancakes.

How (Not) to Meet New People, by aloneintherain

(Peter meets Foggy.)

And the sort-of sequel, avocado socks and burnt pancakes, by aloneintherain

(Peter meets the rest of Team Daredevil.)

Peter glanced between the three of them. “Are you guys always like this?”

From the kitchen, making herself a third cup of coffee—which she so, so deserved—Claire called, “I’m not! Ordinary, well-adjusted person over here!”

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Because sometimes I just want to read about the Rogue One crew all being okay and teaming up to rescue Jyn’s daughter.

Baby, You Need To Come Home, by aewgliriel

“I’m sorry I stole your blaster.”

He let out a pained half-laugh. “Which time?”

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So, it’s raining? And I searched for the word ‘rain’ in my pinboard bookmarks, and I had no idea I’d once bookmarked a ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ AU. But lo!

smells like leather and rain, by haribo

(They meet for the first time when she’s in ripped jeans she had to rip herself because they got caught in a fence, he’s in heavy black boots that look warm, and she steals from him. He lets her.)

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Short(-er than most time travel AUs I've read) Star Wars time travel AU — Mace Windu’s chapter made me laugh, which definitely rates a rec!

this is unexpected, by MarbleGlove

Qui-Gon Jinn at least looked as unnerved as any of them at the current situation. Possibly even more unnerved, since in addition to everything else, he also found himself in the unusual position of *not* being the most irritating trouble-maker standing before the council at the moment.

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Somehow this week I stumbled back into reading Labyrinth fic, which is always a surprise. And I realized I had apparently never bookmarked that one where Sarah becomes the librarian at Hogwarts, which was also a surprise.

Of Dreamers and Journeys, by Mystical_Magician

The Labyrinth changed Sarah in more ways than one. Seven years later she finds herself the librarian at Hogwarts. And she is so much more than the Muggle they believe her to be.

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Between Stimulus and Response (There Is A Space), by blackidyll

My first thought after I finished reading this fic was ‘I enjoyed that so much more than I thought I would!’

Plus, cats! (PS the cats are briefly in danger but are totally okay!)

“What the hell.” It’s not a question, but Q figures the way she’s phrased it works well enough: What the hell are you doing, and what the hell are you doing here.

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Wonder Woman fic!

i don’t know where i’m going but i’m on my way, by alchemystique

There are so many great fics out there right now, it’s amazing — a wealth of choices. Gotta love Steve heckling Bruce Wayne about the bat thing, though.

“This is crazy, you all are crazy, and I have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish but if Diana thinks you’re worth her time you gotta have something going for you. And speaking of Diana, I always thought her armor was out there, but you fight crime dressed up as a bat, pal, that’s weird.”

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And now that it really *is* Friday, another fic rec! (Huge thanks to bluemeridian, whose pinboard page brings great joy!)

I’m waiting through the weekend before I start in with the Wonder Woman fics, since most are full of spoilers. So here’s the Guardians of the Galaxy, visiting Peter’s family on Earth:

guess who just got back today, by irnan

“All right,” said Louisa sharply. “That’s enough, this a family dinner –”

“Well yeah, that’s why we’re fighting,” said Peter.

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An early fic rec!

Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand, by speakpirate

(Gilmore Girls, set post reunion special)

Absolute favorite line:

“I don’t think it happens to everyone,” Lane is saying. “No one ever assumes you and I are a couple.”

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So, you know, heads up and all — this fic is LONG and also still in-progress, and I haven’t finished it yet. But it’s the reason I didn’t post this morning, because it has Eaten My Day.

Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns, by chancecraz

Based off of amarielah’s tumbler promt “I need a Peggy Sue fic where TFA!Leia’s consciousness is sent back into ANH!Leia’s body and she decides that the only way to save her future son is to save her biodad from being an evil prick before he commits suicide-by-Sheev. Which is hard when she hates his guts and would happily kill him herself.”

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My reading has been kind of all over the place this week, doing a lot of bookmark hopping on AO3. I thought I’d read this one before, but maybe not?

Go Ask Arthur, by fictionalcandie

Ariadne huffs, frustrated, because Eames doesn’t seem the least bit concerned that Arthur is apparently stalking him (or possibly some kind of mind-reading alien wizard), but she steps aside so he can finish making his tea, and goes back over to draft more impossible loops in things.

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Avengers fic, circa 2014! Sometimes I cannot even, and so I put in a load of laundry and read a fic.

Living On My Own, by rekishi

“James Barnes is back in the world and finds that not only has there been 1) an alien invasion, but 2) Howard Stark had a kid. One that dispenses unsolicited life advice, no less. Oh, and 3) Captain America is alive again, after getting himself killed by his own recklessness in a move so stupid only Steve could have come up with it. In which James learns to do laundry, turns into an accidental neighborhood vigilante and makes Tony Stark a happy grease monkey, all while he figures out where to stake his claim.”

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Harry Potter again! A post-War fic where Harry moves in with Andromeda to help with Teddy.

The Years Before Love, by Lomonaaeren

Today is rain, and a second cup of tea without nasty potions in it, and Andromeda talking softly to him about her own childhood—it was hemlock, but otherwise his guesses about what plants would be on Black teacups were right on the mark—and then Teddy crying imperiously to remind them what’s really important here.

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