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Last weekend when I totally did not get lost walking around the state park, the path I was on took me up a mountain. Now, the trouble with low-ish mountains in wooded areas is that it’s kind of hard to know when you’ve reached the top. After walking for a while, I reached a sort of clearing, and there were a few of those geological marker things and a clever sign:


It says “WELCOME TO THE SUMMIT” with a smiley face. Whether I had actually reached the summit wasn’t hugely important, since I was on a loop trail — it wasn’t like I was waiting for the summit to turn around or anything. So I had a snack, and kept going.

About fifteen minutes later (let the record show there *was* a slight downward sloping-ness to the trail), I came upon a nice overlook occupied by what seemed to be a troop of Boy Scouts. And the troop leader says to them, “Congratulations, you’ve now reached the top of the mountain!”

Now, it’s entirely possible that he was correct. It was a much more impressive stopping point than the one I’d found, at least in terms of view. (No sweet sign, though.) But from the little I overheard, it sounded like they were planning to go back the way they’d come up, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have just been 10,000% done with hiking with a group of young boys and ready to call it a day.

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File under: Things I love about my job:

The fact that “secret” things are posted to white boards around the building (in public spaces!), allowing anyone with a slight sense of curiosity and observational skill to know what’s going on in various departments.

(True fact: many projects are not at all secret during their design and development phases; they only *become* secret once they are close to be “revealed” to everyone, and then it becomes this big hush-hush thing. It’s supposed to build excitement, I guess? But I think it’s hilarious — and, okay, slightly insulting, but in a funny way? — when these new project or theme announcements are made, and all of the information was literally posted on a whiteboard six months ago that we all walked by every day to check the mail.)

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Taking a break from writing about my movie marathon weekend to say, “What is up with this weather?”

Fingers crossed, this is the last day of our super-hot, super-humid stretch. Also, I had the dubious joy of one-upping a caller from Phoenix the other day.

Caller: “It’s just so hot here. 100 degrees today!”

Me: “Yeah, we’re at 95 here. Crazy, right?”

Caller: “And you’re in –” [breaks off, sounds horrified] “Do you have humidity?”

Me [ridiculously gleeful for someone who has been so grumpy about said humidity]: “Yup. Lots.”

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Back in May, my coworkers made the split-second decision to make a group viewing of Mad Max: Fury Road our next team building activity. It was supposed to happen on May 22nd.

For a variety of reasons, it didn’t. (This is how team building was explained to me: it’s optional, but if one person can’t go, the event gets rescheduled. So, it’s not really optional. Alternately, the key is to SAY you’re going, and act SUPER excited about going, and then get “sick” at the last minute.)

And in a classic example of trying to schedule a group of people to do anything, it has somehow gotten pushed back to June 26th. At first I was all ‘do we really think this movie is still going to be in theaters at a convenient time so far after its release, and in the middle of summer blockbuster season?’

But then I realized that if we were for any reason unable to see Fury Road, the default replacement would probably be Jurassic World. So, two movies that I’m not highly invested in seeing, but wouldn’t mind seeing either of them. (Raptor Squad!? What?) With the added benefit of pushing team building to the end of quarter two, which means that with a little luck we may only do three team building events this year instead of four.

(Not that I don’t love team building…)

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It seems like there have been (or soon will be) a bunch of movies with a similar ‘enormously far-reaching and incredibly well-organized group secretly holds immense power!’ theme.

For instance:
Hydra (and arguably SHIELD, though in theory they were held in check by the WSC and vice versa) in the MCU, the Syndicate in the new James Bond movie, Spectre in the new Mission Impossible (I’m guessing that may actually be SPECTRE, for maximum ominous impact, and the option to make it a ridiculous acronym; see ‘SHIELD’).

Okay, I only have three examples. But all I can think when I see these Big Powerful Secret Regimes is ‘what an enormous chore to manage all of those people.’ Fear’s not that great a motivator, really, and even a legion of true believers is likely to want dental benefits and paid vacation time, right? IDK, some people are probably really awesome at that stuff. (Note: I am not one of them.)

Or, since we are in AVENGERS WEEKEND, an Avengers quote to sum it up: “There’s no throne.”

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Okay, so this is possibly the most ridiculous work introduction I’ve ever managed. In two parts, even!

*A new person started at work yesterday — after hours of orientation stuff, she came to our actual work space for about half an hour.

*I was on my lunch break when she showed up, so as I was coming back to my desk with my hands full of washed dishes and mug of tea, my boss walked by with new!person and briefly did the whole ‘this is so-and-so’ thing.

*Back at the desks, I was called over to get a phone cord issue fixed. And I got my first actual good look at new!person — she is SO FAMILIAR. STARTLINGLY FAMILIAR. Enough so that I said, “You look so familiar.” She gave me the MOST confused look and said, “We just met by the kitchen.”

Now, it sounds funny, right? And I thought maybe she was making a joke, which would have been hilarious. But I couldn’t tell! So I was just all, “No, I remember that, it’s not that.” And then she looked like she wasn’t sure if *I* was joking.

ANYWAY, that was the intro. Today should be interesting.

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My work!neighbor and my new!boss had the *greatest* conversation last night, and I wish I could render it in all its glory, but here’s the basic plot:

Neighbor: “I don’t believe in ghosts.”

Boss: “Oh, I do.” ::tells long story about why, with digressions into why she doesn’t want her kids to use ouija boards and why she prays::

Neighbor: “I just think if there were ghosts, we would know. We would hear about it.”(*)

Boss: “But look at everything they’re already covering up with aliens!”(**)

[*I thought this was a particularly odd argument, since she had JUST HEARD someone tell about their personal experience with a ghostly presence.]

[**This was probably the best counter-argument ever in what was already a pretty awesome conversation. Random, but awesome.]

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This is my blurry artistic photo of the painting I did for team building. (Mine’s on the right.)

As far as mandatory work-sponsored team building activities go, this one was relatively painless. I managed to be comfortably average in terms of time spent painting and quality of finished product, and furthered my status as ‘coworker who is over-prepared.’ (Items handed out during the evening: 1 pencil, 1 graham cracker, 2 advil.)

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1. this week I am grateful for: fannish coworkers!
(One of my coworkers is marathoning Doctor Who, and ‘Blink’ freaked her out, so someone else put this up. There was also a picture of a weeping angel around the corner.)

2. biggest lie of the week: tumblr sent me an email with this subject line: Your Dashboard is literally on fire. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.)

3. took the Myers Briggs test (for work) for the first time since high school; apparently I am shifting from Thinking to Feeling, for whatever that’s worth

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That’s right, it was Staff Meeting Day! Very glad I did not volunteer to get the food; apparently it was quite a task.

The big news: new!guy showed up for the last few minutes of the meeting (apparently that’s when he was invited for? idk what my boss is thinking ever) and had the chance to introduce himself. This is a direct quote:

“I’m obsessed with justice.”

Now, I’m not even completely sure what that means, in a work sense, but it was amazing enough for me to write down. Generally I’d recommend avoiding the word “obsessed” in any unfamiliar group of people you are looking to impress, but still — obsessed with justice? Might we have a superhero in our midst? Or doth the new!guy protest too much?

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[*brought to you by my 2013 planner]

*“Promotional T-Shirt Month!”
*“This month has involved a lot of cranky people, including myself.” … “I got reacquainted with the cellar, and had reason to be grateful for laundry.” … “August is way more fun now that I’m not in school.”

*“I’m very intrigued by the ‘great green hen.’”
*“What the world really needed was more AUs of an AU.” … “Kind of like JIT manufacturing — what a way to use business knowledge.”

*“Did I move to a rainforest when I wasn’t looking?”
*“It’s actually kind of great to have so many things I want to do.” … “I’ve been trying to bump up my intake of protein and good fats (so many nuts).” … “How time flies, as quarter 3 comes to an end without any significant improvement.”

*“Looking forward to a three day weekend.”
*“I think a lot depends on the weather.” … “I base a surprising amount of my values on my childhood reading material.” … “Will we have a truncated buying season, or a super extended one?”

*“Just looking for a change of pace, I guess, and for one less deadline in my life for a while.”
*“What an interesting month!” … “I suppose for December I could always read a holiday romance novel.” … “Not just ‘what’s next?’ but ‘this is what I want next.’”

*“Wow, I really thought I’d done this already.”
*“I’m sure I had fun and learned a lot, but I am still so glad the year is nearly over.” … “So often I felt on the periphery — impacted but not knowing how to make it better.” … “Meanwhile, retail therapy has been a trend this year.”

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Okay, background first: I used to teach martial arts to kids (and adults, but the kids are the important element of this story). I don’t anymore, but when I joined facebook, a couple students at the school where I used to work sent friend requests, so I accepted.

So far, so good.

One of these people posts with some regularity. And though I rarely see him in person, his mother sometimes comes into my current place of employment, and we are still on friendly, first-name terms.

And here’s the fumble.

Last week, this mom stopped in, and I was trying to make pleasant conversation, so I said, “It’s been nice to follow your son’s posts on facebook.” (This is usually a safe thing to say, right? Was I totally off track with that?) And she says, “Oh? What’s he posting?”


Even I, as clueless about facebook etiquette as I am, knew this was a dangerous question. I mean, I assume that she’s perfectly capable of checking herself, and I’ve never seen anything even remotely non-mom-friendly, but I was still feeling the heat. After some quick thinking, I said, “It sounds like he’s really busy with school.”

SAFE! She agreed that this was, indeed, the case. I wanted to give myself a high five. Fumble recovery achieved.

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Lots of product reps and suppliers send us holiday cards this time of year at my workplace. One company really won the awkward prize this time around.

First, there’s the e-card. I mean, on the one hand, it’s an adorable Jacquie Lawson animated card with kittens. What’s not to like? But while the written message is a perfectly inclusive ‘Happy Holidays,’ the musical accompaniment is ‘O Holy Night,’ and the card features a Christmas Tree and Salisbury Cathedral. (It should perhaps be noted that the boss does not celebrate Christmas.)


And then, even better, there’s the gift. Keeping in mind that my workplace is a retail store with 12 employees — the holiday gift was a fluffy blanket. One. It’s very soft. It’s also currently in a box stuffed away in a back room, until we figure out how to give it to someone without causing mass outrage and resentment.

It’s awesome that these companies do anything, and I totally don’t want to be complaining. It’s just, yeah — awkward prize.

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light count

Dec. 3rd, 2013 09:04 pm
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last year, Dec. 5th: 84

this year, Dec. 3rd: 84

with bonus notes:

1. Plus one for a city bus with Christmas lights!

2. The light-up yard turkey was up yesterday evening, but seemed to be taken down tonight.

3. One of the houses that decorated for Halloween (and then left those lights up through Thanksgiving) has come through with an entirely different light display for December. Same bushes, different lights. It’s very impressive.

4. The count would definitely have been higher if I didn’t have to also, you know, drive. And watch the road.

5. It seems like where there’s one house with lights, there’s a cluster. Makes me wonder if anyone’s ever done studies examining the cultural implications of seasonal decorating with twinkly lights.

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When I depart for my lovely work-cation, I will of course be bringing along my nook. Reading is one of my favorite ways to pass time on an airplane, because it tends to keep me calm and help me forget about the fact that I’m, you know, on an airplane. (Seriously, I never used to have trouble flying. Now? Mm, not so great at it.)

I will confess there are no actual books on my nook. Just lots and lots of fanfic. (Thank you, AO3, for making that so easy!) But I would love to have some new stories to look forward to for the journey. Here’s the kicker: I’m flying Southwest, so I’ll probably have a person on either side of me, and one of them will be a coworker. I really, really would prefer not to be reading any explicit violence or sex while someone is potentially reading over my shoulder.

So — any suggestions for good fics with a mild rating?

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There were two really awesome things that happened to me today, both thanks to the kindness of strangers!

1. I got a STICKER! At the GROCERY STORE! Never have I ever received a sticker at the grocery store before, but today I went through the line and the cashier asked if I wanted one, and she had four packs of stickers! (Naturally, I picked the Avengers Black Widow sticker.) It now adorns my wallet. Thanks, sticker lady!

2. I got a CAR WAVE! See, I went to an appointment after work, but it was raining crazy hard, and first I pulled into one parking spot, then saw that it was permit parking only, and did a RIDICULOUSLY slow creep backwards to get to an actually allowed spot. Only then did I realize that the car I’d just parked next to was occupied, and the guy in it was trying to leave. But he totally just waved, like, ‘hey, crazy rain makes parking hard, I get that.’ Way to go, car wave guy!

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On Sunday, I was talking with a coworker in the kitchen as he made a sandwich.

Step 1: peanut butter on one slice of bread

Step 2: jam on second slice of bread

Step 3: more peanut butter

Step 4: more jam

So at this point, I’m thinking the guy just really likes peanut butter and jam, right?

Then we get to this:

Step 5: sprinkle a bunch of sliced cheese on jam

At which point I’m all ‘ick,’ because really? Peanut butter, jam, and cheese? I’m all about comingling the flavors of sweet and savory, but cheesy isn’t really either. It’s cheese.

But now I keep wondering about it. What if I’m missing some previously unknown delicious amazement for my mouth?

As of now, I have not tried this potentially disastrous experiment. But I am considering it.

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*Out of three people we are hiring this month, one has officially started. (I think she likes us!!!11!!!) So far, so good.

*On the flip side, another person has effectively reduced their availability to zero hours per week for at least half of September. I’m not quite sure what to make of that, but I have the less-than-awesome feeling that we are now his safety school — a job held in reserve in case his other job falls through.

*Isn’t there a song about making it through September? (And not in the sexy way, either!) Out of fifteen employees, nine are taking vacation time in September. HOW DOES THIS END UP HAPPENING EVERY YEAR?


*After two hot nights, it’s chilly out there now! Feels like autumn’s on the way for sure.

*Still conflicted about sunscreen.


*As per usual, mostly all the conflicts are just misunderstandings.

*Also as per usual, I just want everyone to wind up one big happy family. (This always seems particularly novel to me, since in my actual non-writing life I usually don’t get along with people.)

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Yesterday, while I was at work, three people came into the store. They had a clipboard and seemed somewhat nervous, which usually means asking for donations, so I avoided them. I overheard them talking to two of my coworkers, and caught the phrase “it’s a fake petition.”

By that time I was curious, and my coworkers asked for my opinion anyway (so rare!), so I joined in the fray.

Me: “What, *exactly* are you doing?”

Them: “It’s for a scavenger hunt.”

Me (thinking that if they were going to be disruptive because of some freshman hazing thing, they could find some other sidewalk): “Who’s putting on the scavenger hunt.”

Them: “Well, it’s for GISHWHES.”

Me: “Oh! Well, in that case, carry on. Go for it. Good luck, have fun, let me know how it goes!”

Them: “You — know what that is?”

Me: “Only the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. Of course I know what it is.”

Best of luck to the team!

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I missed posting it yesterday because I was fic-posting, but google celebrated Maria Mitchell with a lovely doodle!


By the time Maria (like Mariah Carey, not Maria Hill) was my age, she had already discovered a comet, which is super impressive. Alas, I have never discovered anything, but I did read a POI fanfic about a comet once.

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