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Okay, so there are hundreds of awesome photos from our trip, but I really love this one — check out our not-even-on-purpose matching game! Socks, shoes, backpacks — all color coordinated. (Also of note: extra leg room in the emergency exit row!)

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Nashville was HOT. So hot. I crashed hard after the zoo and slept for something like 9 and a half hours. Woke up feeling good, and we did some walking (mostly inside).

(A passing guest took our photo inside, where I look basically awake and like I can handle being a person who does things. Then we meandered outside, and another guest took our picture there — after just a few moments in the heat I am visibly wilted and look like I’m about two minutes from a complete meltdown.)

That was pretty much my pattern for the travel day, actually. I alternated between ‘this is fine, I love everything!’ and ‘I need air conditioning and chocolate or I’m going to freak out just to get out of this line.’ (There were a lot of lines. Huge kudos to starandrea for being so amazing!)

But we arrived safely home (where it is also hot, but not *nearly* as hot as Nashville), now I have a day to recover and dote on the cat before I head back to work on Thursday!

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Eclipse totality was amazing — worth the trip, absolutely!

Being part of thousands of people who showed up to look at the sky legit made me so happy there were tears in my eyes. I loved that we weren’t surrounded by scientists or serious photographers, just a whole bunch of people who thought ‘yeah, this is cool, let’s go look at the sun!’

And so we showed up and ate barbecue and watched parents make paper plate masks for their kids and saw the sun go out and come back, and it was really, really cool.

(PS: And I got to pat a kangaroo!)

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Day 1

Aug. 20th, 2017 05:39 am
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Eclipse!trip 2017 is underway! (I mean, as I type this I’m not actually traveling anywhere. But I will be!)

Now it’s time for those pesky last minute questions:

*What did I forget to pack? (There’s always something.)

*How many times will I check to make sure I have my wallet and phone in my bag?

*Do I have enough snacks?

*How much time should I plan for to track down the cat when he “mysteriously disappears” right when it’s time to get in his carrier?

*Will the plants ever get watered?

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Two work days left! Three days to finish packing! Four days till the eclipse!

How cool is that picture?! [Photo credit: Thanakrit Santikunaporn.] It’s from an article from 2015 about the 2017 eclipse!

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Two weeks to go till the total solar eclipse!

*NASA will live stream the entire thing!

*The next total solar eclipse that will be visible from the US will be in 2024!

*Thanks to starandrea, we are now proud owners of solar eclipse glasses, ready to go for the main event!

*Yes, I have already started packing. I like packing, what can I say?

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Sooooo, I’m super excited to be traveling with starandrea next month to see the eclipse! And of course, packing is my favorite part of trips. (Really, it is. I don’t know why.)

And I had this debate with myself, because it’s a three day trip and that’s counting the travel days on either side, so it’s not like an enormous amount of advance packing needs to happen. But on the other hand, it’s a three day trip, which is basically the most fun to pack for because you really don’t have to leave anything out. There’s none of this ‘I wonder if I can get away with wearing the same pants the whole time to save space in my suitcase’ — just bring three pairs! There’s plenty of space!

I decided I could start planning a month in advance, and this morning I woke up and was all, ‘close enough!’ Let the list-making begin!

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Traveling notes! (Because after Two Whole Plane Trips I feel I have gained much wisdom.)

1. You would think one water bottle would be enough. It’s not. Always two.

2. Cargo pants that convert to capris are stellar travel pants, because you can put things in the snappy pockets and not worry about them falling out. Downside: extra security pat down both times.

3. If you want to do the chewing gum thing to help with plane takeoff pressure, but don’t love gum, gummy bears make a great alternative!

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Disney day!

Nov. 4th, 2016 05:32 am
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Headed to Epcot. Florida v. fun. Currently ignoring my nano novel.


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It’s trip day! I will be going to FLORIDA, for the FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE!

(For real, I have never been to Florida. I don’t really travel? So this is very exciting!)

Also it is still November, so: current nano word count: 3368

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Sep. 29th, 2013 07:37 pm
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There I was, my last morning in Baltimore, enjoying the sunshine.

And then I saw this.


Guess where I was when I took that picture? Yes, I was ON THE SKYWALK. I’m *hoping* that it was just the bit beyond the sign that was, you know, dangerously in need of repair. (I peeked; it was rubble.) But it did not fill me with confidence, and I decided it would be prudent to enjoy the sunshine from a location on the other side of the building.

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Less than 24 hours before I am off to the airport! Hopefully I managed to get enough stuff done today that I am adequately prepared. Exceptionally prepared would be even better, but I’ll take adequately.

Current status: total freakout mode
(looking forward to the moment when this shifts to cool competence mode — fingers crossed it’s soon)

Pre-trip to-do list: short but vital
(apparently I only have one hairbrush; that never seems important until I’m packing to go somewhere)

Travel companion meter: cautiously optimistic
(hope springs eternal)

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When I depart for my lovely work-cation, I will of course be bringing along my nook. Reading is one of my favorite ways to pass time on an airplane, because it tends to keep me calm and help me forget about the fact that I’m, you know, on an airplane. (Seriously, I never used to have trouble flying. Now? Mm, not so great at it.)

I will confess there are no actual books on my nook. Just lots and lots of fanfic. (Thank you, AO3, for making that so easy!) But I would love to have some new stories to look forward to for the journey. Here’s the kicker: I’m flying Southwest, so I’ll probably have a person on either side of me, and one of them will be a coworker. I really, really would prefer not to be reading any explicit violence or sex while someone is potentially reading over my shoulder.

So — any suggestions for good fics with a mild rating?

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One week and a day until the big work-cation! Someone told me this week, “I can’t believe that’s next week — it’s coming up so quickly.” And I wanted to say, “Really? Because I feel like I’ve already gone and come back at least three times, with all the energy I’ve expended just thinking about it.” (But I didn’t. I’m sure I said something completely inane, like, ‘oh yes, me too.’)

Current Status: woohoo?
(still enough time that it feels *relatively* likely I will be ready to go by next Wednesday)

Pre-Trip To-Do List: long
(but we’ve reached the window where things are actually getting crossed off for good, so that’s nice)

Travel Companion Meter: wavy
(carpool agreement has been suggested but not confirmed; her car looks unfortunately similar to a rumbly deathtrap, so I’m not sure if I want the answer to be yes or no at this point…)

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Just two weeks (and a day) before my trade show work-cation!

Current status: woohoo!
(still early enough that it seems doable and awesome)

Pre-trip To-Do list: still growing
(so far, for everything I check off, I seem to add at least two more)

Travel Companion Meter: mild to moderate concern that said companion will bail at the last minute, causing problems for everyone
(interestingly, I had this same concern about a different person last year — maybe it’s just me?)

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In roughly a month and a half, I’ll be traveling south for a work-cation! (The same venue as last year, though the finagling of a ticket this year required some tricksy work politicking.)

Last year I went with the store mom — very easy to travel with, and could rock the mom voice any time it looked like things were getting dicey. This year I’m going with her co-boss, who is both more flighty and more outgoing than me. On the other hand, we were actually born in the same year, so any time we are together it’s like we bubble over with pop culture references only funny to eighties kids.

(I’m pretty sure that after four days together, we will either hate each other or be the best of friends.)

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This has been maybe the least relaxing three days off I can remember. Which is probably a good thing, really, since they haven’t exactly been horrible. I’m just a little — on edge.

So I spent this evening watching ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’ (I had to cover my eyes in the train scene. It better turn out okay in Cap2!) And now I kind of want to reread Film Studies (by copperbadge), and also that one where Tony accidentally travels back in time, meets Steve during the war, and impersonates his own uncle.

[note: against all odds, searching my pinboard for the phrase "time travel" actually produced the story I was looking for: it's The Twice-Told Tale, by arysteia]

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Add this to the list of songs that are awkward to find yourself singing when you look over and see an officer of the law in the car next to you. Thursday morning, driving through a school zone, cop parked on the road:

Me (singing loudly and probably out of tune): “Yeah, every now and then you gotta raise a little hell; hope we get lucky and stay out of jail’”

Me: ::sees cop::

Me: ::suddenly very glad it’s not summer, so my windows aren’t rolled down::

So come on, come on,
Baby, I’m buying
I got enough to last us all night and
You got the kiss that tastes like honey
And I got a little beer money
Tonight, Tonight
Baby, we’re drinkin’;
Lets wake the town that never stops sleeping
You got the kiss that tastes like honey
And I got a little beer money

-Beer Money (Kip Moore)

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One last thought about my work-cation — specifically, flying with a nook tablet. On the flight out, I forgot all the security rules. I sent my backpack through the scanner thing without taking out the nook, my quart-sized bag full of less than 3 oz. bottles, anything. I remembered to take my watch off. That’s about it. (Note: this did not lead to any additional bag searches, which I find hilarious after starandrea’s post about setting off the scanners.

That’s totally not the point of the post, though. Because one of the things that really differentiates the nook tablet from the kindle is that it doesn’t have the looks-like-paper screen. This has occasionally been something I regret (like the one time I tried to read it outside). But on a plane, the seats are super close together. And I spent part of the flight reading the Sky Mall catalog over my coworker’s shoulder, so I know it’s easily done. And I have a lot of not-exactly-G-rated fics on my nook.

Clearly this is all leading to me reading Asymptote (by tahariel) on the plane (which was great, but *totally* not the fic I thought it was when I picked it), with my former boss on one side and a total stranger on the other. And I’m thinking, ‘Well, this is suddenly awkward. But wait! It’s not a looks-like-paper screen! They probably can’t read it AT ALL from their angles!’

I’m telling you, it was a relief. Thanks, nook tablet!

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Okay, technically day 2 of the work-cation was yesterday, which would make today officially post-work-cation day 1. Or something.

The Good News:
No one got injured, fired, or drunk enough to say anything truly regrettable. (Woohoo!)

The Bad News:
The work-cation is a decent way to force staff bonding, but it creates a pretty significant divide between those who went on the trip and those who didn’t. It’ll all settle out after a couple weeks, but it feels a little awkward right now.

All The News In Between:
It’s fun to have had new experiences, even if they weren’t on the top of my “hey, I’d like to do that!” list. Also, special thanks to my coworker roommate, who stepped in as my “don’t get lost” buddy and kept me on track whenever we walked anywhere.

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