Aug. 28th, 2017 06:17 am
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Shadowhunters fandom, r u ok? I only ask because I’ve recently been reading some fic (thanks blueMeridian!) and it seems to be approximately 90% ‘everyone is happy and gets enough sleep and eats pancakes.’ Which is totally up my alley and awesome, but I worry your show isn’t treating you right.

In light of that, here is my three step plan for how I deal with troubling canon:

1. Ignore all canon.

2. Interact with the source material solely through watching gifsets and tumblr vids of people hugging.

3. Read fanfic, especially AUs where everyone takes naps a lot. (Shadowhunters fandom seems to have this AU fully mastered, so there is a lot to choose from!)

This strategy has previously been effective with such fandoms as The Dead Zone, Teen Wolf, and Supergirl, so it has a history of success!

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In this case, it’s going to be the landlord. Not quite as exciting as the ghostbusters, but on the other hand, I’m not really ready for the excitement of a ghost mouse in my wall.

(Honestly, not ready for the excitement of a regular mouse either. But I didn’t get a readiness survey before it moved in, so it may not know that.)

Yes, a mouse has returned. (I hope it’s only one.) I’m not really sure what the landlord can *do* about it, since I don’t think the mouse is entering the wall in my apartment. (I’m on the middle floor, so it could have access above or below my apartment.) And it’s not actually *in* the apartment proper, so it’s not like I can put out a trap or something.

But I can’t sleep with it rustling around in the wall *right next to my bed* (ugh), so I am hoping Something Can Be Done. (I’ve already dragged the mattress into the other room, so I did manage to sleep last night.)

Oh, nature.

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It’s review season! (Again!) Every year, my workplace has us all fill out a self-evaluation, which is the starting point for an extremely opaque and generally frustrating process in which you may or may not get a raise.

The kerfluffle so far this year is that the schedule for reviews was sent out with a typo on it — basically the first date said ‘start working on your self-evaluation,’ and then two weeks later, instead of ‘you should be done by now,’ it repeated ‘start working on your self-evaluation.’

Based on the context of the other dates, it didn’t seem impossible to figure out the error, and there are so many people in the company that seem to thrive on pointing out other peoples’ mistakes that I figured it would be corrected quickly. Turns out not so much.

I am side-eying so hard right now, because *last* year we had a “delay” in this process that pushed pay increases back by a week, which I couldn’t help thinking must have saved the company some cash. And now this year it looks like — oh, another delay? Mmm-hmm.

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I have So Many Feelings about commission-based pay for salespeople. None of which are politically expedient to share at work. So I’m summarizing the rant here so I can stop thinking about it.

Unpopular opinion time! (Note: these are based on how things are set up in my current work situation. I understand that commissions and commission-based pay can be set up in a variety of ways, and that it may work better in some situations than others. I’m not saying I could never be convinced, but I certainly haven’t been yet.)

1. Commission-based pay puts self-interest at odds with the the best interests of employees as a group. Arguably worse, it puts self-interest at odds with the best interests of the customer.

2. CBP creates unnecessary divisions between those who receive it and those who do not in an organization, reducing cooperation and workplace morale. The rallying cry of “we’re all in this together” can’t hold up against the reality of commissions proving it to be a lie.

3. CBP falsely treats salespeople as acting independent of the support system of the rest of the organization.

4. If executives think commissions motivate employee performance, what is it that they think is motivating their non-commissioned employees?

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So now it’s raining. Weather — baffling, or the most baffling? You decide!

The great thing about rain is that it eliminates any guilt about not going outside. Instead, I will cook some stuff this morning. (Five day work week, and probably the only way to keep me from showing up at work with no food at all is to have it ready to go ahead of time.) And then this afternoon it is MOVIE TIME!

Going to see Rogue One, which will hopefully be 1) fun, and 2) not awful. In an extremely lucky move, we already have tickets, beating the rainy day rush.

[Note: I just had a terrible thought and felt the need to google spoilers. Yikes. I will bring tissues.]

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Training a temp this week, and it’s sort of awful. (Not the temp themselves! They are great!) But we’ve never really had a temp doing this before, and everyone is in that weird situation of being all, ‘Welcome! We’re so glad to have you here! Temporarily!’

It seems immensely wrong that this person is being asked to do everything the rest of the team does, but with no benefits, no overtime, virtually no training, and — oh yeah, as soon as we hire the “real” new person, the temp will be finished, but no guarantee of how many weeks that will be.

Someone from “upstairs” (aka the fancy salaried employees) told me, ‘Well, they’re looking for work through a temp agency, that’s what they get.’

I’m pretty sure only the fact that I wavered for a second between bursting into tears and saying something laced with obscenities — and therefore had that second to take a breath and tell myself to walk away — saved me from a meeting with HR.

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This year my workplace decided to decorate for Halloween. It’s *horrible.* I mean, aesthetically speaking, they did a nice job, but there’s no way you can present spiders and skulls that I’m going to love.

(There is a spider on the bathroom mirror. I *know* it’s plastic, and I still get freaked out.)

I’m more of a cutesy bats and pumpkins kind of Halloween decorator. Black cats? Heck yeah! Fake blood splatter? No thanks.

So I’ve been reminding myself of this all week:


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TEAM BUILDING UPDATE! (How glad am I that I’m not in charge of planning our team building events? 1000000% glad!)

This just in: we will NOT be attending a movie this Friday, of either the ‘post-apocalyptic desert car chase’ or ‘rawr dinosaurs’ variety. A couple people had scheduling issues, and then one person pointed out that watching a movie together isn’t necessarily team-building material, so the plan has been revamped. Again.

New plan: well, it’s been pushed to mid-July, so who knows, really, but it sounds like mini-golf is the new plan. I am ambidextrous at mini-golf, in that I am equally bad whether I play lefty or righty. (Which is actually kind of good in this sort of situation? Nobody likes a ringer, is what I’m saying.)

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1. It is *still* not the weekend! Why?

2. More snow predicted forever. My forecast says: snow today, snow Saturday, accumulating snow Sunday, accumulating snow Monday, who the heck will care after that anyway, we have no idea what’s going on.

3. The National Weather Service reminded me this morning to wear a hat and gloves. I do what I want, NWS! (I will wear a hat and gloves. It is 4.)

4. I have run out of regular food again. (Bread! How am I out of bread?) I had popcorn for breakfast, but now that’s gone too.

To Do Today:




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1. I can’t believe I broke my November streak of posting every day!

2. Working from home update: as one of my coworkers so aptly described it, “This working from home thing is not all I dreamed it would be.”

3. I was supposed to be working until 8:30 pm Wednesday night. I lost power at 7:43 and didn’t get it back until sometime last night. So that didn’t quite work out as planned.

4. Thanksgiving? Well, we gave thanks for being together, and it was actually a really nice evening. Turns out electricity is sort of an important component for some aspects of the holiday, though. We will persevere and have Thanks-again-a-giving when power is restored at the homestead!

5. I STILL cannot believe I broke my November streak of posting every day!

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work notes

Sep. 27th, 2014 08:12 am
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My current workplace is moving — not the whole company, just one group of us, so we’ll all end up closer together.

(In ridiculous news, apparently this was sort of supposed to be kept on the down low? Not from us, but from people calling in. Probably they should have told us that BEFORE the final day of packing.)

Anyway, there was a packing plan. It was pretty well thought out; I was impressed. As anyone who’s ever moved anywhere can guess, this plan was completely obliterated by reality. We arrived to work yesterday to find movers already there. At one point there was talk of dismantling our cubicles *while we were still supposed to be taking calls.* (Thankfully, saner heads prevailed and this did not happen.)

Basically: CHAOS.

(And a special note to anyone considering moving an office. It is Not Cool to pack up the coffee maker, water dispensers, and all kitchen utensils at 9:00 in the morning, and then expect people to work until 6 in the evening without any of those things. At least not without warning them ahead of time.)

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I spent wasted got paid for 35 minutes of time at work today that I spent watching a webinar. It was a webinar produced by the company I work for, so it’s not like I was trying to be devious, or anything. I just thought it would be good to know what the end consumers are hearing.

Wow, though.

Here’s what the webinar was about: If you want people to be healthy, you need to consider their entire lifestyle, not just symptom relief.


Here’s what I wanted the webinar to be about:

1. Let’s talk about legislation to make more “foundational health” services eligible for coverage under existing insurance, and how to get the most out of what’s already covered.

2. Let’s talk about reasonable ways to make “foundational health” less expensive and more accessible.

3. Let’s talk about how to promote “foundational health” in workplace environments and how to advocate for your own health in effective ways.

4. Let’s MOVE ON from trying to convince people that health is more than just a pill and a chart of numbers, because we GET IT, but hearing another exhortation to buy locally grown foods and reduce our stress isn’t actually helpful.

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From largest percentage of time to smallest:

*boring work stuff

*workplace DRAMA

*checking tumblr

*thinking about all the productive things I could be doing, like writing or showering


*speculating about the weather

*debating whether to go to work early tomorrow

*actually doing productive stuff

[Note: You can tell that it's late in the winter season because two months ago, WEATHER SPECULATION would have been right up there at number 2. Today, the few people who mentioned our upcoming weather event all said essentially 'I'm ignoring it in hopes that it will go away.']

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1. I have thrown myself on the mercy of my parents’ health insurance broker. It feels a lot like I have failed some test of adulthood. He advice so far: be patient.

2. I have paid money. I am relatively confident (95%?) that I have correctly paid the premium for the plan I applied for over the phone.

3. The good news: I paid online, so that negated the need to call Anthem again. Great rejoicing was had at this news!

4. The bad news: My online profile is still trapped in “identify verification” hell. I have no idea what this means. No one else seems to either, but there is a general sentiment that it is probably bad.

5. [As far as I can tell, the government is happy to sign you up and take your money regardless of whether or not you've actually completed all the verification steps. I'm just concerned hugely freaked out that if I ever try to use this insurance, the verification saga will come crashing back down like the Sword of Damocles.]

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Where The Story Stands Now:

Well. When I call THE MARKETPLACE, they can verbally verify that I have a plan. I am enrolled. Which sounds good, right? Except that when I log in online: nothing. And when I call Anthem to verify (and, you know, pay): nothing.

Word To The Wise:

Unless you *absolutely have to,* don’t call Anthem. (Only game in town here in NH, so that’s a wash.) Hold times this morning were ridiculous. Forty minutes waiting for customer service only to be disconnected? No thanks.

And Here’s The Real Kicker:

THE MARKETPLACE agrees that I should be able to do the things I cannot currently do. But when they say everything should be good to go in 72 hours? They mean 72 BUSINESS HOURS. As in, I did all this last Saturday morning, and “no ma’am, it has not yet been 72 business hours.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (No, they’re not.)

The Advice I Received:

“Keep waiting.” Not my favorite advice, honestly. Especially since it sounds a lot like, “I don’t want to deal with your problem; call back later and someone else will have to deal with you.”

What I Got Done While I Was On Hold:

Tweaked my resume and cover letter to apply for another job; checked email (all accounts); read and made ones on the voting guide for town voting next Tuesday.

Total Time Spent:

2 hours.

Most Irritating Part:

The way the MARKETPLACE reps say, “Please call back if you have any problems.” I want to say, “I am literally having a problem right now. That’s why I called. Why can you not fix it?”

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I spent about two hours on Saturday signing up for health insurance through THE MARKETPLACE. (I think it deserves an all-caps name, myself.) And since it was kind of a hassle, I thought I’d share a few suggestions for anyone who is planning to sign up before March 31st and has, like me, procrastinated until now.

1. JUST CALL. Seriously, I thought it would be easier to do it online, because I’m super visual and terrible at listening, but I managed to mess up the online identity verification step somehow on Friday afternoon, and by the time I’d spent nearly half an hour on the phone (most of it on hold) on Saturday morning being told that I would need to *snail mail* a copy of my social security card and driver’s license to the US government to prove that I’m a real person, I finally thought to say, “I feel like I’ve been diverted into some sort of disaster scenario. Is there any way I can just start over?” Astoundingly, the answer was yes.

2. If you do use the online sign-up, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM when they say entering your SSN is optional. It is not optional.

3. Pick your plan online first, before you start anything else. By the time I’d gone through the whole song and dance of yes/no/I agree a million times, the last thing I felt capable of was making an informed choice about which plan I wanted. Picking one from the “Learn” pages the day before saved me from a complete breakdown.

4. I made liberal use of these phrases: “I don’t understand what that means” and “Can you stay on the line with me while I try to do that?” My emotions followed this general track: confident, polite, confused, frustrated, angry, weeping, hopeless, slightly encouraged, bored, confused, hopeful, tentatively optimistic. Luckily, the weeping and hopeless part was pathetic enough that my call assistant took pity on me and forgave me for the angry part.

5. Bring entertainment. Hold music is boring. A fanfic tab on standby is always a good choice.

6. The line is open 10 am to 8 pm on Saturdays. (And weekdays, different hours. Maybe 9 to 5? I wasn’t listening to that part.)

7. Write down ALL THE NUMBERS.

8. One thing I was not expecting: they wanted to know if the income from my 2012 (not 2013) tax return was approximately the same as my projected income for 2014. I gambled yes, but I honestly have no idea.

9. You can change stuff later. This was sort of unclear, actually. But yes? If it’s something that would affect your tax credit amount, or if you moved to another state, I think.

10. Have snacks on hand. And a beverage. And lip balm. (That last one may just be me.)


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[brought to you by my monthly email to myself, after a month where email drama at work lurked around every delayed message and bounceback]

Hello November!

The best part about the “holiday season” is that it’s a vaguely defined period of time that offers a perfect excuse for being loving, joyful, and grateful at a time of year that sometimes isn’t all that we would wish. Bring on the warm and fuzzy feelings for November!


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Baby Otter - Cute

Power Update: Power (finally) returned at 2:45 pm. Thing I was Not Prepared for: no AC.

More Power Updates: Then we lost the power at home. I was Not Amused. (Except that it was actually kind of funny, and it did come back after an hour or so.)

May the rest of the week be easier!

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You know when you’re teetering on the edge between everything getting so much better (at work) and everything descending into chaos (again)? That’s me, this weekend!

I’m full of this anticipatory blend hopefulness and worry — will our new people want to accept their job offers? This could be amazing! But what if they don’t like us? What if we don’t like them? What if they walk off the job after three days like the last one? And will our legacy employees ever leave?

There’s definitely a grade school element: NEW STUDENT IN CLASS OMG I HOPE THEY LIKE ME MAYBE WE WILL BE FRIENDS WHAT IF THEY DON’T LIKE ME!!!?!????!11!???!!

(But with that added spice of ‘if this all goes the way of chaos I should maybe update my resume.’)

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Out of the blue, my nook decided to deny the existence of all my downloaded files this afternoon. Zero files; no files here. Obvs, first thing I did was panic and freak out.

Then I had a vague memory of all of this happening before. And lo! I found my post about the last time this happened. Skipped google this time, went right to plugging the nook into the computer.

Since there is no rational reason for looking at the files on a computer to make them show up on another device, I tried to follow my former actions as closely as possible, not knowing for sure which of them did the trick. I did pay special attention to step 6: Hold up nook so it can see computer screen. Tell it, “They’re right there! There! See!”

Current report: Seems to have been successful, though it wonked out some of my shelves — the files are still on the nook, but they’re not showing up as sorted. (Not nearly as big a problem as losing all 659 stories!)

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