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We meet again, Monday.

Here is a fierce friend for the day!

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Aug. 14th, 2017 06:06 am
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Most of the time I feel like a grumpy internet old person, grumbling at the kids to use their words (and get off my lawn, while they’re at it). Because I honestly have no idea how emojis work. I try not to use them, because I worry that I may accidentally pick one that I should have urban dictionary’d first.

(Also, it turns out they look different on different kinds of phones — thanks, tumblr, for teaching me this.)

(But I do have to give them credit for the great “box with a question mark” scene on Brooklyn Nine Nine.)

I often think ‘I should put an emoji here,’ and then I look at the vast array of options and get distracted and I just want to pick one that’s pretty, but then I’m not sure what it means, and I wind up exiting out of the pictures and just typing a colon and an end-parenthesis.

(Seriously, though, I tried to actually type it and my computer automatically converted it to a smiley. But like an only-vaguely-smiling smiley. If I wanted a smiley I would have found one, computer!)

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Two weeks to go till the total solar eclipse!

*NASA will live stream the entire thing!

*The next total solar eclipse that will be visible from the US will be in 2024!

*Thanks to starandrea, we are now proud owners of solar eclipse glasses, ready to go for the main event!

*Yes, I have already started packing. I like packing, what can I say?

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Switching shifts at work, starting today. It feels like the least of the changes I’d *like* to make at work, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s a step in the right direction.

[art credit Claire Mohjer]

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*Good weather for being outside!

*Finally got a nice picture of the geological marker at the summit.

*Every access road to the park has some serious challenges. I’m just not sure if it’s A) to prevent over-use by making it a pain to get there; B) to increase revenue by having the main entrance be *slightly* less of a pain than the others; C) general lack of funding; or D) all of the above.

*Lots of cute doggos at the park yesterday. Special shoutout to Stella, since she was the only one who was introduced to me.

*Always a good reality check — going up and down is way harder than just regular flat-ish walking.

*Sometimes I want to do a walk, but I’m not sure I’m actually having fun while I’m doing it. Things I’ve found to help tilt the balance: listening to music, taking more pictures, special snacks, narrating in my head as I go.

*I’m not sure exactly what’s in my current bug spray (I had some leftover odds and ends of essential oil blends that got mixed together at some point last year), but it smells really good.

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Jun. 26th, 2017 07:09 am
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Gosh, it sure is Monday today. Would you look at that. Who would have thought.

some more random thoughts for the day:

*If your workplace is giving you July 4th off (Tuesday) but not the 3rd, today’s a great day to start complaining about it, if you haven’t already.

*How did I not notice that Billy is wearing Jason’s color in the final scene of the Power Rangers movie?

*After bargaining away nearly all of my usual blankets to the cat, cooler temps last night led me to add one of the sofa blankets to my bed, and I did not realize how amazing that would be.

*Why is driving a car so hard?

*I really hope I like Pacific Rim 2.

*The cat has an innate talent for walking across the keyboard and opening itunes. Once he managed to start a movie. I think my computer may like the cat more than it likes me.

*Yes, it’s still Monday.

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One of the apartments across the way has a string of lights up on their balcony. They’re white lights, and they’ve been up for a while now, so I figured — hey, probably going for a sort of ‘summer outdoor patio’ look. Which is neat.

But then one of the other apartments put up lights too, and they’re red and white. So now I’m a little confused — I feel like the addition of the red lights moves things away from ‘quirky/aesthetic lighting choice’ and towards some kind of holiday celebration.

Is that just me? Are twinkle lights now part of Memorial Day? Is it a decorating choice? Do you think they have to dust the lights to keep them from getting covered with pollen? Inquiring minds what to know!

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Habits I should not have allowed/ignored/encouraged and now fear are too entrenched to change:

1. staying up late

2. letting the cat walk across the laptop keyboard

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You know you’re in a weird weather pattern when the forecast says “Mostly Cloudy” and you get super excited.

I mean, it’s not snowing! (Or, at the moment, raining!) The sun was out earlier, although now it is indeed “mostly cloudy.”

Anyway, weather is weird.

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Happy May! In addition to busting out a new sponge for the start of the month, I like to change my desktop, email, and phone backgrounds.

(I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but I feel extra excited about it today. Mostly because I remembered to do it before work, so I’ll get to use one of my photos for my gmail background instead of picking from one of the system-generated ones.)

((One of my favorite things about having a plan to change things is that sometimes a month rolls around where I’m all ‘but I love this picture and I want to see it for 31 more days,’ and then I get to experience both the joy of continuing to see it *and* the joy of rebelling against the system.))

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work goals

Apr. 24th, 2017 07:01 am
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Some goals for work this week:

1. stay out of trouble

2. don’t say anything too ill-considered to my boss

3. or my coworkers

4. really just keep quiet in general

5. talking has historically made every problem I’ve experienced in a workplace much worse

6. but not too quiet

7. because then you’re “not being a team player”

8. sometimes work is exhaustingly similar to high school

9. at least we don’t have homework

10. and we do get paid to show up, so that’s neat

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I didn’t watch any movies this weekend, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about the new Power Rangers movie.

And since I was just saying how I hadn’t seen any fan art for the movie, tumblr has now proved me wrong!

Check out this adorable art by Cahlac!

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Preview review: at no point in the movie did we see Zack do martial arts and/or a superhero pose on a train. Nor did we ever see all of them except one stand on a car and look at the night sky (ie. the poster). (But the poster is still cool, and based on their absolutely terrible decision-making skills when in cars, I’m totally okay with the omission.)

Movie review, based on the four things I said I wanted to see:

1. There’s no juice bar, but I’ll accept starandrea’s suggestion of either the detention room or the mine. A bunch of kids hanging out at a mine — not even an abandoned mine! — was super weird, but I did really like that everyone except Jason had seen each other there before. It’s like the non-sports-star students all have lives too! And do stuff! (Granted, they hang out illegally at an active mine, but whatever.)

1a. Way to go Billy being the only one (apparently) with a social group of actual supportive friends and acquaintances!

2. Flinging notes at each other was absolutely the cutest thing ever, and an acceptable replacement for the jump in the air, which would have seemed very weird in this movie-verse.

2a. Seriously, though, and not entirely related — I feel like they would run into trouble relatively quickly with Jason’s house arrest thing. You can fool the technology, but he lives with three other people; by the end of the movie at least one of them had figured out that he was nowhere he was supposed to be, since his dad was driving around looking for him.

3. I would say that the coins are harder to keep track of then a watch, but they seem to keep track of themselves — very convenient! They also seem to have the happy side effect of making phones waterproof.

3a. This raises a lot of questions for me about what Jason was doing at the end with his probably-not-called-a-spiral-saber thing. Did they keep the coins? Did the coins keep them? Can Jason just not figure out how to make his weapon go away with his suit? I AM CONFUSED.

4. The zords were specifically called dinosaurs, but they were not individually named, and none of them looked like a sabre-toothed tiger (which I know isn’t a dinosaur, but that never stopped them before). I am generally in favor of More Cats, but I would have been worried about them the whole movie, so at least there were no cats in peril?

4a. I liked this movie! Way more than I thought I would!

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Mar. 20th, 2017 06:14 am
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[Note: I took this picture *before* the big snowstorm we had last week — right now it would be a little more of a trek to get there. But it was definitely from March!]

Happy Spring Equinox!

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When the company that does grounds work and snow plowing came around at the end of February and collected up their plow stakes (is that what they’re called? the things you put up to show where your driveway is so you clear snow off the right area) I thought, ‘Well, that seems optimistic.’

On the other hand, it got up to 70F degrees a couple times, so who can tell?

Anyway, big storm predicted tomorrow. Winter Storm Stella, according to the Weather Channel naming system. Trying to stay positive about the whole thing, but after a string of very cold days, I am so ready for it to not be winter any more.

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Yesterday I planned a Star Trek movie marathon of the three TNG movies (Nemesis doesn’t count, I’m ignoring it forever). I only made it through Generations and First Contact before I started dozing off, which I guess means I’m now officially a grown up.

Here’s my question: seat belts. The reboot/Kelvin timeline is all about seat belts. TNG doesn’t even have chairs that stay bolted to the floor when they crash the ship into a planet.* (Who designed that?!)

So what gives? Is this a social/cultural shift, that now seat belts are considered more standard and so it makes sense that movies made today would include them? Is it a deliberate in-universe callout to the differences in how Starfleet views spaceflight in the Kelvin timeline? Is it just because they came up with a neat special effect and wanted to use it?

[*I had my movies all confused, and I thought Insurrection was the one where they crashed the ship into the planet, and then I figured I should probably just go watch them all.]

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Can you imagine trying to explain our calendar months to someone who had never heard of them? ‘Yes, all the months have either 30 days or 31 days. Except for February; it has 28. Or 29, some years.’

‘Why? Probably some Roman thing. We’ve just stuck with it, because it always seems like we have bigger things to worry about, and it works fine, just a little weird.’

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I still experience a sense of astonishment that my current job offers paid holidays — and this year they’ve increased them from 10 to 11 paid days, which is even more astonishing. (But awesome!)

But it seems very poorly timed to have eight of those days fall within just a five month span (October through February). That leaves seven months in the middle with just three paid holidays!

And I realize that the paid holiday schedule is just following (loosely) the US federal holidays, which got me wondering about why those holidays are the way they are.

I mean, I didn’t find any actual information about it (at a guess, winter is depressing? fewer farming chores leave more time for social gatherings?), but I did think about it.

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Feb. 13th, 2017 07:31 am
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34 days till the official start of spring.

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My 2017 Movie Plans:

January: Hidden Figures
(PS: Great article by Laura Mandanas about some specific elements of the movie: fact or fiction)

February: ???
(Someday I will probably find myself watching the LEGO Batman Movie, let’s be honest.)

March: Logan, Power Rangers

April: ???
(We saw a trailer for ‘Gifted’ and it looked like a crier, but I could be convinced. Also, yet another Fast & Furious movie… when will they realize that I genuinely just want two hours of them relaxing and having a nice day?)

May: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

June: Wonder Woman (!!!)

July: ???
(Ugh, maybe Spiderman.)

August – October: ???
(You know what would have been great in August? Pacific Rim 2.)

November: Thor 3
(Maybe? I know nothing about this movie.)

December: Star Wars

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