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I have been confusing dates all week. What month is this? What year is it?

*This morning I tried to find more information on registering for an event, only to realize (after an embarrassingly long time) that it happened back in 2015.

*Yesterday, I was baffled by why we would be receiving 100+ orders “this week” that were meant to ship in September — finally I figured out that “this week” was part of a calendar event invite *in* September.

I blame the weirdness of the upcoming non-three-day-weekend. My brain thinks ‘holiday weekend!’ and then immediately goes ‘but I’m working Monday?!’ and then ‘but not Tuesday?!?!’ and boom, confusion loop.

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Worked an earlier shift today, which was weird, but not unpleasant. The cat is confused. I am also confused, so I am at a loss to assist. What am I doing? What time is it?

It is 7 pm. I am doing the 9 am things. It feels like the start of a shift work gothic post.


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After my failed attempt in December to interview my way into a new job (within the same company I work at now), I am now trying a new technique: go do fill-in work for other departments and hope one of them likes me. The language around the plan was a little more professional than that when my boss and I hashed it out, but that’s basically it.

I had my first ‘go help out somewhere else’ day yesterday, and I thought it went okay. The person in charge said maybe six sentences to me, and the person who showed me what to do was not at all fooled when I pretended I knew how to do a vlookup in excel. But they said I can come back on Thursday, so there’s that.

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I still experience a sense of astonishment that my current job offers paid holidays — and this year they’ve increased them from 10 to 11 paid days, which is even more astonishing. (But awesome!)

But it seems very poorly timed to have eight of those days fall within just a five month span (October through February). That leaves seven months in the middle with just three paid holidays!

And I realize that the paid holiday schedule is just following (loosely) the US federal holidays, which got me wondering about why those holidays are the way they are.

I mean, I didn’t find any actual information about it (at a guess, winter is depressing? fewer farming chores leave more time for social gatherings?), but I did think about it.

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Nothing I like more than risking my life on snow-covered roads so I can get yelled at by strangers on the telephone!

Wait, no. Swap out ‘more’ for ‘less’ and it would be a more accurate statement.

On a somewhat related note, here’s an exchange I’ve had multiple times that continues to baffle me:

Caller: “So I can take this without food?”
Me: “Yes.”
Caller: “But if I wanted to take it with food, can I do that?”
Me: “Yes.”
Caller: “Would a few crackers be enough?”
Me: “…Yes.”

Zero crackers would be enough! Therefore, logically speaking, any number of crackers greater than zero would *also* be enough!

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Yesterday I was in a meeting, and the presenter asked us how many people there are in the United States. And I thought to myself ‘300 million?’ But I had no idea where that number came from, and I am notoriously bad at guessing numbers, so I kept my mouth shut.

(Honestly, I would have kept my mouth shut even if I had been 10% confident in an answer, because it was that sort of meeting. Sometimes you just show up and nod pleasantly and hope nobody singles you out for a direct question.)

But it turns out I wasn’t super wrong! The US population is more like 319 million, but 300 million is a shockingly close guess (for me). Brain, where did you come up with that number? What else is hidden in there?

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310 pinboard tags this year! Approximately. I mean, a lot of those were non-fic-related — recipes, and wishlist things, and just general helpful links.

(Seriously, it looks like I should go back to January and just start re-reading. Look at all those Star Wars cuties!)

Let’s see, in an entirely unscientific survey, the fic links appear to have the following rough breakdown:

A Lot Of:
Star Wars

A Surprising Amount Of:
Fantastic 4 / Spiderman
Harry Potter

Timely Cameos By:

Classic Standbys:
Teen Wolf
Star Trek

Where Did This Come From:

As far as I can tell, my top tag is “AU.” Not shocking.

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Workplace Lesson of the Day: Being measurable doesn’t make it meaningful!

My workplace loves metrics. LOVES. Which in some ways is actually super great! It gives some (relatively) objective information about job performance, and can (theoretically) be used to drive training and improvement.

It’s just that the reality of things that CAN be measured don’t always match up to the things that matter.

On a somewhat related note, we found out yesterday that one product will have a name change at the end of the year. It’s a change we asked for months ago when the product launched — at the time, we were told our objections were “being negative” and the name was “definitely staying.”

Well, well, well. How times change. After months of consumer feedback saying EXACTLY what we said, the name is being changed. Almost like we knew what would happen! Can we see the future? Or is it just that we spend all day talking with consumers, and therefore have some TINY IDEA of what they want? JUST ASK US WE CAN TELL YOU.

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Current word count: 21,728

On track goal word count for today: 25,000

Actual personal goal word count for the day: 23,500? That seems somewhat manageable. And it’s what the nano widget says, so it must be true!

Last sentence written: “Yeah.”

(What a jumping off point for the day!)

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Mar. 6th, 2016 09:12 am
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Huge shoutout to my amazing sister starandrea, who is running a half marathon today! Sending love and hugs and lots of energy — have fun!

(I tried to think of something I could do in honor of the half marathon number 13.1, and this is what I came up with: I will be awake for at least 13.1 hours today! This endurance test has already begun, and I have been cruising at a very sustainable pace for nearly 45 minutes!)

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leap year

Feb. 28th, 2016 08:19 am
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Ways leap years impact my life:

1. Convenient way to remember presidential election years.

2. Christmas moves ahead two weekdays instead of one. (Still grumpy we’re missing Saturday Christmas.)

3. That’s really it. It’s kind of fun, I guess? A novelty to talk about at the end of February every four years. I don’t really understand how we ended up with seven months of 31 days, four months of 30 days, and one of 28 days to begin with. Why not five months of 31 days and seven months of 30 days? Even better, why not twelve months of 30 days and then a five day (six on leap years!) mandatory vacation at the end of the year? I’d vote for it.

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One of the really interesting things my workplace does is periodically share an org chart, which is a fascinating way to see how important various people are in the company, and turns out to be especially helpful in identifying when you are having a minion-to-minion conversation.

Anyway, there was a bit of a situation this week, where I couldn’t get a whole bunch of things to shift their status to complete in the new computer system. Brought it up to my boss, who brought it up to her boss, who told me to use a work-around. “Just go ahead and do it; we’re not going to tell the numbers minions.” (paraphrased, obvs)

And who did I get a phone call from the very next day? One of my fellow minions over in numbers, asking wtf was going on with the work-around. We had a lovely twenty-minute conversation in which I got a significant amount of other work done, and we pretty much worked our way to a much better solution all on our own.

Score one for the minions!

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*I wrote some kind of a journal post on 362 days last year. (What happened, September 12th?)

*For a total of 363 posts! (Apparently I couldn’t resist a second post on January 14th, announcing I’d forgotten my lunch at home. Good to know, past self.)

*Top three tags (aggregate, since I don’t know a way to see just a year’s worth of numbers): my thoughts exactly, work is work, picture time.

*Goal for 2016: 366 posts. (Leap year!)

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I have been SO CONFUSED about what day it is all week. I think it’s because the week started, and that was Monday, but then December started, and I sort of thought that was Monday too.

So yesterday I spent the whole day thinking it was Tuesday, deciding we must have been at work longer than two days, and then thinking it must be Thursday in that case. I was legit surprised when my amazon order said it wouldn’t be arriving yesterday. “But it said Thursday!”

Yeah. It’s been sort of a weird week for me, calendar-wise.

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Nov. 29th, 2015 09:02 am
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Current wordcount: 47,504

Current mindset: blargh

Current plan for the last 2500 words: I HAVE NO IDEA SEND HELP

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Means a good writing day? ::crosses fingers::

Current wordcount: 44,561

Goal for today: write some stuff

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It is always sort of comforting to me that even though I basically never feel prepared or ready, time keeps going. And now here it is, the second week of November already here! (Thank goodness — I wasn’t even ready for the first week, and now it’s in the past! We made it!)

Starting word count today: 11,000

Hopeful end count today: 15,000

Procrastination plans for the day: cleaning, cooking, decorating, feeding the birds, chilling with the cat

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I’d like to recommend to myself that I write a lot of words today for nanowrimo. Time to get on that!

Current word count: 7799
Today’s goal: 10,000

Current plan: panic and freak out

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*is currently on hiatus for NaNoWriMo!

Day 2

Current Word Count: 2700
Characters: 2
Time Elapsed: a couple of hours, maybe

My goal in this story is to include all the tropes I know and love. Anything that when I see it in the tags of a fic and think “this is the kind of quality content I want to see on my dash” — toss it in!

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Ugh. We had crazy tech issues yesterday. About the only thing that *wasn’t* down was the phones — so of course we got plenty of calls, and then had to tell them things like:

“I can’t actually do that right now, but as soon as our system is working again I’ll enter this information and call you back to confirm.”

One of my favorites was someone who was calling in with a credit card number for someone else. I explained what was going on, and they expressed concern that I was going to write down the credit card number on a piece of paper. Apparently that didn’t seem very secure. And I said, ‘Don’t you have it written on a piece of paper right now?’ I tried to make it sound super tactful, but I don’t think it worked.

Second favorite was when I transferred a call across the room just to find a working internet connection. Good times.

Fingers crossed some new workarounds have been set up for today.

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