Mar. 6th, 2016 09:12 am
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Huge shoutout to my amazing sister starandrea, who is running a half marathon today! Sending love and hugs and lots of energy — have fun!

(I tried to think of something I could do in honor of the half marathon number 13.1, and this is what I came up with: I will be awake for at least 13.1 hours today! This endurance test has already begun, and I have been cruising at a very sustainable pace for nearly 45 minutes!)

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If you ever find yourself trying to brighten up a semi-outdoor space, such as a porch or balcony, and thinking, ‘I could put something on the wall, but what?’

Might I suggest: CRAFT FOAM

[Note: suggestion comes via Mom, who is super awesome at this sort of thing.]

Craft foam comes in sheets of all sizes and colors, plus pre-cut shapes, plus you can get it in peel and stick varieties which is so easy and takes out that tedious ‘glue stuff to other stuff’ step.

And it’s just sturdy enough to be outside — it can handle sun and temperature changes and even the occasional wind-driven rain. It’s not going to last forever, but that turns out to be really good for someone like me who has trouble with the pressure of choosing ‘forever’ decorations.

[Pics to follow on crafturday, hopefully!]

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Thanks, Dad! Lots of love to you on this and every day!


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Happy birthday to starandrea, who is an amazing, wonderful, and inspiring sister and friend! May your day and year ahead be full of love and joy!

(So I went looking for an awesome rainbow shooting star picture to put here, and found the youtube smash hit Double Rainbow Song, which is an (awesome) experience in and of itself. I also found this super cool sticker on zazzle, made by scarletquill. I did not get you the stickers for your birthday. But I did use the picture for this birthday post!)


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I sent an email home this week, and one of the things I mentioned was that some wasps are taking up residence on my balcony. And I asked if they had any advice.

This is what I received in answer from my mom:

Wasps. You can take the gentle way or the harsh way. Gentle way: spray peppermint ess. oil on the nest and around the area. Harsh way: buy a can of hot shot wasp spray and kill them instantly from twenty feet away.

I laughed *so* hard. This is like the epitome of Mom advice, presented in a tidy and graceful package. Thanks, Mom!

[Note: more updates to come on the great de-waspinating of 2015!]

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And big hugs to my family for an awesome trip to the Marginal Way!

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To post pictures of your Christmas tree!


Since I’m doing Christmas at home, this tree won’t end up having lots of presents under it. Instead the stuffed animals are hanging out having a Christmas party!

Crafty shoutout: A couple years ago I got some 3D stickers on a post-Christmas clearance sale, and never figured out what to do with them. This year I paired them up and stuck them to each other with a little loop in between, and voila! Christmas ornaments!

Huge thanks to Mom and Dad, who provided the tree, and also *Andrea, who provided the awesome Nicholas St. North ornament! (Technically it’s a keychain; but I’m repurposing it for the season.)

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1. I can’t believe I broke my November streak of posting every day!

2. Working from home update: as one of my coworkers so aptly described it, “This working from home thing is not all I dreamed it would be.”

3. I was supposed to be working until 8:30 pm Wednesday night. I lost power at 7:43 and didn’t get it back until sometime last night. So that didn’t quite work out as planned.

4. Thanksgiving? Well, we gave thanks for being together, and it was actually a really nice evening. Turns out electricity is sort of an important component for some aspects of the holiday, though. We will persevere and have Thanks-again-a-giving when power is restored at the homestead!

5. I STILL cannot believe I broke my November streak of posting every day!

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re: cats

Aug. 10th, 2014 03:45 pm
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Attempting to teach an old cat new tricks: status uncertain. It seems silly to move a cat 15 minutes away from home and then never take him back, right? So last night we both went home for dinner, except that when it was time to go, said cat was hiding DEEP under the bed. No way was he coming out without some serious shenanigans, so he stayed home overnight while I came back to the apartment.

This is a photo of him at home this morning:


(Thanks, *Andrea!)

He consented to being deposited into the carrier when I went home again to pick him up, and he has spent most of the day napping. The apartment has an air mattress, so he can’t go under it. He’s figured out how to get under the comforter, instead.

So, there’s that. I have my fingers crossed and some amount of optimism that this will all work out awesome, but right now we’re still at this point:


(Thanks to *Andrea again for letting me borrow GC for the week!)

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::All my love and hugs to *Andrea today::

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


[painting by Erin Hanson]

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I keep meaning to post about my AWESOME LANYARD OF AWESOME, so here it is. A while back I wrote a story for NaNoWriMo that mentioned lanyards, and starandrea made me one, and now that I have to have a badge to get into the building where I work, I have the perfect excuse to bring it with me every day!

(The best part of this post is that I tried to write it at work, and I wanted to find the quote that mentioned the lanyards. But I couldn’t find my fic! Dreamwidth wouldn’t load (google kept saying ‘do you mean’ and I was all YES! I DO! and it still wouldn’t work). But there were some slow moments today, so I persevered.)

(Eventually I googled ‘nimby lanyard harold al’ Bam. First result.)

“Everyone who checked in at the house got a beacon. (And a lanyard. Harold was particularly proud of the lanyards; they said “NIMBY Center” in English, as well as a variety of non-Earth languages. He’d had to order a thousand, though, to get the rainbow color assortment, so they had cartons of them stacked in the basement.)”

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[Note: As far as I know, my dad does not love camping. He does love the outdoors, though!]

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Hope your birthday is AMAZING
and that the year ahead is
full of JOY!!!

<3 <3 <3

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Pre-driving places is a thing for me, because I am bad at following directions. And I really don’t want to screw up getting to work Monday morning, which means maybe I shouldn’t be exposed to a massive interstate at 7:30 am. (Or possibly ever.)

Which is all a lead-in to this fact: tomorrow I will be practice driving the back way to my new job. And my dad is coming, because he’s great at driving. (He will be at the wheel; I will be noting down landmarks.) Aaaaaand my mom is coming, because she is endlessly curious and wants to know where I’ll be working. (It’s nice, not creepy, promise.)

It all made sense until I put those pieces together in my head and got: me and mom and dad all in the car together for nearly 2 hours.

This is going to be either:

A) pretty easy and kind of fun (hey, there’s a non-zero possibility that this will be the case!)

B) the absolute worst decision I’ve made all week (there’s also a non-zero chance it will devolve into tears and shouting, followed by uncomfortable silences)

World of tomorrow, here we come.

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[*brought to you by my 2013 planner]

*“Promotional T-Shirt Month!”
*“This month has involved a lot of cranky people, including myself.” … “I got reacquainted with the cellar, and had reason to be grateful for laundry.” … “August is way more fun now that I’m not in school.”

*“I’m very intrigued by the ‘great green hen.’”
*“What the world really needed was more AUs of an AU.” … “Kind of like JIT manufacturing — what a way to use business knowledge.”

*“Did I move to a rainforest when I wasn’t looking?”
*“It’s actually kind of great to have so many things I want to do.” … “I’ve been trying to bump up my intake of protein and good fats (so many nuts).” … “How time flies, as quarter 3 comes to an end without any significant improvement.”

*“Looking forward to a three day weekend.”
*“I think a lot depends on the weather.” … “I base a surprising amount of my values on my childhood reading material.” … “Will we have a truncated buying season, or a super extended one?”

*“Just looking for a change of pace, I guess, and for one less deadline in my life for a while.”
*“What an interesting month!” … “I suppose for December I could always read a holiday romance novel.” … “Not just ‘what’s next?’ but ‘this is what I want next.’”

*“Wow, I really thought I’d done this already.”
*“I’m sure I had fun and learned a lot, but I am still so glad the year is nearly over.” … “So often I felt on the periphery — impacted but not knowing how to make it better.” … “Meanwhile, retail therapy has been a trend this year.”

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*First sticking-around snow accomplished! But it’s not much, just a bit still left where there wasn’t much sun today. A festive, non-shoveling type of snow.

*Holding it together with grit, if not grace, and sometimes a little of both.

*Oh, work. Still waiting to hear back from a couple people to try to get my third reference settled.

*Four snow tires ready to rock.

Winter Coat:
*Arrived! As lovely as anticipated.

*Five watched, with much wrapping accomplished during Die Hard this afternoon. Yippee-ki-yay indeed.

*Sometimes it feels like the lines of communication between me and my body get gummed up. Right now I’m at one of the ‘uh, what’s going on in there?’ points.

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Enormous hugs and kudos to *Andrea for fixing all our sites yesterday!


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I can’t believe I spent 11 hours at work today having an awesome day (for real!), and then in the last five minutes my boss questioned whether I was “stressed” based on a secondhand account of an interaction I had with a customer today and I’ve spent the last two and a half hours mentally defending myself. Gah! (Hence the fist shake.)

On the plus side, *Andrea is back from SDCC, and I have a Grumpy Bear*!


[*Yes, Grumpy Bear has always been my favorite, followed by Bedtime Bear (the words to BB's song were easier to remember).]

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Happy Birthday to my amazing sister! Here, have an aurora!


[photo credit Max Edin, from National Geographic]

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