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Because sometimes I just want to read about the Rogue One crew all being okay and teaming up to rescue Jyn’s daughter.

Baby, You Need To Come Home, by aewgliriel

“I’m sorry I stole your blaster.”

He let out a pained half-laugh. “Which time?”

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Short(-er than most time travel AUs I've read) Star Wars time travel AU — Mace Windu’s chapter made me laugh, which definitely rates a rec!

this is unexpected, by MarbleGlove

Qui-Gon Jinn at least looked as unnerved as any of them at the current situation. Possibly even more unnerved, since in addition to everything else, he also found himself in the unusual position of *not* being the most irritating trouble-maker standing before the council at the moment.

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So, you know, heads up and all — this fic is LONG and also still in-progress, and I haven’t finished it yet. But it’s the reason I didn’t post this morning, because it has Eaten My Day.

Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns, by chancecraz

Based off of amarielah’s tumbler promt “I need a Peggy Sue fic where TFA!Leia’s consciousness is sent back into ANH!Leia’s body and she decides that the only way to save her future son is to save her biodad from being an evil prick before he commits suicide-by-Sheev. Which is hard when she hates his guts and would happily kill him herself.”

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Since yesterday was Star Wars day, how about some happy Star Wars fics? (I have probably recced all of these before, but re-reads are always fun!)

things to keep you warm and dry, by wordslinging

“If you’ve got time to speculate about my social life, you’ve got time to find something useful to do,” Poe returns.

this is a day of rest, by notcaycepollard

“You two,” he says when he gets his breath back, and he’s pretty sure he’s not imagining the smug look that they both give him in return. “All ‘what’s a rest day’ and ‘oh Poe, can we sleep in your bed’. I see how it is.”

i really really (really really) really like you, by notcaycepollard

“He called me buddy this morning,” Finn offers. “What does that even mean.”

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Put on a Mask (and Fight!), by writeonclara

Author Summary:
Finn is the defector gone superhero. Rey is the ultra psychic who may or may not use her powers to hustle pool. Poe is the intrepid journalist (or sometimes: bait). Together, they fight crime!

(Or Finn and Rey do. Poe mostly gets himself kidnapped and mouths off at his captors. It’s a work in progress.)

Bonus rec, because it reminded me of that Inception fic and I found it on AO3:

Blast Boxers, by Allothi

“Forger!” Arthur says, because he’s heard that’s the way supervillains like to be addressed. “In five years, every plan you’ve had to take over Inception City has ended in abysmal failure. What makes you think today will be different?”

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Apparently, Star Wars time travel WIP fix-it fics focused around episodes 1-6 are my jam right now. Who knew?

A couple weeks ago I recced Back to the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars, by Ariel_Sojourner, which continues to entertain with new chapters.

(Right now there’s a great subplot going on where Anakin knows Luke’s his kid, and Luke knows Anakin’s his dad, but neither knows that the other knows — seriously, I’ve been lol’ing for days.)

Today’s fic rec is Ad Utrumque Paratus, by obeyingthemuse

I’m not sure where this one is going, but it deserves a rec just for the solid gold of this author summary:

It’s hard to bring balance to the Force when the only method you’ve seen is your black-cloaked psychic cyborg sorcerer dad with a severe breathing problem throwing an old man down the Death Star reactor shaft. As much as Luke would like to see the not-yet-Emperor dead, he doesn’t want to be arrested by his unusually attractive(?) war-hero dad and spend the rest of his indeterminate time in the past dropping Ewok beats in a jail cell. Also Leia would probably kill him. But not before breaking him out of jail.

So when the twins wake up on Tatooine decades in the past, they play it safe. They take over a planet, reconnect with their adoptive and real parents without weirding them out (too much), and accidentally cause the Chancellor perpetual near-death experiences.

Nailed it.

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This one’s still a WIP, but I’ve enjoyed reading it so far (as of chapter 10), and sometimes I’m in the mood for WIPs I can subscribe to and have something pop up in my inbox periodically.

Back to the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars, by Ariel_Sojourner

In which Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader travel back in time together to the Clone Wars era, have amazing adventures, and save the galaxy.

I love that in most fandoms, when people wind up back in time, there’s this big concern about changing the future, and should they try not to, all of that. And then there’s Star Wars, where people wind up back in time and they’re just like, ‘Oh, we’re definitely changing things. ALL the things.’

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The Last Poem of Jedha, by schweinsty

The one where Bodhi was a poet, and so was his sister. I was going to say ‘this story made me cry,’ but pretty much everything does these days. It’s the story of Jedha, and its people, and how war creeps up on you.

“Kindness and love are the two most important things in the galaxy,” she says. “Don’t ever let them take that from you.”

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I think I would like to see this movie again, but probably not till I can fast forward over the parts I don’t want to watch and rewind the parts I want to see a couple times in a row.

But I have a couple questions:

1. Why did Galen send a hologram video confession instead of something way more helpful? (Like the plans! Or the latitude and longitude of the target! So many options!)

2. Who decided that firing the Death Star at Scarif was an A+ plan? It was an Imperial planet! Full of Imperials! And super important documents! It was important enough to warrant a scientifically improbable shield, but as soon as a few rebels landed it was all ‘just obliterate everything, we’ll sort it out later.’

One can only imagine the conversation that must have taken place:

Some sort of Imperial Officer: “Sir, there’s some rebels down there.”

Tarkin: “Are they winning?”

IO: “No. There’s only a few left. Bad news is they’ve they’ve already stolen the plans.”

Tarkin: “Shoot it with the Death Star.”

IO: “But — there’s like two of them. The entire rest of the population of the planet is our people. Also that’s the backup data for every Imperial document ever scanned.”

Tarkin: “Shoot it with the Death Star.”

IO: “We couldn’t just send down some TIE fighters to clean up the mess?”

(And then they shot it with the Death Star, in what was arguably one of the worst strategic decisions ever made in a Star Wars movie.)

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I liked it! It sure did rain a lot, which sort of explained why the bad guy wore his rain coat all the time. I sort of want to see it again, just to get the timeline more sorted out in my head.

I was very glad I knew what was coming at the end. I feel like it’s still early for spoilers, but yeah, that google search was a good call. I had time to prepare myself, and also read some fix-it fic:

Steady as she goes, by noelia_g

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It’s sort of my Friday today, and I probably won’t have any internet access on Friday, so today is a fic day!

A Big Deal in the Resistance, by igrockspock

Within a month of officially joining the Resistance, Finn accidentally initiates an epic prank war with his roommates, receives a medal he doesn’t want, and starts falling in love with his best friend.

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At long last, the story I started last December is finished. Once they pass the point of ‘but I could make it better!’ to ‘I never want to see this again,’ I figure that’s a sign. A sign of what, I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, it’s done.

Title: This Family Just Keeps On Getting Bigger
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Star Wars, Star Wars TFA

Summary: Han shows up as a ghost, and starts to realize he missed a lot more than he thought in those fifteen years he was rattling around the galaxy.

Note: Title is from ‘Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas,’ which shows how long ago I started writing it (Christmas, not 1977). Snoke is still the bad guy, Leia’s still the best at everything, and everyone else is somewhere in the middle. In a much nicer AU, a lot more things turned out to be not quite what they seemed.

Warning: Past Force-based mental manipulation is a key plot point in this story. (more details in the linked versions)



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Jul. 16th, 2016 06:22 am
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Getting closer now — in a fit of frustration yesterday, I typed out the (un)official end to the fic-that-never-ends:



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Man, avoidance week is going great so far! At least I assume it is, since I’ve been avoiding taking any kind of in depth look at how reality is progressing.

Meanwhile, another fic rec!

step out into the sun, by plutos

Finn tries to figure out his place in the Resistance. Rey offers surprisingly astute long-distance advice, and everyone on the base thinks Finn and Poe are married.

“Everyone thinks we’re married.” It comes out in a rush, all at once, and Finn has to repeat it several times in his mind for the words to sink in.

“Everyone thinks we’re what?” he yelps, and Poe quickly claps his hand over Finn’s mouth to stifle the noise, smiling stiffly at an officer as they walk past.

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I love this Leia, and any fic that makes me laugh as much as this one did (and then again when I re-read it for the post!) gets an automatic rec.

no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa, by magneticwave

“Look, I don’t understand why you want to get married at all. People get married because it helps with taxes, and we’re technically criminals. I haven’t filed a tax return since Vader destroyed my home planet.”

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It’s more of a mini!fic this week, one of those elusive tumblr comment fics that you read at work and then go back hours later and scroll through So Many Posts to find, just so you can read it again. (Maybe that’s just me?)

So: that tumblr!fic where the Jedi put lil’ Anakin in charge of the kids instead of training him to be a soldier, and everything turned out 10,000% better.

tumblr permalink here

It takes a village for these things, so kudos to: systlin, beautifultoastdream, karama9, suzume42, grand-duc, ialreadyreadthatfanfic, angelqueen04, luckyjak, sskyguy

Also to theladyragnell, since that’s where I saw it reblogged.

“I’m terribly sorry, Chancellor,” Obi-Wan Kenobi answers. The apologetic tone might be just a tad exaggerated. “Anakin is on a trip with younglings, he must’ve left his comlink behind accidentally.”

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I did not actually see all of the 1-2-3 Star Wars movies, but now having read hundreds of thousands of words of fanfic based on them, I can officially say: anyone who thinks the name “Kylo Ren” being ridiculous is a new thing for Star Wars definitely did not see them either.

Kit Fisto?
Nute Gunray?
Mace Windu?

Who came up with these? There’s actually lots more super weird Star Wars names, too. Not even ‘hey, it’s an alien race, we had to come up with something,’ but ‘pick three single syllable words or sounds and jumble them together.’

I actually think that would be a great translation!fail story — like all these names are actually just being poorly babelfish’d into basic (or whatever the galactic standard language is), and people are constantly having the ‘you think my name is *what*?!’ conversation.

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More Star Wars this week! How much do I love the outpouring of fic that accompanies a major fandom event? So Much.

necklace of the self, by Gretahs

“If we’re keeping count,” she tells him, “you technically owe me thirty seven.”

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How about a companion fic to last Friday’s rec?

One Was All It Took, by Miz636

This one is the stormtroopers’ POV of everything, and explains how they keep finding all those secret bases!

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Saw Star Wars again yesterday, this time in D-Box — rumble seats! (Did not notice the first time through that it was Poe who sniped Finn’s storm trooper buddy in the Jakku fight.)

Mostly it left me with one enormous question — who decides how the D-Box seat movements are programmed? This was definitely the most high-intensity D-Box experience I’ve had, and I was fascinated that the seats rumbled during the mind-probe bits. It made the scene totally different for me than the first viewing.

Turns out D-Box is a Canadian company that programs motion tracks for movies along with a variety of other things. But does someone involved with the movie have to sign off on it? I would guess yes?

What a fascinating world we live in!

“Learning all about this new planet… that I’m also from.”

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