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Sooooo, I’m super excited to be traveling with starandrea next month to see the eclipse! And of course, packing is my favorite part of trips. (Really, it is. I don’t know why.)

And I had this debate with myself, because it’s a three day trip and that’s counting the travel days on either side, so it’s not like an enormous amount of advance packing needs to happen. But on the other hand, it’s a three day trip, which is basically the most fun to pack for because you really don’t have to leave anything out. There’s none of this ‘I wonder if I can get away with wearing the same pants the whole time to save space in my suitcase’ — just bring three pairs! There’s plenty of space!

I decided I could start planning a month in advance, and this morning I woke up and was all, ‘close enough!’ Let the list-making begin!

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Checked out NASA’s Eclipse 2017 site, because NASA.

Things to love:

*The eclipse graphic shows the path of totality through the United States, which makes it look a bit like the country is wearing a sash.

*This quote: “It is hard not to imagine that the way things are now is the way they have always been, but in the case of the sun we can never be too sure.”

*Some good thoughts on smartphone photography during the eclipse.

*NASA’s even got us covered on music that mentions the eclipse, including Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain.’

“Her lyric refers to the March 7, 1970 total solar eclipse, and this is the only known recorded song that mentions a specific eclipse. This will make future historians very happy if they try to date when the song was written if no other records exist. This is kind of like what archaeologists do with Babylonian cuneiform eclipse records today. By the way, there was a later ‘Nova Scotia’ eclipse on July 10, 1972, but Simon’s song came out in 1971. Time travel had not been invented yet.”

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Jun. 1st, 2017 06:33 am
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It’s June! It’s — very foggy, actually, at this exact moment, but the sun is making a valiant effort and I think it will make an appearance later.

Reminders for June:

*awesome gift for *Andrea’s birthday

*Fathers Day on the horizon (6/18)

*June is WONDER WOMAN month!

*oh, work

*first of the month — time to Change My Desktop Wallpaper, which always makes me feel Wildly Successful for Minimal Effort!

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Me: [checks how many posts I’ve done this week that were just a picture] Only one? Perfect.

[from 2014, both the cats waiting for spring, picture from *Andrea]

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What is this? *Andrea wrote about sneaking snacks into detention? It’s the Power Rangers fic of my heart!

this is totally what happened (which is not the actual title of this story by starandrea)

“Oh, hey,” Billy said, like he’d forgotten they weren’t supposed to acknowledge each other too. “Jason brought snacks, but he says not to tell anyone.”

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Preview review: at no point in the movie did we see Zack do martial arts and/or a superhero pose on a train. Nor did we ever see all of them except one stand on a car and look at the night sky (ie. the poster). (But the poster is still cool, and based on their absolutely terrible decision-making skills when in cars, I’m totally okay with the omission.)

Movie review, based on the four things I said I wanted to see:

1. There’s no juice bar, but I’ll accept starandrea’s suggestion of either the detention room or the mine. A bunch of kids hanging out at a mine — not even an abandoned mine! — was super weird, but I did really like that everyone except Jason had seen each other there before. It’s like the non-sports-star students all have lives too! And do stuff! (Granted, they hang out illegally at an active mine, but whatever.)

1a. Way to go Billy being the only one (apparently) with a social group of actual supportive friends and acquaintances!

2. Flinging notes at each other was absolutely the cutest thing ever, and an acceptable replacement for the jump in the air, which would have seemed very weird in this movie-verse.

2a. Seriously, though, and not entirely related — I feel like they would run into trouble relatively quickly with Jason’s house arrest thing. You can fool the technology, but he lives with three other people; by the end of the movie at least one of them had figured out that he was nowhere he was supposed to be, since his dad was driving around looking for him.

3. I would say that the coins are harder to keep track of then a watch, but they seem to keep track of themselves — very convenient! They also seem to have the happy side effect of making phones waterproof.

3a. This raises a lot of questions for me about what Jason was doing at the end with his probably-not-called-a-spiral-saber thing. Did they keep the coins? Did the coins keep them? Can Jason just not figure out how to make his weapon go away with his suit? I AM CONFUSED.

4. The zords were specifically called dinosaurs, but they were not individually named, and none of them looked like a sabre-toothed tiger (which I know isn’t a dinosaur, but that never stopped them before). I am generally in favor of More Cats, but I would have been worried about them the whole movie, so at least there were no cats in peril?

4a. I liked this movie! Way more than I thought I would!

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Headed to the movies today with starandrea to see POWER RANGERS! Things I would love to see:


2. that thing where the rangers stand in a circle and all put their hands in and then they jump in the air and yell ‘power rangers!’

3. Are the morphers a watch still? If so, ALL the fitbit/smartwatch jokes. (“Can I get texts on this thing?”)

4. A cat. (Hey, it’s caturday!)

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For less than a year, but more than half a year, I have been using one of starandrea’s fitbits. Most of the time I leave it on at night, because it actually does seem to encourage me to get more sleep (aka go to bed earlier). (Possibly this is a natural consequence just of getting older? Who knows.)

But I’ve noticed that one of my sleep stats — number of times “restless” — has improved a LOT. Despite me not feeling like there’s been any significant improvement in the quality of my sleep, or even in the number of times I wake up in a night.

And I think it’s sort of funny, because it’s really just measuring whether or not the fitbit itself is moving around. So it turns out that in the last few months, fitbit has trained me to leave one arm still at night. (Which, to be fair, may be helping me fall back asleep faster.) Score one for unintended consequences!

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Going with an approximation on this one, I’ll say about 1500 pictures. (Some of the pictures on my phone weren’t taken by me, not sure how to count those…)

Most Common Subject: cat!

Kismet, such a star <3

Most Pictures in One Day: Florida!


Randomly Selected Photo*:

Also Florida!

[*Used a random number generator based on the iphoto number of the first picture of the year and the last. Which — would have been a way easier way to estimate the number of total pictures than what I actually did.]

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Fun fact from our day at Epcot: I got all the way into the Mission Space building without realizing it was *that* Mission Space — the scary puking ride I’d been warned about!

But, you know, we were already there. And so I cheerfully departed for the “Green Team” experience (*Andrea, being far braver than I, opted for the Orange Team). And it was fun! I would describe the Green Team experience as “less scary than flying” but I don’t like flying, so ymmv.

It wasn’t until today, more than a week later, that I happened upon a reference to the ride (reading about how Disney parks handle medical emergencies), and saw the word “centrifuge.”


“On May 19, 2006, Disney began offering a less intense version of Mission: Space (called Green Team, also known as Less Intense training or no spinning), where the centrifuge does not spin, thus eliminating the forces of lateral acceleration for riders who choose the more tame experience. The cabs themselves still pitch and pivot, providing some motion. The normal ride is still available and is called Orange Team (also known as More Intense training or spinning).”

*Andrea, I am SO MUCH MORE IMPRESSED now. Also SO HAPPY I was on the Green Team. (No wonder we didn’t get the same warnings!)

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So it turns out I’ve fallen a few days behind on both posting and nano-novel-ing. One of those seems far easier to get caught up on than the other. In that spirit, here are some fun Florida vacation notes!

1. I love penguins. If you didn’t know me as a small child, you might not know that exciting fact about me, so I thought I’d lead with it. And guess what Sea World has? PENGUINS. (Or rather, PENGUINS!!!1!!1!!)

2. It is already CHRISTMAS at Sea World. No lie, we have a picture in front of the Christmas tree.

3. We saw a CAT at Sea World too! (It was cute. And not officially part of the park exhibits.)

BONUS: *ANDREA is the MOST AWESOME and VERY GOOD at not freaking out about things like ‘but where is our BUS?!’ and ‘why is there no WATER?!’

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Disney day!

Nov. 4th, 2016 05:32 am
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Headed to Epcot. Florida v. fun. Currently ignoring my nano novel.


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It’s trip day! I will be going to FLORIDA, for the FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE!

(For real, I have never been to Florida. I don’t really travel? So this is very exciting!)

Also it is still November, so: current nano word count: 3368

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day of 13s

Apr. 10th, 2016 07:16 am
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Happy half-marathon day to my sister! Last time *Andrea did a half-marathon, I decided I would do my own “13” goal and stayed awake for 13 hours. This time I thought I should up the challenge a little, and we’ve been talking about writing, and that seemed like a good area to focus on.

Except 13 words seemed like not very much, and — based on the pace of my writing so far — 1300 words seemed overly optimistic. So I’m emailing her the first 1300 words of the fic (to prove I’ve actually written something, even if it was months ago!), and I’ll be shooting for “somewhere between 13 and 1300” new words today.

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Mar. 6th, 2016 09:12 am
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Huge shoutout to my amazing sister starandrea, who is running a half marathon today! Sending love and hugs and lots of energy — have fun!

(I tried to think of something I could do in honor of the half marathon number 13.1, and this is what I came up with: I will be awake for at least 13.1 hours today! This endurance test has already begun, and I have been cruising at a very sustainable pace for nearly 45 minutes!)

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Moonstruck, by starandrea

I finally got to read *Andrea’s nanowrimo novel from this year, and I loved it!

He raises his eyebrows. “If you’re covering up the cover to make it more convincing–” John mentally reviews that to make sure it came out right. “Then what’s the cover covering up?”

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I’ve been wanting to use this quote for a few weeks now:

“Come on, my plan is way better — it has an action element.”

To the best of my recollection, it’s from a Harry Potter fic that featured Harry, Draco, and Severus fighting off attackers in a forest. But it’s not like that’s really a searchable amount of information, especially since I’ve likely gotten the quote slightly wrong.

However! I was telling my family about this dilemma, and my sister remembered *this* quote:

“This plan lacks a certain dynamic quality.”
-from Agenda, by Lanning (part 8 of the Identical series)

Which is also awesome! (And she remembers the source, which is about a million points ahead of me.)

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Huge thanks to starandrea for coming up with a link to this fic!

The Cult of Good Use, by siarade

(In which Cable and Domino bake cookies at the X-mansion in the middle of the night, and then have a cookie dough fight.)


“The cookies attacked. We were forced to defend ourselves.”

“Well, see, we were baking cookies, when the dough just leapt up, cried, ‘freeEEEEEddoooomm!’ and flew at us with the might of a thousand armies…”

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seems legit

Feb. 5th, 2015 10:47 am
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If it’s snowing (which it is), it must be a good time for a “a snowy Christmas at an inn with a cat” fic, right?

Missing at Christmas, by starandrea

How quaint, Merrick thought irritably. A truck stop in the middle of nowhere. He was sure it was a far cry from the airport hotel where they had planned to spend the night, and he hadn’t been particularly fond of that place to begin with.

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