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(I miss ‘do it for the vine.’ It always felt more relatable to me than yolo, which I guess is an interesting commentary on the fact that I think personal gratification is a less compelling motivator than ‘people on the internet will think this is funny.’)

But anyway!

This vine compilation has made me laugh for three days in a row, so I feel like it must be shared as widely as possible:

“This video reads like this man has been placed under a curse and he is physically incapable of resisting the cup shuffle”

I first watched it with the sound off, thought it was hilarious, then turned the sound on and laughed so hard the cat came to investigate what was happening.

Thanks, internet!

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Not even sure what to make of this one. We typically have a team meeting every Wednesday, which is great, fine, good plan. Gets everyone on the same page. I’m for it.

And once a month or so that meeting includes a guest speaker who makes more money than us talking about whether or not the company is making money. (Spoiler alert: the answer is unfailingly ‘things look good, but not so good that we’re making any promises, so if you could work harder, that’d be great.’)

But *this* week, there are no meeting rooms available in our building for Wednesday. And our scheduled guest speaker is busy. Did we reschedule the meeting to a different day? Did we carefully evaluate whether it was worthwhile to review this information a mere three weeks before we are going to have a company-wide meeting to review it again?

Nope. Instead, our entire team is going to drive to a different building and meet with a different person to review the same information. I mean, okay, but why? In the classic words of ‘Meet The Robinsons,’ “I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.”

[“I have a big head, and little arms.”]

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I get worried about the cat being bored in the winter. There’s just not as much that’s fun for him to do. (Not that he’s running marathons in the summer or anything, but looking out the window is more exciting when there’s a bunch of baby skunks out there than when it’s just a frost-covered pane of glass.)

So it was suggested to me (thanks Mom!) that I show him some cat videos. It turns out youtube has a surprisingly robust selection of videos specifically designed to entertain cats. And he likes them!

(I mean, right now I’m the one watching a squirrel eat birdseed; the cat’s gone off to another room, but he was here earlier!)

Good news: cat is entertained by watching videos of birds

Bonus news: I am also entertained

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Rainy Sunday feelings counteracted by adorable baby donkey!

Pretty sure baby miniature donkey cuddles are like sunshine.

The video of the girl hugging Sebastien at Bel’ane farm in France.

I’m just going to watch *one* more time…

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Sep. 10th, 2016 06:31 am
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Okay, everyone’s seen this, right? I saw it linked a couple places before I actually clicked through, so just in case —

Long Live, Star Trek vid by llintrek (Llin)

Covers all series, plus the movies, old and new. Very fun — there was a lot more hugging in Star Trek than I remember!

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Usually I don’t click through to see more on my tumblr, but there has been some really good stuff lately, including new movie trailers from SDCC!

1. Wonder Woman trailer
(First, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is legit the only thing I’ve ever loved about DC movies. Second, “Do I not look like one?” Other than being a laugh moment, how is that in any way a logical response? Who would say that?)

2. SDCC Justice League trailer
(Okay, but for real I think Alfred would LOVE Diana — so well-mannered in her ass kicking! Such a Good Influence on Master Wayne! Also, Barry, wth — the correct response was almost certainly, “You’re Batman.” Come on, buddy.)

3. Salute, Rio 2016 Olympics vid
(I maybe have some concerns about the Olympics, both overall and in regard to Rio specifically, but this is a great vid!)

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Lots going on today, so here’s a few fun links if anyone needs a sanity break.

1. Google Zeitgeist 2015
(Google now calls this “A Year in Search,” but I guess lots of other people remember it as “zeitgest” too, because that’s what I searched for and it popped right up.)

2. Star Wars Canteen
Eddie Izzard classic for the Star Wars opening weekend!

[Note: There is now a sort of sequel to the canteen sketch!]

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What even. Okay, so at work we all use a computer program, which we affectionately call Sage. (Not this.)

But our Sage sometimes feels like it was made around the same time as the one in the video, and it’s getting an upgrade next year. There was a contest of sorts to “name” the new program, and this week we all received an email:

“The new computer system will be known as Jeff!”

(I thought they were kidding. To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure they’re *not* kidding? But multiple boss-type people have assured me that they are not.)

Which of course led me right back to Eddie Izzard, which is really an A+ addition to any workday:

Eddie Izzard and computers

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What I Expected:

A tongue-in-cheek fairytale crossover with singing.

What I Got:

1. Wow, that was pretty depressing. And suspiciously negative towards women.

2. I’m usually all for leaving out exposition, but this movie made no sense. The plot made sense, or was internally consistent, at least, but the characters themselves were inexplicable.

3. I’m guessing the whole thing was supposed to be symbolic of something else? Or maybe it really was just a random assortment of characters connected by singing.

Anyway, whoever wrote the review that the movie is weirdly dark (both in content and in the way that I could never see what was going on in the night scenes, which were most of them) and that you should really just watch the video clip of the princes singing ‘Agony,’ you were 100% right!

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Happy birthday to starandrea, who is an amazing, wonderful, and inspiring sister and friend! May your day and year ahead be full of love and joy!

(So I went looking for an awesome rainbow shooting star picture to put here, and found the youtube smash hit Double Rainbow Song, which is an (awesome) experience in and of itself. I also found this super cool sticker on zazzle, made by scarletquill. I did not get you the stickers for your birthday. But I did use the picture for this birthday post!)


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No fic rec today, but a totally awesome article and vid about the Fast & Furious movies:

11 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about the Fast & Furious movies, Updated by Todd VanDerWerff

“If you ever watch a Fast & Furious movie, there is at least a half-hour — and often more — smack-dab in the middle of the movie where the characters talk about how they feel about each other.”


[NOTE: The page is VERY graphics heavy. My browser crashed twice trying to scroll through it quickly this morning. BUT! If you can get down to the bottom, there is a truly fun video (‘Every Fast and Furious movie plot in 10 minutes’) that explains how all the movies fit together and made me laugh multiple times. CHASE SCENE!]

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So far it’s been quiet. Just enough work to keep us from being sent home early, is the verdict so far.

Now I’m on lunch. Usually I eat lunch at four, so 11:30 is a bit of a change. Not having any trouble scarfing down my pasta, though!

I did manage to find the time to watch this youtube video: UNH a cappella group ‘Not Too Sharp’ performing Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way” using New Hampshire landmarks in the music video!

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Pacific Rim was all about the visuals and the characters for me, so I find myself actually getting into the vids. This one is via bluemeridian, and made by Gwyn_R.

Brother, vid by Gwyn_R

Also, it really made me want to re-read Transparency, by snack_size, which is the one where Chuck lives, Raleigh knits, and they all move to Canada.

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I think I’ve posted a link to this vid before, but I heard the song ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ on the way to work yesterday and then (of course) had to go find this vid, watch it (at work), and share it with my Doctor Who loving coworker (who also watched it at work).

Papa Don’t Preach, vid by greensilver and eunice

Even better than I remembered!

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Since I already did a fic post this week, here’s a vid instead! Part of the Aims Vid Album project, this vid is by Raven to the song ‘Landsailor.’

I’m not really sure what I took away from this (Raven describes it as a multifandom vid about infrastructure, essentially), but it made me cry, and I found it moving in a way I can’t really explain. (IDK, how do I feelings?)

Landsailor vid, by Raven

(Vimeo password is at the linked page)

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derring do

Jul. 11th, 2014 08:01 pm
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Netflix sent me The Incredibles, and I kept meaning to watch it last weekend. I didn’t, but last night I needed a mental vacation, so I queued it up in the evening.

Frozone and Honey’s “Where’s my super suit?” exchange is still my favorite, but there were a lot of good moments I’d forgotten.

(The clip is available for viewing on youtube, for a 49 second humor break.)

“Don’t you think about going off and doing no derring do!”

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Just heard this in the car on my drive home: Doin’ It Right (Rodney Atkins).

If you’re whispering or if you’re standing up and shouting
Got the windows up or you took the top down
If you got big dreams but you got big doubts
Well, you’re doing it right

If you keeping it simple or you make a big scene
If you’re doing your best and you make a mess of things
If you’re trying, if you’re crying, all that really means
Is you’re doing it right

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1. I had no idea I could become so frustrated by the DMV when I WASN’T EVEN AT THE DMV.

2. I heard a song on the radio today with only three lines. They went like this, repeated in various combinations.

I could sleep
When I lived alone
Is there a ghost in my house

Apparently, this is a real song, or so the internet informs me. It’s called “Is There A Ghost” by Band of Horses. Naturally, there’s a youtube video. (I didn’t get it.) It’s three minutes long. Inexplicably, I kind of like the song.

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I wanted a break from Christmas tunes, and I went back to check on the Vienna Teng Aims Vid Album Masterpost.

Especially impressed by Level Up, by kaydee falls
(It’s my current favorite song on the album, and Sleepy Hollow kind of reminds me of Flash Gordon — I’m not sure why I like it, but somehow I do.)

Speaking of Christmas tunes, though — a few new-to-me songs this year:

Love is Christmas, Sara Bareilles


Joy, Tracey Thorn

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I like music in the same way I like coffee — sometimes I am all about it, other times I want none, and I’m not very discriminating in my taste. But I often like Vienna Teng songs, so I was intrigued by the news that some enterprising people were using her latest album as inspiration for a vid album. Links below!

*Masterpost for the Aims Vid Album, at silly_cleo’s journal
All information about this project with links to each vid!

*The Breaking Light, by such_heights
My favorite vid so far, for Pacific Rim! (The dialogue in Pacific Rim wasn’t much to write home about for the most part, but the imagery and expressions make it fantastic for vidding.)

*Aims Album, by Vienna Teng, at Bandcamp
Will let you listen to all the songs on the album, all the way through!

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