May. 5th, 2017

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Since yesterday was Star Wars day, how about some happy Star Wars fics? (I have probably recced all of these before, but re-reads are always fun!)

things to keep you warm and dry, by wordslinging

“If you’ve got time to speculate about my social life, you’ve got time to find something useful to do,” Poe returns.

this is a day of rest, by notcaycepollard

“You two,” he says when he gets his breath back, and he’s pretty sure he’s not imagining the smug look that they both give him in return. “All ‘what’s a rest day’ and ‘oh Poe, can we sleep in your bed’. I see how it is.”

i really really (really really) really like you, by notcaycepollard

“He called me buddy this morning,” Finn offers. “What does that even mean.”

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