May. 30th, 2017

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I love mac and cheese. Usually I get the Annie’s brand, because I like the bunny. (Yes, a highly sophisticated brand choice mechanism.) But this week I tried the Horizon brand, because — I don’t know, I was at the store and I liked the shape of the box? It had a cow on it? Anyway, it said ‘white cheddar’ and ‘new,’ and I figured why not.

So the Annie’s cheese pack has powdered cheese that you mix with whatever — butter, yogurt, milk, water, basically anything you have on hand that will make a cheese-sauce-like texture. (I often forget that this will be necessary, so I’ve tried using all of those things.) But when I opened up the Horizon box, I was both baffled and amazed. It comes with a pouch of cheese sauce. Ready to go. WHAT IS THIS PACKAGING WIZARDRY.

Once I got over being weirded out by the cheese goo pouch, it was actually super convenient. And delicious. Add veggies of choice or enjoy plain: meal accomplished.

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