Sep. 25th, 2017

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Naturally, after I watched the movie again, I had to go back and read what I’d written about it before. Many of my thoughts were the same the second time! But since I saw it in 2008, I did not know a Very Important Thing about the casting: Bruce Greenwood (the president of the US in NT2) was about to play Christopher Pike in the Star Trek reboot.

(The best part is that he plays the two roles virtually identically. If ever there was an obscure crossover time travel AU just asking to be written…)

Anyway, NT2 comes across as basically two separate movies. The first half is a humorous buddy heist comedy, while the second half morphs into an action adventure family drama, complete with heavy-handed (though at times incomprehensibly off the mark) messages about legacy. I enjoyed the first half very much, and can only assume that this was filmed as a two and a half hour movie, and the twenty minutes that got cut offered some sort of explanation of the bad guy’s motives and backstory that made his whole plot line make more sense in the second half.

In conclusion, the real message of National Treasure 2: being in life and death situations together is a poor substitute for open communication as the foundation of a long-term relationship. And can we please elect Christopher Pike to be president of something?

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