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Eclipse totality was amazing — worth the trip, absolutely!

Being part of thousands of people who showed up to look at the sky legit made me so happy there were tears in my eyes. I loved that we weren’t surrounded by scientists or serious photographers, just a whole bunch of people who thought ‘yeah, this is cool, let’s go look at the sun!’

And so we showed up and ate barbecue and watched parents make paper plate masks for their kids and saw the sun go out and come back, and it was really, really cool.

(PS: And I got to pat a kangaroo!)

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I get worried about the cat being bored in the winter. There’s just not as much that’s fun for him to do. (Not that he’s running marathons in the summer or anything, but looking out the window is more exciting when there’s a bunch of baby skunks out there than when it’s just a frost-covered pane of glass.)

So it was suggested to me (thanks Mom!) that I show him some cat videos. It turns out youtube has a surprisingly robust selection of videos specifically designed to entertain cats. And he likes them!

(I mean, right now I’m the one watching a squirrel eat birdseed; the cat’s gone off to another room, but he was here earlier!)

Good news: cat is entertained by watching videos of birds

Bonus news: I am also entertained

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1. I’m not entirely convinced that what the MCU is calling ‘Civil War’ is going to bear anything more than a superficial resemblance to the comics event. (Not necessarily a bad thing!) Sort of like how ‘Age of Ultron’ was more of a ‘rough weekend with Ultron; sorry about that, Sokovia; our bad.’

2. I really, really feel like Steve should take a look at his team and think: that one’s crazy, that one’s crazy, that one’s a human disaster, that one’s a criminal, and then there’s that one guy who actually thinks about decisions before making them. Maybe a compromise would be better than a fight? Just saying.

3. Of course, if Spiderman ends up on team Iron Man to even out the numbers, that would certainly add an equivalent human disaster element to that side.

4. Any situation that sees Clint and Natasha supposedly on opposite teams makes me highly suspicious.

5. There are an awful lot of non-powered heroes in play for a movie that’s named after Civil War, which makes me question the whole super-human registration act tie-in.


6. Okay, and one spoiler-y thing (sort of), because if *Andrea sees this movie I don’t want her to not know this going in: Steve totally comes back in the comics. To life, I mean, just in case he winds up dying in the movie. He’s A-OK — well, comics!okay, which means it was super weird and convoluted, and maybe there was amnesia at some point? But yeah, he doesn’t stay dead.

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At first I was all ‘yes I want to watch it!’ because I actually thought Ghost Protocol was pretty good and left things at an interesting point. And then I was all ‘no thanks’ because really, the ‘there’s only one woman in each movie and she’s completely interchangeable’ is just not cool.

And then I watched it anyway, because I have a cold and I wanted an action movie, and Jeremy Renner (as far as I can tell) plays exactly the same character in every movie he’s in, which I enjoy. Somewhat similar to Ghost Protocol, he appeared to be the only person in this movie to realize what a total human disaster Ethan Hunt is.

I actually thought at one point that this movie was taking a dark turn — in many ways it presented itself as the story of an IMF agent having a complete mental breakdown. (It reminded me a lot of the Batman movie with Bane, in that it made a lot more sense if you assume that the whole thing was some kind of dreamsharing psychological intervention intended to shore up the crumbling psyche of a highly unstable individual.)

It’s the same story we keep getting again and again: the Syndicate, Bane, Hydra, SPECTRE, Moriarty — secret super-smart supervillain pulls the strings behind the scenes. Who can stop them? Only one man! Super-strong, super-smart, crosses every line to get the bad guy, only to become the very enemy he was trying to defeat. Lose-lose.

And I honestly can’t tell if these stories are intended as cautionary tales, or if movie-makers actually think they’re churning out feel-good action flicks.

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*April fic: kinda sorta? I need to re-read it to see if it’s actually done, or if I just got tired of writing.

*turtle door art: SUCCESS


[Note: I totally couldn’t figure out the first set of instructions. I wound up using these instead, but I think it came out well!]

*vacuuming: achieved!

*prepared for the week ahead? well, more than yesterday, at least

*also, just watched ‘Stardust,’ thanks to a particularly funny ‘the new Daredevil vs Superman movie looks great’ post on my tumblr dash, and I thought it was surprisingly adorable!

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So, to be fair, I fast-forwarded through a lot of this movie. Enough to get an hour and forty-seven minute movie down to about an hour and fifteen minutes.

My reactions:

1. Hugh Grant’s character in this movie is an enormous asshole. I found it difficult to build any kind of sympathy or positive feeling for him as he made the *difficult personal journey* towards gaining… just, like, a basic level of human decency and being a contributing member of a community?

2. I think this movie would have been 8000% better if it had been about his agent instead.

3. Somehow, in the midst of all that, there actually were some things I really liked about writing and story-telling.

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So I watched the pilot episode for the Daredevil netflix series. It was okay. Kind of bleak, I thought.

(It is possible I am overly influenced by Dardevil’s appearance(s) in Spiderman: The Animated Series, which I watched an awful lot of in the 1990s. He was somewhat less than charming towards Spiderman.)

The new series is supposed to be part of the official MCU, and references the Battle of New York and everything, but focused heavily on all the bad stuff — sinister criminals, really seriously villainous villain-types. And I’m not really sure what Daredevil’s whole deal is in the show.

Lawyer by day, vigilante by night, I get it (although, when does he sleep? he seems to have more than 24 hours in his day). But why? I’m not convinced that one person can take on a crime syndicate (even one person who’s pretending to be two people). And why the solo act? There’s like a billion powered-up individuals floating around New York who’d be happy to help serve up some justice.

(He kind of just seems like a very angry person to me, but I’m not sure that viciously beating up low-level thugs actually makes anything better, and I don’t think it makes him a hero.)

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Sleepy Hollow is back! I have actually only seen the season opener, because I haven’t been keeping up. (The second ep should be up on Hulu by now; it’s on my list of things to see, at some point.)

Anyway, the point is: tumblr has shown me pictures of the new character Nick Hawley, and all I could think was, “RJ? Is that you?”

There were some serious Power Rangers Jungle Fury flashbacks, is what I’m saying, to the point where I actually checked actor names. (Not the same person. I think it’s the shirt. And the expression. Possibly the hair.)

Basically I just figured any time you can get a Power Rangers reference worked into the daily blog, why not go for it?

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Watched the Opening Ceremonies last night. They were long. I was glad the athletes got to sit down. The commercials made me cry (like eight times!).

But the reward for getting through to the end was a very pretty music video montage (prepared by NBC, I assume, it wasn’t actually part of the ceremony). And it was set to the song Nothing More, by The Alternate Routes. I liked it!

“Heroes don’t look they used to, they look like you do.”

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Last night I caught up with episode 11 of Sleepy Hollow (the one with the demon possession, somehow I missed that one back in December). And let me just say that the reviews did not do this episode justice.

1. I had not grasped the full measure of Captain Irving’s crazy until I watched him pull a gun inside the station and threaten one of his own officers. (I mean, I feel for the guy, but let’s see some strategy, right?)

2. Poor Jones! How do you *not notice* a dead body on your lawn? Come on! (Although really, don’t go around disrespecting a priest’s salt lines, are you nuts?)

3. The entire reason to watch this show is the characters. The plot’s been done a million times before, but watching Abbie and Jenny and Ichabod crack jokes about wardrobe choices, relative heights, tv remotes, and lock picking is so worth it.

4. I very much enjoy the amount of platonic physical contact in this show. This ep had more hugging! And hand holding!

5. When Cynthia said, “I’m an attorney,” I think I actually did a little dance of victory. (Since that’s the career I was going to make up for her anyway, it’s nice to have some element of it not be completely fabricated!)

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1. I had no idea I could become so frustrated by the DMV when I WASN’T EVEN AT THE DMV.

2. I heard a song on the radio today with only three lines. They went like this, repeated in various combinations.

I could sleep
When I lived alone
Is there a ghost in my house

Apparently, this is a real song, or so the internet informs me. It’s called “Is There A Ghost” by Band of Horses. Naturally, there’s a youtube video. (I didn’t get it.) It’s three minutes long. Inexplicably, I kind of like the song.

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Just re-watched Pacific Rim last night — I didn’t really notice the first time around how much of it is sort of the Stacker-Herc-Tendo show.

Also, can I just say how much I love how they SHOUT THEIR LINES WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM!!!

I mean, sure, the whole “canceling the apocalypse” speech deserved to be at top volume, but there is a lot of shouting going on in this movie. THEY JUST FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THINGS! NOTHING WEIRD ABOUT THAT!

This was a particular favorite:

“Now, we have a choice here. We either sit and wait or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid.”

Except it would probably more accurately be quoted as this:


In conclusion, Pacific Rim was even more fun the second time around.

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Sleepy Hollow (the one with the golem, which Abbie apparently heard about at Sunday school, but I helpfully learned about from fanfic)

*bickering about language #1: Scrooge, Christmas trees, & eggnog

*”You strangled me!” “He means thank you.”

*guest star: Henry! (‘hey, so you don’t have much family, and we don’t either, so we could maybe hang out together’ I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ACTUALLY WORKED)

*bickering about language #2: sex, dating, & crossword puzzles

*Captain Irving and Macey being adorable (“You’re getting hot chocolate, not a puppy.”)

*bickering about language #3: waiting by the car (I guess at least Crane didn’t have an ax this time?)

*”Ah! What hellish form of torment is this?” “Funhouse mirrors.” “When did irony become a national pastime?”

*the Christmas stocking

Really, the key takeaway from this episode was ‘why wasn’t Katrina better at arts and crafts?’ Seriously, she couldn’t have knitted the kid a kitten or something?

Other thoughts: I’m totally willing to go the ‘Jeremy’s not dead’ route. That was the whole point of the crossword misdirection conversation, right?

Quip-Off Tally For The Week:
Neither episode was particularly light-hearted, but Sleepy Hollow did have the benefit of including more Christmas, which I liked. Plus, Sleepy Hollow took two extremely creepy concepts (circuses, dolls coming to life) and made them not very scary, while Almost Human took a not not too scary concept (cloning) and made it super creepy. Sleepy Hollow comes out the winner for the week in my book.

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No light count tonight — I was worried about black ice so I took a different route home than usual. And thanks to a late work dinner Monday night, I missed Monday night tv. Tonight I watched Almost Human (the one with the psychic and the clones). Tomorrow will be Sleepy Hollow, for the final quip-victory decision.

Almost Human

*Finally it’s Dorian who’s late!

*”I have no privacy and they glare at me with their lifeless eyes! I’m miserable!”

*car conversation #1 (talking about sex, Dorian twitting John about dating)

*whoa, whoa, look! LORNE!!! HI EVAN / NICK!!!

*Valerie’s MX keeping her updated on the score

*Rudy and Dorian being friends.

*car conversation #2 (“Tell me about it,” red is the color of apples and Christmas)

*John keeping Dorian in the car so he wouldn’t get shot (and then getting out of the car himself)

*”Did Dorian just flip that van?”

Conclusion: Every time they get in the car, it’s gold. Is the show really setting them up to move in together? Because that’s what it seems like to me.

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Ooh, raising the stakes this week. Almost Human got off to a very strong start when Dorian got John to eat a live bug. That’s some quality partnership fodder right there.

However, the side by side comparison was thwarted! Sleepy Hollow was a rerun. (Though I think the post-its would give live bug eating a run for its money.)

A few more points of interest from Almost Human:

1. This is why you should attend those inter-precinct softball games.

2. Apparently Dorian can turn off everything that connects him to the department. (Really?)

3. And apparently you can purchase DRN units on the black market. (Really?!)

4. AND apparently Rudy subscribes to the Velveteen Rabbit theory when it comes to bots: if you love them enough, they become real. (WHAT EVEN IS THIS SHOW ABOUT?)

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Monday night brought two new eps (Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow) that I didn’t watch right away, since clearly Dancing With The Stars took up all my early-in-the-week viewing energy. (It was the finale!)

Both shows have essentially the same premise: Cop with troubled past suddenly gets an unusual partner. Together, they fight crime and trade quips while battling a *mysterious* larger danger.

And so: a quip-off. Let the quippiest episode reign supreme!

1. Car bickering vs. MacDonalds bickering

2. Stair climbing phone answering vs. “not to be an alarmist” haunted house team-up

3. Stair climbing ice fishing story vs. who goes first down the creepy staircase debate

4. Bubble gum brain surgery vs. stolen gun return

5. Elevator heart to heart vs. baby heart to heart

6. Busting in to the rescue vs. busting out the flares

7. Noodles invite vs. Thanksgiving dinner invite

8. Name calling vs. drinking rum together

Sleepy Hollow gets a few bonus points because more people were involved in the sass-fest (Jenny, Captain Irving, Macy), but overall winner for the week is Almost Human!

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“Last I heard, he was dead.”
“Rules on that status have gotten a little bendy.”
“He’s… unhappily resurrected.”
-Captain Irving / Abbie / Crane

*The FIST BUMP. I heart it.

*Jenny: “That’s why I wasn’t worried.”

*Captain Irving’s recurring ‘you have *got* to be kidding me’ face is A+ awesome.

*One word: GENERATORS.

*Can you even imagine the reports Captain Irving is writing at this point? ‘Posted a bunch of officers to guard entrances to secret tunnels. Because reasons.’

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Things I could have done this morning before work:
*revise my resume
*read something
*eat a healthy breakfast

Things I actually did before work:
*watched Almost Human

[Bonus: my prediction for popular Almost Human fic title: Lead Me In]

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Um, I liked it? I mean, I’ll definitely watch the second episode. But it was very full of plot. (And shooting.)

Here’s the thing, when it comes to tv, I’ve been watching two shows recently. Dancing With the Stars (zero plot, everyone actually can be a winner in terms of the PR boost) and — somewhat reluctantly — Sleepy Hollow. (There’s a plot, but it’s not exactly worrisome, right? Seven episodes, seven wins. And so far it’s getting less scary, not more scary, which is perfect. It’s less ‘horrible apocalypse that destroys everything you love’ and more ‘how to handle the 21st century while occasionally fighting supernatural bad guys.’)

And with movies, mostly I watch stuff I’ve already seen. (Just rewatched ‘Meet the Robinsons.’ Much better the second time through!)

Basically, I don’t love being surprised. Or in suspense. Or worried. So even though I thought Almost Human was a good show, I’m not sure I’ll like it. (Then again, I was way more negative than that about Sleepy Hollow, and here we are.)

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Just finished my re-watch of Iron Man Armored Adventures (for fic writing purposes).

[I love how people switch back and forth between code names and first names. I love how Gene falls back into teamwork so easily with Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey. I love how excited Nick Fury is about an alien invasion. And I love that after Gene tries to take over the world, gets blown up on an alien ship, and disappears with ten rings powerful enough to destroy a planet, everyone's just all 'hey, that's cool, he probably wants to do his own thing for a while, no problem.']

“Man, am I ever tired of hearing ‘I rule this’ or ‘I’m all powerful.’ Blah, blah, blah.”


“I hope they’re the good guys, ‘cause a glue arrow ain’t gonna take care of this one.”


“What a great way to spend my 18th birthday.”
“Don’t say I never got you anything.”
“Can I return it?”

-Tony, Gene

“Eat molten plasma, alien scum! I’ve always wanted to say that.”


“If there’s one thing I love to break, it’s giant robots.”


“Okay, that was stupid. But it looked awesome, right?”


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