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Spent two excellent days hiking, managed not to hurt myself any more than a bruise where my pack shoulder strap rubs my collarbone. No rain = success at a higher level than anyone expected!

The things I apparently think are most important to do upon the return from said trip:

1. Hang up anything wet; it’s not going in the laundry till tomorrow morning.

2. Retrieve cat. (He is happy at home and happy here, but the transitions are less fun. Luckily it’s not a long trip. He is now resting happily on the sofa on one of his many blankets.)

3. Write a post about it, of course!

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1. Summer foods consumed: popsicles, ice cream, hot dogs, food truck bbq: check!

1a. Summer foods yet to be consumed: maybe some kind of iced coffee drink?

2. Summer plants: still alive!

2a. Summer plants admission: I’ve actually swapped out two of the originals for coleus cuttings.

3. Summer activities: just did a fun google search on the difference between walking and hiking, and there are some strong opinions out there. Anyway, some of that.

3a. Summer activities yet to come: Eclipse!2017, heck yeah!

4. Summer hours at work: a dumb idea, but does give us something new to talk about.

4a. Summer work event to come: the company-wide meeting with food and “team-building activities.” This year’s theme is “Survivor.” Foreshadowing, or just poor planning?

5. Summer weather: it sure is summer out there!

5a. Summer weather update: the weather at this exact moment is actually amazingly nice; kudos to you, nature!

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Jun. 26th, 2017 07:09 am
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Gosh, it sure is Monday today. Would you look at that. Who would have thought.

some more random thoughts for the day:

*If your workplace is giving you July 4th off (Tuesday) but not the 3rd, today’s a great day to start complaining about it, if you haven’t already.

*How did I not notice that Billy is wearing Jason’s color in the final scene of the Power Rangers movie?

*After bargaining away nearly all of my usual blankets to the cat, cooler temps last night led me to add one of the sofa blankets to my bed, and I did not realize how amazing that would be.

*Why is driving a car so hard?

*I really hope I like Pacific Rim 2.

*The cat has an innate talent for walking across the keyboard and opening itunes. Once he managed to start a movie. I think my computer may like the cat more than it likes me.

*Yes, it’s still Monday.

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Given these two factors:

1. My workplace may or may not be moving an additional 30 minutes further away.

2. My job may or may not be slowly driving me around the bend.

I am currently looking at other options. Sadly, rich eccentric is still off the table. However:

1. Job hunting is basically awful.

2. It turns out I actually think *every* employer is willing to screw over their employees, I just think some of them do it more deliberately than others.

On the plus side, the sun is finally coming out after two days of rain, which is:

1. Astonishingly beautiful.

2. Hopefully going to provide a bonus mood bump.

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Work Wednesday! As in, I will be at work today! Working!

Yeah, not much excitement on the work front this week. The boss is interviewing for some new team members, which is one of those things that always makes me glad I’m not the boss.

Also I slept in a little this morning, so I’m feeling a little discombobulated by the whole timeline of the day. Am I early? Am I late? Why does my computer tell me when my phone is ringing? WHAT’S HAPPENING?

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Apr. 11th, 2017 06:13 am
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This weekend I was walking in my local state park, as one does, and I happened along a sign. (Usually a good indication I’m on a Real Trail, aka Not Lost, and so a cause for celebration.) It looked like this:

Things I would expect to see on a sign warning me to watch out for stuff:

1. snowmobile

2. ATV

3. snowmobile

Not — whatever that is. I have no idea what that picture is even meant to depict. A plow on tank treads? Anyway, I didn’t see anything like that, but I was *definitely* watching for it!

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I just checked my FICO score. (Trivia fact google has just taught me: FICO stands for “Fair Isaac Corporation.” Would not have guessed that in a billion years.)

This is not a thing I had on my to-do list for today, or even woke up and decided to do. But I have a credit card that sends me these emails every so often that say “Your credit score has changed,” and I feel like I should go look at it, just on the off chance that it reveals some kind of information I didn’t already know.

So I got one of those emails, and first I had to dig out my log in information, and then I looked at the score for a few minutes, and dutifully read the little explanations of “things impacting your score.” And I looked at the graph showing my score history, and then I decided I’d done my adulting duty for the day and left.

I’d say it must be time to go back to bed after that achievement, but I actually just got up. Maybe I should check my blood pressure next, just to really lock in my grown-up badge for the day.

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Nothing I like more than risking my life on snow-covered roads so I can get yelled at by strangers on the telephone!

Wait, no. Swap out ‘more’ for ‘less’ and it would be a more accurate statement.

On a somewhat related note, here’s an exchange I’ve had multiple times that continues to baffle me:

Caller: “So I can take this without food?”
Me: “Yes.”
Caller: “But if I wanted to take it with food, can I do that?”
Me: “Yes.”
Caller: “Would a few crackers be enough?”
Me: “…Yes.”

Zero crackers would be enough! Therefore, logically speaking, any number of crackers greater than zero would *also* be enough!

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Some good things:

*walked my first 5K (and bounced my second!)
*explored the local state park
*went back to the mountains

Some milestones:

*first car wash
*first mattress purchase
*first trip to Florida

Some movies:

*Star Wars (two of them!)
*Star Trek Beyond

Some stuff I learned:

*stickers are surprisingly motivating for me
*I am more likely to have fun reaching a set point by exceeding a moderate goal than falling short of an ambitious goal
*I have no idea what I’m doing, and that is far less uncommon than I once thought

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My goal for this year was 366 posts (leap year!). I missed three days in August (hiking!), and then two in November (Florida vacation!), all of which were made up for by double-post-days during nanowrimo. (Word count updates, ILU.)

Total posts: 364 as of today, but I have two more written and ready to go for Friday and Saturday!

First post:
(January 1, 2016)

It’s officially been 2016 for more than 9 hours here! So far I am doing awesome with my goal to sleep more — I was asleep for at least seven of those hours!

Random post:
(from April 2nd, talking about the new bathroom signs at work)

I would say thank goodness the person without triangles makes it clear that bringing an accessory isn’t a requirement, but based on the hand positioning, it’s entirely possible they’re bringing in the tractor, so who knows.

Goal for 2017:

365 posts? I don’t know, the once a day thing is kind of nice.

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Going with an approximation on this one, I’ll say about 1500 pictures. (Some of the pictures on my phone weren’t taken by me, not sure how to count those…)

Most Common Subject: cat!

Kismet, such a star <3

Most Pictures in One Day: Florida!


Randomly Selected Photo*:

Also Florida!

[*Used a random number generator based on the iphoto number of the first picture of the year and the last. Which — would have been a way easier way to estimate the number of total pictures than what I actually did.]

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310 pinboard tags this year! Approximately. I mean, a lot of those were non-fic-related — recipes, and wishlist things, and just general helpful links.

(Seriously, it looks like I should go back to January and just start re-reading. Look at all those Star Wars cuties!)

Let’s see, in an entirely unscientific survey, the fic links appear to have the following rough breakdown:

A Lot Of:
Star Wars

A Surprising Amount Of:
Fantastic 4 / Spiderman
Harry Potter

Timely Cameos By:

Classic Standbys:
Teen Wolf
Star Trek

Where Did This Come From:

As far as I can tell, my top tag is “AU.” Not shocking.

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An easy one! I only wrote two fics this year: the Star Wars story that wouldn’t end, and my nanowrimo story.

1. This Family Just Keeps On Getting Bigger, by marcicat

Summary: Han shows up as a ghost, and starts to realize he missed a lot more than he thought in those fifteen years he was rattling around the galaxy.

“Han Solo!” she exclaimed, just like the old days. “And guest,” she added, frowning at Ben. “And guest of guest,” she said finally, switching her gaze to Phasma. “You, I think, have better things to do. You can go.”

2. Downtime Curve, by marcicat

Summary: After the world is saved, what happens next?

“We’re ready enough, because we’re here, and there’s things to be done, and we’ll take it one second at a time until we can take it a minute at a time, and we’ll work our way back up. What else is there?”

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Every once in a while I start thinking back about things I remember from elementary school, and one of them is the logo turtle. I mean, mostly I remember eating chewy granola bars and that I had a shirt with little ties in the front, but it was definitely associated with learning the logo turtle.

(Apparently we were learning programming? I — don’t actually think that part stuck for me. But the logo turtle was a very spatial thing, and I was never all that good at shapes. I still can only do the most basic of those ‘what shape would this make if you folded up this cutout thing’ questions.)

Anyway, for anyone else with fond memories of drawing squares and changing the line color, you can do that online now!

Online Logo

(Some fun code in the comments, too!)

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That’s right, the time has come. After having zero plot and virtually no coherent storyline for 46,000 words, it’s finally time to admit that nothing is going to change in the last 4,000.

No lightning bolt of inspiration is going to pull everything together into a thrilling plot twist. No last-minute problem is going to occur that requires a dashing eleventh-hour rescue.

No, they’re going to eat breakfast. It will be a beautifully sunny July day, and nothing much will happen. Based on the preceding content, characters will spend that 4,000 words shrugging, nodding, and shaking their heads, all while leaning against things and talking about their feelings.

And so, with that acknowledgement out of the way, let’s get it done!

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Since I don’t want to think about work right now, how about a list of things that are awesome today that have nothing to do with work:

1. fall leaves
2. caffeinated beverages
3. candles
4. indoor plants that have lived for 17 days!
5. 92.5 The River
6. the ‘hold my flower’ meme
7. cats
8. finding recipes on the internet
9. finding everything on the internet
10. not everything has to be an even number
11. sometimes primes are the way to go

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Last weekend when I totally did not get lost walking around the state park, the path I was on took me up a mountain. Now, the trouble with low-ish mountains in wooded areas is that it’s kind of hard to know when you’ve reached the top. After walking for a while, I reached a sort of clearing, and there were a few of those geological marker things and a clever sign:


It says “WELCOME TO THE SUMMIT” with a smiley face. Whether I had actually reached the summit wasn’t hugely important, since I was on a loop trail — it wasn’t like I was waiting for the summit to turn around or anything. So I had a snack, and kept going.

About fifteen minutes later (let the record show there *was* a slight downward sloping-ness to the trail), I came upon a nice overlook occupied by what seemed to be a troop of Boy Scouts. And the troop leader says to them, “Congratulations, you’ve now reached the top of the mountain!”

Now, it’s entirely possible that he was correct. It was a much more impressive stopping point than the one I’d found, at least in terms of view. (No sweet sign, though.) But from the little I overheard, it sounded like they were planning to go back the way they’d come up, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have just been 10,000% done with hiking with a group of young boys and ready to call it a day.

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I am not great at maps. But yesterday I managed to navigate multiple trails using one! (The trails were very well marked.)

I did not get lost, and armed only with my map and a catchy tune I made up along the way (a tune I called “I’d Really Like To See a White Blaze Right Now” — that is also the only line), I made a full loop and wound up back where I’d started. (On purpose!)

So that’s a successful Sunday navigation in the books. ::relieved sigh:: ::quietly high fives a million angels::

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Work’s annual ‘let’s all get together and talk about stuff, but we’ll hold the meeting off-site so it will seem cool and fun’ event happened yesterday. At an amusement park.

If you can imagine sitting at a picnic table listening to an explanation of projected revenue with a backdrop of people shrieking on a rollercoaster, all in 90F degree heat, that’s exactly what it was!

I don’t want to say it was un-fun, but I would call it a mixed bag. The amusement park overall — the same one I visited on a field trip as a senior in high school! — had a slightly creepy sense of sameness to it, despite many of the rides and attractions being different. It was fun, yes, but I wasn’t about to wander off on my own.

On the plus side, I was very pleased that no one gave me a hard time about my ‘nothing haunted and no rollercoasters where you go upside down’ stance on rides. Thanks, team!

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AC update

Jul. 9th, 2016 08:43 am
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On Wednesday, I called the apartment office number and left a message that went something like this: ‘So, my air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working… not an emergency, I should have checked it earlier, seriously not a big deal as there are no infants or elderly people here… let me know when someone might be able to look at it and if I need to be here.’

On Thursday I got a return message that went like this: ‘Ha ha such a kidder of course no AC is an emergency, someone will be there Friday afternoon to take care of it, I’ll leave the AC on afterwards so you’ll come home to a nice cool apartment, good to go.’

Which would have been super nice had Friday been 95F degrees, but it was actually more like 70F. And I wasn’t sure if the AC *had* to be left on, like when you jump your car battery and you’re supposed to let it run for a while (clearly I know nothing about either air conditioning or cars). And I didn’t want to seem ungrateful that they were fixing it right away! So I left a note saying thank you, and that there was really no need for the AC on Friday but I was sure I’d appreciate it next week.

Got back at 9:15 last night, 64F degrees outside, AC running full blast inside. Upside: at least I know it’s working!

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