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Looking ahead, next Saturday is a 5K, and the Saturday after that I will be on the AWESOME FLORIDA TRIP. Both of which I am super excited about! But it also means that today -- a totally regular, no events planned Saturday -- takes on a special glow as well.

What shall I do today? So many chores! (Not cooking; that's tomorrow. But I will clean things! And check things! And maybe do some trip prep!)

((Also I should go to the grocery store. This will... probably happen. I give it 70/30 odds.))

so me

Oct. 17th, 2017 06:55 am
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other person: "Bringing a positive mindset to everything is so important! I'd like for you to be more positive, because it's changed my life so much!"

me: "Wow, sounds great!"

also me: [immediately plans entire 50,000 word nanowrimo novel about how important it is to recognize and respect the "negative" emotions and how dangerous it is to ignore them]
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(*clearly the friend is me)

How early is Too Early to start eating the Halloween candy I bought? It's just sitting there on the counter. Temptingly.

I'm pretty sure I have way more than enough to cover any potential neighbors-who-wander-by on the night of trick or treat, which means there will be plenty left over. The question is, can I eat leftover candy before it's actually left over?

These are complex issues for me on a Monday morning. Probably I should just put the candy away somewhere out of sight and ignore it for a week. Future me can deal with this later!
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We've moved on to an OTC spot-on flea treatment. (I felt like any progress I was making through alternative methods was largely illusory, and it had reached the point where I thought his quality of life was being impacted. Increasing the use of natural treatments had its own risks with less expectation of success.)

After much research, I went with Advantage II, although I got the one for the weight class under his. (He's pretty close to the borderline, and I figured being a senior cat was enough to tip him over.)

It's been over 24 hours, and so far he has shown no ill effects. And it's definitely working. Right now I'm washing all of our stuff (again), and then I'll move on to vacuuming everything (also again). Meanwhile, he seems much more comfortable.

It suddenly seems possible that the flea saga of 2017 is drawing to a close. That would make me so, so happy.
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My cat has fleas. Ugh. I don't even want to type it, but it's true. Not guessing -- I pulled four off him this morning.

I have serious concerns about where he picked them up -- he's an indoor cat in a second floor apartment, seriously, I did not think fleas were going to be an issue. Not sure if the possibility of them coming from someone else's apartment is reassuring (not my fault! ultimately meaningless but a load off my mind!) or awful (doesn't matter how good a job I do eliminating them in here if they're just migrating from elsewhere).

I also have serious concerns about treating them -- it's really hard to convince myself to use a collar or drops that have reviews that include 'my cat almost died when I put this on them.' Cats are basically mysterious furry aliens, their bodies are totally wacky and unpredictable. Also, he's seventeen years old, so I'm already babying his kidneys and liver as much as possible.

Right now I'm using diatomaceous earth and visualization. (Not kidding. It can't hurt, right?) We're in that stage where I alternate between thinking 'yeah, I think this is really working' and 'everything is a disaster and it's definitely not working.' So, I have no idea.

The only positive of the situation is that the cat is loving all of the extra attention. Combing, patting, kitty massage -- basically my every waking moment is spent thinking about the cat or doing something for him. Just as he likes it!
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Yesterday a coworker told me that there is such a thing as Thin Mint Cereal. I was skeptical, but apparently this is true. Much more importantly, it reminded me of a Very Important Thing: there was a box of Thin Mints tucked away in my freezer!

I put them there in the spring, and then -- in the way of freezer things -- forgot all about them. UNTIL YESTERDAY!

(It's possible that was the best thing that happened to me yesterday. Definitely in the top five.)
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I have A Number Of Things I'd like to get done today. Luckily, I'm at the start of the chore week, which means I can do the easy stuff and still get the satisfaction of crossing something off the list. (Not really luck -- totally on purpose, because if you can work with your brain's quirks instead of against them, why not go for it?)

Still, it's a lot for one list. Which is why I have three lists instead! (I like lists? I have no excuse.) There's the 'stuff that happens every day or every couple days so I should really do it today or tomorrow' list, the 'stuff that I want to do at some point this week, and getting it done this weekend would be convenient but not necessary,' and the 'the month is changing and that means there's some other stuff I should do, some of which is time sensitive and some which is not' list.

And then I just -- rotate between the lists. Or, occasionally, ignore the lists completely and spend the weekend reading fanfic, but since that was last weekend, I'm probably good for another few weeks.
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Adventure Week rolls on — it’s not really a week in terms of matching up with a calendar week, but it started yesterday and goes through Wednesday, and calling it Adventure Week sounds cooler than ‘five consecutive days of doing stuff.’

Day 1: Bounce House Obstacle Course 5K (it’s actually called the “insane inflatable 5K,” but I like mine better) — achieved! And with minimal injury! (Just a little scrape near my elbow, which is Exhibit A in the ‘wearing a long-sleeve shirt and then pushing the sleeves up does not provide the protection you were hoping for’ lesson.)

Day 2: Final packing for the hike. And maybe a nap? (It’s important to have quiet time built into adventures, right?)

Day 3 & 4: Hiking.

Day 5: Rest & recover day. Laundry. Apologize to the cat for being away. Award myself some serious stickers for all that adventuring.

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Vacuuming is possibly my least favorite chore -- somehow it always takes up far more brain real estate than it really seems to need, and it looms on the to-do list. (Maybe because it's noisy? Or possibly because even once it's done, it's not really finished, because then you still have to empty the vacuum and wonder if you should be doing a better job cleaning the little filter thing?)

Anyway, sometimes I manage to get the vacuuming done EARLY, as in BEFORE THE WEEKEND, and it always feels like a major victory. Which is to say, I vacuumed last night after work, and now the weekend stretches before me like a vast swath of freedom. What shall I do this weekend? Could be anything! The vacuuming is done!
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1. physical recovery time

Between allergies and some foot pain that can probably be pinned on over-exercising, taking a holiday weekend of inaction seemed like a good bet.

2. increased willingness to go back to work

I stayed in a lot, took three(!) naps, and read approximately a zillion words of fanfic. But it was perfect, because it didn’t *feel* boring until about 8 pm on Monday night, which is perfect timing for a return to work on Tuesday.

3. cat bonding time

If we’re taking weather cues from cat fur, it’s going to be a cold winter. On the other hand, he doesn’t even go outside, so what would he know?

4. could have come up with clever journal posts

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

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nap weekend

Sep. 4th, 2017 08:04 am
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So far I’ve taken a nap on Saturday *and* Sunday. Hoping for a three-peat today!

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Living the short hair life:

1. Wake up to hair Doing A Thing. Stare at mirror, thinking ‘but I didn’t even sleep on that side.’

2. Ignore it until it’s too late to shower.

3. Get hair wet, brush it, cross fingers.

4. Hair dries looking exactly the same.

5. Add gel so it looks like you did it on purpose. Admit nothing.

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Day 1

Aug. 20th, 2017 05:39 am
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Eclipse!trip 2017 is underway! (I mean, as I type this I’m not actually traveling anywhere. But I will be!)

Now it’s time for those pesky last minute questions:

*What did I forget to pack? (There’s always something.)

*How many times will I check to make sure I have my wallet and phone in my bag?

*Do I have enough snacks?

*How much time should I plan for to track down the cat when he “mysteriously disappears” right when it’s time to get in his carrier?

*Will the plants ever get watered?

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This week we received an apartment announcement that says, in part:

“This Thursday between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm the water will be off for about 3 hours. We don’t have an exact time for when it will be off so plan accordingly.”

And my reactions were as follows:

1. It’s pretty clever that we get announcements by having a piece of paper tucked into the door frame. Guaranteed to reach people, with no immediate feedback mechanism. Impressive!

2. I appreciate the heads up, despite not doing any actual planning.

3. I’m sure upgrading the water backflow system is important, although I have no idea what that is.

4. I’d guess that “plan accordingly” is the landlord version of “please advise,” which is an oft-used phrase at my workplace that indicates “this is your problem now.”

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1. Summer foods consumed: popsicles, ice cream, hot dogs, food truck bbq: check!

1a. Summer foods yet to be consumed: maybe some kind of iced coffee drink?

2. Summer plants: still alive!

2a. Summer plants admission: I’ve actually swapped out two of the originals for coleus cuttings.

3. Summer activities: just did a fun google search on the difference between walking and hiking, and there are some strong opinions out there. Anyway, some of that.

3a. Summer activities yet to come: Eclipse!2017, heck yeah!

4. Summer hours at work: a dumb idea, but does give us something new to talk about.

4a. Summer work event to come: the company-wide meeting with food and “team-building activities.” This year’s theme is “Survivor.” Foreshadowing, or just poor planning?

5. Summer weather: it sure is summer out there!

5a. Summer weather update: the weather at this exact moment is actually amazingly nice; kudos to you, nature!

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I am Not Great at crisis thinking. As in: Monday night, an electrical outlet in my apartment started making noise. It was that alarming crackling static sound that immediately makes you think ‘is that catching on fire?’

And there’s me, staring at it like that’s going to do anything (a watched outlet never ignites?) and wondering if you can use water on an electrical fire. (PS: not recommended)

It only lasted a short time — maybe ten seconds — and then the noise stopped and my post-crisis brain kicked in. Circuit breaker turned off, outlet not hot to the touch, googled ‘electrical outlet made weird noise,’ left message at apartment office about the problem.

Now I am waiting for my electrician appointment, and feeling grateful that the problem outlet is not on a circuit with anything too important.

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Explored some nearby walking trails this weekend! SO MANY MOSQUITOES. SO MANY. I used two kinds of bug repellent and wore long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, which helped a lot. (As in, still tons of bugs, but it didn’t feel like I was constantly under siege.)

And every so often I’d hit a part of the trail where there was a breeze, and birds singing, and sun on the trees, and it was just — amazing.

The boulder was a bit disappointing, but I did get to walk on a trail called “The Driftway” to see it. And I did not get lost! (Well. I did not get lost more than once. Which is good for me!)

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Things I have done while trying to figure out what to post today:

1. read a Supergirl fic

2. checked tumblr

3. checked facebook

4. read a chapter update on a WIP Avengers AU fic

5. deleted three ad emails

6. made my bed

7. took my vitamins

8. checked the directions for my walking adventure today

9. moved the plants back into the sun

10. read an article about grocery stores

At this point it’s basically a life strategy. Plan to do something, procrastinate, get bored with procrastinating, get some other stuff done, write about procrastinating, call it a day.

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My life as a rebel and a rule-breaker: today I put in a load of laundry 20 minutes before “quiet hours” officially end!

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fleece time

May. 4th, 2017 06:50 am
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Yesterday at work I actually said to someone, “I don’t have a bathrobe. I have a home fleece.”

Which made perfect sense to me! (Maybe not to them? IDK, who can tell?)

But then I got to thinking, and I thought I should celebrate ALL my fleeces!

*the home fleece — for when I walk in after work and it’s a bit chilly; acceptable substitute for blankets when I have to get out of bed in the morning; the *most* cat fur

*the work fleece — lives at work for times when extra coziness or warmth is needed; lifesaver when I spill something on my shirt; can’t bring it home (see: cat fur)

*the car fleece — for when it was hot before, but now it’s cold and the car fleece is all warm from the sun; safety fleece

*the winter pajama fleece — because it’s cold in the winter; my most well-loved fleece of all time; shows up in a bunch of pictures of me because the benefit of wearing regular clothes as pajamas is that you can wear your pajamas all day and it looks like regular clothes!

*the 3-season pajama fleece — for when it’s not winter anymore but still not quite t-shirt-all-the-time weather

Basically fleece is The Best, and since it is sadly frowned upon to bring a cozy blanket everywhere on the off chance you might get to take a nap, a fleece is a perfectly stealthy alternative!

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