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Back to work! That sure will be something.

I’ve already done a quick check of my work emails — always a toss-up whether that’s a good idea or not. On the negative side, it tends to ramp up my stress about work things at a time when there’s nothing I can do about it. On the positive side, I’ve gotten in trouble at work before for “expressing strong feelings” when reading my emails, so at least this way I won’t have to have A Conversation with my boss about my reactions.

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This is pretty much how my brain always works when I’m doing something (anything, really, but it’s much more noticeable when it’s something new):

1. “Oh yeah, I got this.”

2. “Definitely don’t have this. What was I thinking?”

3. “This is going to be awesome!”


5. repeat, on infinite loop

I mean, the good thing about it is that because it’s so predictable, I can usually work with it and/or let it run in the background, while I do other stuff. Plus the odd numbers feel great.

Onwards with Adventure Week!

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1. Summer foods consumed: popsicles, ice cream, hot dogs, food truck bbq: check!

1a. Summer foods yet to be consumed: maybe some kind of iced coffee drink?

2. Summer plants: still alive!

2a. Summer plants admission: I’ve actually swapped out two of the originals for coleus cuttings.

3. Summer activities: just did a fun google search on the difference between walking and hiking, and there are some strong opinions out there. Anyway, some of that.

3a. Summer activities yet to come: Eclipse!2017, heck yeah!

4. Summer hours at work: a dumb idea, but does give us something new to talk about.

4a. Summer work event to come: the company-wide meeting with food and “team-building activities.” This year’s theme is “Survivor.” Foreshadowing, or just poor planning?

5. Summer weather: it sure is summer out there!

5a. Summer weather update: the weather at this exact moment is actually amazingly nice; kudos to you, nature!

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Jul. 18th, 2017 08:34 am
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You know that funny meme that I can’t find right now about the bird that wakes up and thinks ‘what a beautiful day — you know what would make it even better? SCREAMING’

Not only is that a perfect description of my own personal feelings about today, it also matches what the actual birds outside my window are doing!


[Note: This led to a fascinating google thread about why parrots scream, and — if one is to extrapolate to one’s own self — I should follow this simple advice: 1) give myself rewards when I’m not screaming; 2) make sure to touch base frequently with my flock so I know they haven’t gone off without me; 3) identify frightening things in my environment and deal with them as needed; 4) if all else fails, cover myself with a blanket and go back to sleep.]


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After my failed attempt in December to interview my way into a new job (within the same company I work at now), I am now trying a new technique: go do fill-in work for other departments and hope one of them likes me. The language around the plan was a little more professional than that when my boss and I hashed it out, but that’s basically it.

I had my first ‘go help out somewhere else’ day yesterday, and I thought it went okay. The person in charge said maybe six sentences to me, and the person who showed me what to do was not at all fooled when I pretended I knew how to do a vlookup in excel. But they said I can come back on Thursday, so there’s that.

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Big meeting today! (Big, not necessarily important. Always hard to tell with these things.)

Good news: It’s not happening in the middle of a snowstorm! (That was 2015.)

Neutral news: We are (probably) not going to get free sweatpants this year! (That was 2016 — they’re actually pretty comfy, but were not a popular giveaway company-wide.)

Bad news: Almost every aspect of this meeting is meant to be “a fun surprise.” (I hate surprises.)

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Current nanowrimo word count: 15,907

On track goal of the day: 20,000

Personal goal of the day: 18,334

Last Saturday I managed 2000 words before 6 pm, so I can totally do that today too, right? I mean, sure, most of that day was lazing around a hotel room, but I must have done other things too. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t. Unless eating candy counts as something.)

[Note: Last sentence written: “You’re doing fine.” That’s right, I’m using my own novel to give myself a pep talk!]

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Current word count: 12,004


Actual word count goal for day 10: 16,667

Personal word count goal for day 10: 13,871

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Disney day!

Nov. 4th, 2016 05:32 am
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Headed to Epcot. Florida v. fun. Currently ignoring my nano novel.


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Since I don’t want to think about work right now, how about a list of things that are awesome today that have nothing to do with work:

1. fall leaves
2. caffeinated beverages
3. candles
4. indoor plants that have lived for 17 days!
5. 92.5 The River
6. the ‘hold my flower’ meme
7. cats
8. finding recipes on the internet
9. finding everything on the internet
10. not everything has to be an even number
11. sometimes primes are the way to go

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Apr. 12th, 2016 07:03 am
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It’s raining. Still raining. After today it’s supposed to be sunny, but that’s less encouraging than I’d like it to be at this exact moment.

Things to *are* encouraging:

*full spectrum light!


*cozy sweatshirt!

*hot shower!

*singalong car tunes!

*remembering to put tea in my bag for work!

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I think I should just take every Wednesday off from work. Also, it’s raining.

Random Work Story Because It’s Wednesday:

Yesterday when I got home from work, I had a headache, which I 100% blamed on having an extra cup of coffee after 4 pm. ‘I knew this would happen,’ I told myself, ‘and I still did it.’ It wasn’t until I was climbing into bed that I thought, ‘WAIT! I *didn’t* have an extra cup of coffee! I was going to, but [blah blah blah] wound up having caffeine-free tea instead! HA! Take that!’

Of course, I still had the headache. But I felt somehow vindicated. Not sure why, really, looking back.

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Nov. 29th, 2015 09:02 am
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Current wordcount: 47,504

Current mindset: blargh

Current plan for the last 2500 words: I HAVE NO IDEA SEND HELP

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20,000 day

Nov. 12th, 2015 08:59 am
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Today’s goal is 20,000. I debated for a while on what word to choose to describe my planned efforts for the day. Marathoning to 20,000? Sprinting to 20,000? Limping? Trying? Yoda-ing?

Then I thought maybe I’d better save those words for my novel.

Current word count: 18,504

Last sentence written: “Something sure as hell happened.”

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You know what I need?


You know what this will require?

Leaving the apartment.



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File under: Things I love about my job:

The fact that “secret” things are posted to white boards around the building (in public spaces!), allowing anyone with a slight sense of curiosity and observational skill to know what’s going on in various departments.

(True fact: many projects are not at all secret during their design and development phases; they only *become* secret once they are close to be “revealed” to everyone, and then it becomes this big hush-hush thing. It’s supposed to build excitement, I guess? But I think it’s hilarious — and, okay, slightly insulting, but in a funny way? — when these new project or theme announcements are made, and all of the information was literally posted on a whiteboard six months ago that we all walked by every day to check the mail.)

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1. Surprised by how many things I’ve come up with to do other than the two things ACTUALLY on my to-do list today.

2. Have put away some of the summer clothes and pulled out the cold-weather stuff. Forecast for tomorrow: 78F. Classic.

3. So far no one at work has believed me when I say the reason I only drink coffee at work is because it makes me want to go back on Mondays. And yet…

4. Have done extensive googling on electric stoves. Still not sure whether or not the burners on mine will unplug.

5. With four days left to go in September, it’s only 68F in my apartment. Pretty sure I’m going to lose the “who will turn their heat on last” game at work.

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Ugh. We had crazy tech issues yesterday. About the only thing that *wasn’t* down was the phones — so of course we got plenty of calls, and then had to tell them things like:

“I can’t actually do that right now, but as soon as our system is working again I’ll enter this information and call you back to confirm.”

One of my favorites was someone who was calling in with a credit card number for someone else. I explained what was going on, and they expressed concern that I was going to write down the credit card number on a piece of paper. Apparently that didn’t seem very secure. And I said, ‘Don’t you have it written on a piece of paper right now?’ I tried to make it sound super tactful, but I don’t think it worked.

Second favorite was when I transferred a call across the room just to find a working internet connection. Good times.

Fingers crossed some new workarounds have been set up for today.

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Sometimes there are Thursdays that you wish were Fridays, and since this is one of them for me, here’s an early Friday fic rec:

re: what did I tell you, by lazulisong

(The one where Kate Bishop meets Bucky Barnes while the Avengers fight tentacle monsters.)

Bucky Barnes raises both eyebrows at her. They’re very judgemental eyebrows. Secretly, Kate is a little impressed.

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This, You Protect, by owlet

A post-Cap2 fic in which Bucky’s mission objective switches to protecting Steve. Then he discovers coffee, grilled cheese, and the benefits of befriending old people. Pretty much my favorite fic of the week.

This mission. So disorganized. He’d like to punch a hole in the wall, but sadly, mysterious home damage is incompatible with undetected surveillance. Instead he does the worst thing he can think he’d possibly get away with.

He resets Steve’s ringtone. To the banjo.

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