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It's training week! And meeting day! And Wednesday! (Yeah, basically I'm just writing anything that might make me excited about going to work today.) I'm not *not* excited, but it's chilly and there's frost on the car and the blankets look so warm and inviting...

But I have a plan! The plan is this:

1. Make some tea.

2. Make the bed while tea is steeping, to limit blanket temptation.

3. Hot shower.

4. Get out suitcase for UPCOMING AWESOME FLORIDA TRIP! (Gotta go to work to get closer to the trip!)

5. Set up craft project for tonight/the weekend, depending on time.

And.... Go!

oh, work

Oct. 9th, 2017 07:32 am
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Last week, someone at work said, "I don't think we're going to have a fall this year; it's just going to go right from summer to winter."

I found this statement baffling, but kept my mouth shut because I'm already the "difficult one" at work, and I wasn't willing to make that worse by arguing about weather words. Besides, that's what the internet is for!

So, coworker who was totally wrong about the weather, but still a great person: this *is* fall. And yeah, every year is a little different, but I don't think this one is super weird. We've had cold days and hot days, sunny days and rainy days. The leaves are changing color. It's fall! (My favorite season, so let's not have any more talk about skipping it!)

(PS: In other somewhat humorous work news, we got a policy announcement back in mid-September that may or may not limit our ability to work from home on a non-work computer, among other things. I asked my boss about it. She had not considered this implication. She said she would look into it. I have heard nothing about it since.)
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I have A Number Of Things I'd like to get done today. Luckily, I'm at the start of the chore week, which means I can do the easy stuff and still get the satisfaction of crossing something off the list. (Not really luck -- totally on purpose, because if you can work with your brain's quirks instead of against them, why not go for it?)

Still, it's a lot for one list. Which is why I have three lists instead! (I like lists? I have no excuse.) There's the 'stuff that happens every day or every couple days so I should really do it today or tomorrow' list, the 'stuff that I want to do at some point this week, and getting it done this weekend would be convenient but not necessary,' and the 'the month is changing and that means there's some other stuff I should do, some of which is time sensitive and some which is not' list.

And then I just -- rotate between the lists. Or, occasionally, ignore the lists completely and spend the weekend reading fanfic, but since that was last weekend, I'm probably good for another few weeks.
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::confetti:: After an unusual late September heat wave, I woke up this morning to cooling temps and a fresh breeze. We made it!
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1. cook a bunch of stuff that will be meals for this week

2. ???

3. try not to complain about the weather, even though 90F degrees on September 24th seems Quite Hot

4. go back to sleep

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Not a fic, but an interesting look at how zoos prepare for major storms.

Flamingos In The Men's Room: How Zoos And Aquariums Handle Hurricanes, by Danny Nett

"The AZA-accredited facilities in particular are a very big family," Vernon says. "It's incredible to see people willing to drop everything and come down to Texas and help in any way they need it."
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Somehow, without really noticing or setting out to do so, I have ended up with multiple adventures in the same year. Next up is the September hike, which will hopefully be awesome.

Weather’s been a little extra interesting this summer, so it’s a bit of a toss-up whether we’ll be hot or cold (or both!). I did get this reassuring(?) update this week:

Snow will be a sure sign that we need to turn around.

Yes, yes it will.

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Nashville was HOT. So hot. I crashed hard after the zoo and slept for something like 9 and a half hours. Woke up feeling good, and we did some walking (mostly inside).

(A passing guest took our photo inside, where I look basically awake and like I can handle being a person who does things. Then we meandered outside, and another guest took our picture there — after just a few moments in the heat I am visibly wilted and look like I’m about two minutes from a complete meltdown.)

That was pretty much my pattern for the travel day, actually. I alternated between ‘this is fine, I love everything!’ and ‘I need air conditioning and chocolate or I’m going to freak out just to get out of this line.’ (There were a lot of lines. Huge kudos to starandrea for being so amazing!)

But we arrived safely home (where it is also hot, but not *nearly* as hot as Nashville), now I have a day to recover and dote on the cat before I head back to work on Thursday!

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It’ll be hot today, but out my window I can see a tree already starting to change colors for autumn. The season is signaling transition.

(Also, my boss is on vacation all week. It’s been a rocky start for the stand-in boss, but we’ll see how things progress.)

((Also, we got the first pictures from last week’s company team-building outing, and my hat game was on point. Way to go, past self!))

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I went adventuring to a new park yesterday! Got some sun (contrary to the forecast), got some practice navigating a map that doesn’t match the actual trail system (I was always confident I was on *a* trail, just not always sure *which* trail), and saw a cool sky phenomenon!

Like a rainbow, but not! (Probably cloud iridescence, although I am not ruling out Nature giving me a prize for finding my way back to the starting point of the map.)

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1. Summer foods consumed: popsicles, ice cream, hot dogs, food truck bbq: check!

1a. Summer foods yet to be consumed: maybe some kind of iced coffee drink?

2. Summer plants: still alive!

2a. Summer plants admission: I’ve actually swapped out two of the originals for coleus cuttings.

3. Summer activities: just did a fun google search on the difference between walking and hiking, and there are some strong opinions out there. Anyway, some of that.

3a. Summer activities yet to come: Eclipse!2017, heck yeah!

4. Summer hours at work: a dumb idea, but does give us something new to talk about.

4a. Summer work event to come: the company-wide meeting with food and “team-building activities.” This year’s theme is “Survivor.” Foreshadowing, or just poor planning?

5. Summer weather: it sure is summer out there!

5a. Summer weather update: the weather at this exact moment is actually amazingly nice; kudos to you, nature!

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The cat is cranky. He doesn’t want to sit on my lap, because I’m wearing shorts and he has a thing about it. (Yeah, I can’t explain it — if I put a blanket over my legs he’d be all set, for like the thirty seconds before we both got too hot.)

He doesn’t want to be under anything. He doesn’t want to be on top of anything that’s too cozy. Lying on the tile floor keeps ending up his final option, but his expression makes it clear that he Does Not Want To Be There.

Anyway, I’ve turned on the AC and moved to the floor so that he can sit *next* to me, which is apparently an acceptable option at this point. This was — not my plan for this portion of the morning, but it’s all good. Any temps over 90F degrees create an automatic option to Just Not on any standard daily plans.

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I’m not sure why, exactly, but this month’s weather is hitting all my summer nostalgia buttons. It’s kind of weird and fun all at the same time; I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

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After a few cool and gray days at the end of last week (not unwelcome!), we’re back to sun and summer temps. AND it’s National Ice Cream Day!

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Summer sleeping is so different than winter sleeping. In the winter it’s all layers and blankets and socks and having a warm cocoon till morning, then turning on all the lights to make it seem like daytime even when it’s still dark out.

Summer sleeping is one blanket and no socks and sticking my feet off the side of the bed to catch the breeze, and waking up to birds and wind chimes and kids in the parking lot and sunshine in the window even before it’s time to get up.

Both are good! Just a very different feeling.

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Okay, so last summer was all about the drought, and I think I over-adapted to drought conditions, because I am still seriously confused by what to do with all this humidity.

Me: “It’s 68F degrees, a beautiful cool morning!”

Also me: “…And yet I’m sweating and every time I move I feel like I need to lie down and take a break.”

Me: “But I can see the leaves moving from the breeze! It’s so nice out!”

Also me: “Except that everything is damp and this is awful.”

Basically I have no idea what to do with this weather. A special apology to all my plants; I really am trying my best.

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Given these two factors:

1. My workplace may or may not be moving an additional 30 minutes further away.

2. My job may or may not be slowly driving me around the bend.

I am currently looking at other options. Sadly, rich eccentric is still off the table. However:

1. Job hunting is basically awful.

2. It turns out I actually think *every* employer is willing to screw over their employees, I just think some of them do it more deliberately than others.

On the plus side, the sun is finally coming out after two days of rain, which is:

1. Astonishingly beautiful.

2. Hopefully going to provide a bonus mood bump.

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Explored some nearby walking trails this weekend! SO MANY MOSQUITOES. SO MANY. I used two kinds of bug repellent and wore long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, which helped a lot. (As in, still tons of bugs, but it didn’t feel like I was constantly under siege.)

And every so often I’d hit a part of the trail where there was a breeze, and birds singing, and sun on the trees, and it was just — amazing.

The boulder was a bit disappointing, but I did get to walk on a trail called “The Driftway” to see it. And I did not get lost! (Well. I did not get lost more than once. Which is good for me!)

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Oh frabjous day! The sun is back!

[art by Claire Mohjer]

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