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In this case, it’s going to be the landlord. Not quite as exciting as the ghostbusters, but on the other hand, I’m not really ready for the excitement of a ghost mouse in my wall.

(Honestly, not ready for the excitement of a regular mouse either. But I didn’t get a readiness survey before it moved in, so it may not know that.)

Yes, a mouse has returned. (I hope it’s only one.) I’m not really sure what the landlord can *do* about it, since I don’t think the mouse is entering the wall in my apartment. (I’m on the middle floor, so it could have access above or below my apartment.) And it’s not actually *in* the apartment proper, so it’s not like I can put out a trap or something.

But I can’t sleep with it rustling around in the wall *right next to my bed* (ugh), so I am hoping Something Can Be Done. (I’ve already dragged the mattress into the other room, so I did manage to sleep last night.)

Oh, nature.

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The google doodle today is super cute, and includes a cat, a fox, and a frog! It’s all my weaknesses in one place!

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Watched a few episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show last night! AND learned fun facts about it!

Mental Floss: 15 Awfully Big Facts About ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’

Love this one:


It was Grant Tinker’s (Moore’s then-husband) idea to name their new production company MTM Enterprises, and Moore didn’t argue since that meant her name was the company. The similarity to MGM hadn’t gone unnoticed and during an early staff meeting someone suggested that since MTM was a small company, wouldn’t it be cute to have a kitten meow like the MGM lion? A staffer visited an animal shelter in Minneapolis and found several orange kittens (they wanted a cat with a fur color similar to a lion’s) and chose the one with the loudest “mew.” The kitten was named Mimsie and she appeared in many different forms in the production tags of various MTM shows. A crew member adopted her and took her home to San Bernardino, where Mimsie lived until the ripe old age of 20.

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So it turns out I’ve fallen a few days behind on both posting and nano-novel-ing. One of those seems far easier to get caught up on than the other. In that spirit, here are some fun Florida vacation notes!

1. I love penguins. If you didn’t know me as a small child, you might not know that exciting fact about me, so I thought I’d lead with it. And guess what Sea World has? PENGUINS. (Or rather, PENGUINS!!!1!!1!!)

2. It is already CHRISTMAS at Sea World. No lie, we have a picture in front of the Christmas tree.

3. We saw a CAT at Sea World too! (It was cute. And not officially part of the park exhibits.)

BONUS: *ANDREA is the MOST AWESOME and VERY GOOD at not freaking out about things like ‘but where is our BUS?!’ and ‘why is there no WATER?!’

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Rainy Sunday feelings counteracted by adorable baby donkey!

Pretty sure baby miniature donkey cuddles are like sunshine.

The video of the girl hugging Sebastien at Bel’ane farm in France.

I’m just going to watch *one* more time…

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Hummingbirds are great. That’s really all I’ve got. Their lil’ chirpy noises, and the zippy flying, and the way they get all up in your face when the feeder gets low…

(I would like to note for the record that there are AT LEAST four other hummingbird feeders in visual range. Still, I appreciate their dedication to making sure all possible food sources are up to snuff.)

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A+ plan for the day:


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1. Called my landlord Sunday night (got voicemail, as expected). Tried not to sound freaked out. Probably sounded freaked out.

2. Took down bird feeders. While these almost certainly are what attracted the critter in the first place, still felt bad when the cardinal landed on my balcony railing this morning and looked at me reproachfully through the window.

3. Am currently “vacationing” in the other room and sleeping with ear plugs in. (Totally forgot how restful that can be!) Have no idea if critter is still making noise at 4:30 am.

4. Landlord reassuringly un-freaked out. Thinks it may be a chipmunk. (Not sure if this is better or worse.)

5. Mom thinks my cat could take a chipmunk.

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Pretty sure there was a mouse in the wall last night. At first I thought it was out on the balcony, because at 4:30 in the morning I really, really wanted it to be anywhere except inside.

But whether it started outside or inside, I’m 99% sure it was in the wall by the time 5:30ish rolled around. The cat went nuts trying to get at it, and I freaked out thinking it was somewhere in the room. (Okay, probably half freaking out and half ‘can you please just stfu so I can sleep and we can figure this out in the morning.’)

Now that it *is* morning, of course, I’m not really sure how to proceed from here. Try to see if there’s a mouse-sized hole out on the balcony? Ask all rodents to please go pester my neighbors instead? Begin my cat on an intensive mouse-hunting training regimen?

Truly, the possibilities are staggering.

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No matter how you choose to spend the day, here’s a cute puppy who is 100% determined to be of assistance!


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It feels like an otter kind of day. (I actually went looking for that SPN fic [by skellerbvvt] where Castiel tries out being an otter because they’re such a happy animal, but I had the livejournal link and it no longer works. But here’s a picture of otters!)


[ETA: strike that, I found it again on AO3! Otter Of The Lord, by skellerbvvt.]

“The Best warriors know how to put down their swords and celebrate peace—otherwise why would one fight?”

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I had forgotten just how many quotable quotes this movie has in it! This may actually be the #1 most-quoted movie in our household. (It would be a tight race with ‘While You Were Sleeping.’)

Since there are far too many quotes to share them all, here’s an interesting fact instead!

From moviefanfare, about Kevin Kline:

‘Dave’ is not the only movie in which he played a U.S. president and his double; in 1999, he was in ‘Wild Wild West’, where he was both Artemus Gordon and President Ulysses S. Grant.

Also, every time Sigourney Weaver was on screen I kept thinking of the Alien comic by Abby Howard:

“Where is my cat.”

[Note: there are no cats in the movie ‘Dave.’ However, there are a couple of cute dogs!]

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Sometimes when I’m having a tough time feeling motivated to do anything, I browse through my likes page on tumblr. Today I was actually looking for a scarf tutorial I thought I’d liked, because I figured it would be funny to share one after my post yesterday about the guy who couldn’t put on his scarf on the morning show.

As one does on tumblr, I laughed, I cried, I saw SO MANY adorable baby animals. I did not find the scarf tutorial I was thinking of, but I did find this neat scarf tying technique (works on much shorter scarves than the pictures show, too!).

And of course, cats in scarves.

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Here it is, the last Monday of the year, and one final animal to go with it!

The Dik-dik is a tiny antelope — they can run up to 26 mph and also whistle! (Though possibly not at the same time.)


[photo credit Pedro Gonnet, via wikipedia]

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I thought about searching for a picture of a dormouse in winter, but then I realized they’d be unlikely to be stirring this time of year! (Little Christmas shoutout there.)


[photo credit Andrea Zampatti]

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Look how excited this lady is for a December Monday!


[art credit to Ann Shen (Annplified)]

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I was always partial to the brontosaurus, myself. And now it comes free with the IS THE BRONTOSAURUS EVEN A REAL DINOSAUR debate!

(nice concise explanation here, though it’s A) from the internet and B) about dinosaurs, so who really knows)

Plus, Sheldon the tiny dinosaur who thinks he’s a turtle has a brontosaurus kind of look about him, which is another bonus!

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And it’s a Monday!

“Well, I do like ducklings.”
-Rapunzel (Tangled)


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