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1. Allison never gets a last name? Or parents, although they're mentioned. (As in "this party is full of friends of my parents," not "yes, they're around here somewhere.")

2. I was baffled by all the 'thee' and 'thou' stuff, but I admit I have zero knowledge of linguistic patterns in 1693. (PS: also baffled by their 1693 outfits! And the fact that he was barefoot in Massachusetts at the end of October.)

3. Pretty sure a lot of decisions about this movie got made by someone saying, "You know what would be funny?"

4. Last year when I saw this movie for the first time, I was ::cough:: a little upset. About the cat. And I considered writing a short fix-it fic to ease my mind. It never happened, but here we are again in October, and apparently I'm not over it, because guess what's happening for NaNoWriMo?

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This is a movie that focused on two things: witty one liners and Nic Cage posing for glamour shots. The witty one liners, at least, hold up pretty well 13 years later.

"It took you all of two seconds to decide to steal the Declaration of Independence."
"Yeah, but I didn't think I was going to personally have to tell my dad about it."
-Riley, Ben

I mean, it's not a non-problematic movie. (To get to two female characters you'd have to include the FBI team member who doesn't even get a name, or the "real national treasure" meat counter woman, and Ben is generally an extremely self-centered person that seems to lack any ability to make an emotional connection, which makes his whirlwind romance with Abigail make zero sense at all.)

But there's no question that Nic Cage saying, "I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence," is a movie moment that has made its way into pop culture history, which is pretty neat.
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1. This movie was approximately 10 million times better when I could fast-forward over the parts I didn’t want to see (both car crashes, most of Rita’s scenes).

2. I tend to watch everything with closed captioning on, because reading is easier than listening for me. (Also the sound quality on my laptop is not stellar.) Very helpful in this movie!

3. Zordon’s explanation makes less and less sense the more you think about it. Alpha’s too. You had 65 million years to come up with a better plan, buddy.

4. I absolutely headcanon that Jason’s sword keeps following him around like his power coin, and he can’t figure out how to get it to go away with the rest of his armor, so when he showed up at the ship to drop it off and Zordon was all ‘You should keep that,’ he was all ‘I’ll come back for it’ on the outside, but on the inside he was thinking ‘play it cool, ha, yes, I’ll come back for it, unless it just *shows up randomly* again,’ and he thinks *STAY* at it as loudly as he can before leaving.

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“It’s lovely, it’s practical, and you can hide a sword in it.”
-Joshua Johnson, The 1A Movie Club Sees ‘Wonder Woman’

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I took some notes as I was watching.

1. Okay, I think we all learned from ‘Frozen’ that you have to look carefully at the terms and conditions. If the spell doesn’t say romantic love, it doesn’t have to be romantic love. Which makes it pretty depressing, because that would mean this guy didn’t even take the time to get to know his own employees during the cursed years. Really, pal? Were you even trying?

2. Clearly Belle’s dad has not read as much as his daughter. ‘Ah, here I am in a creepy and *obviously* set apart from reality in some way castle.’ (the snow, if nothing else) ‘I think I’ll first eat something, and then take something. That’s never had dangerous consequences ever!’

3. Wait, wait — please tell me there’s a fic where both Maurice and Belle are just like ‘hey, sweet enchanted castle! Landlord’s a bit grumpy, but it’s way better than our village! We’re both staying!’

4. Or one where they keep switching off. ‘Oh, Papa had to go to the market for some new tools; I’ll be here till he gets back.’ And ‘Belle wanted to go to the library fundraising event, I’m taking her spot for a few days.’

5. Also, the fact that LeFou pays everyone to sing Gaston’s song is A+.

But I got a little bored, during the ‘look, we’re falling in love’ montage, and I stopped taking notes. I really thought the music box would be more important?

Overall I thought the movie was long, but I had fun watching it.

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Totally non-spoilery review coming up!

1. Totally awesome. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Gal Gadot was amazing. 11/10 would watch again.

2. Surely I was not the only one to walk out of the theater thinking, ‘Was that Remus Lupin?’ And yes, yes it was. David Thewlis (Sir Patrick in Wonder Woman) also played Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies.

3. For those who watched the scene in the trailer where Diana wears an evening gown and appears to have her sword tucked into the back of her dress, and thought, ‘Now *that* is where I draw the line on believability,’ fear not! She has her armor on *under* the dress!

4. So it looks like Chris Pine’s wildly inconsistent character representation in every Star Trek movie is not his fault? Because I thought he was great in this! Much more likable character than I expected!

5. It appears that the Justice League movie will not feature Wonder Woman as the main character, which seems like a mistake. How much do I want a movie where Diana, Lois, Martha, and Alfred meet up for coffee each morning and save the world, all while sending Bruce and Clark on increasingly improbably quests to remote places in the world? SO MUCH.

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1. I laughed! I cried! I saw two women on the screen at the same time!

2. I liked it more than the first one!

3. Baby Groot is still voiced by Vin Diesel. (Aww….)

4. Peter said he’s been flying the Milano since he was ten years old. (And then Rocket says he’s cybernetically designed to fly a spaceship, which — really?)

5. Possibly the best recurring theme: Nebula being 10,000% done with everything.

6. Best plot news of the day: this movie has nothing to do with Infinity Stones. (The events of the first movie are briefly mentioned, but no new Infinity Gauntlet related plot occurs.*)

7. Baby Groot is flipping adorable. The apparently irresistible waving thing — super cute.

8. Remote piloted fighter ships are possibly the smartest idea ever for a space battle. I vote we ret-con the entire Nova Corps fleet to also be remote piloted, because then I could finally stop crying about That Scene from the first movie.

9. I absolutely do not believe they were ever planning on leaving Nebula in a prison on Xandar.

10. [*ETA apparently there was a comics callout to one of the infinity gems in one of the post-credits scenes. Also, there are multiple post-credits scenes, FYI.]

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movie day!

May. 6th, 2017 08:21 am
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Going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today. (Volume 2? I’ve just been calling it Guardians2 in emails, even though that makes it potentially confusable with a bunch of other movies. Which reminds me of that great ‘this trilogy makes no sense’ post from back when the first one came out*.)

My prediction for this movie: somewhat garbage, but not 100% garbage.

Why that makes me want to see it more: there’s no pressure — the most disappointing movies for me are when I want them to be amazing, and they’re just not, so this is much more fun. I basically just want it to be moderately entertaining for two hours, give me something to talk about on the internet, and be an excuse to get DBOX tickets (rumble seats!). So far, winning on all fronts.

(*I did look for it. Briefly. Anyway, it was the movie posters for Legend of the Guardians, Rise of the Guardians, and Guardians of the Galaxy, with the caption “This trilogy makes no sense.” There seem to be quite a few variations of it floating around the internet at this point, but I couldn’t find the exact one I was thinking of.)

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Just read the wikipedia summary for Fast & Furious 8. (Or whichever of the various titles it’s going by now.) Nope.

You know what I like in a movie? When NO ONE DIES. Is that so hard? Medical advances happen every day! Sometimes you even *think* someone is dead, but it turns out they had amnesia, and then it turns out they were actually *faking* the amnesia and you were secretly married to them the whole time and your True Love brings you back to life after a parking garage collapses on you!

(Not even kidding, that was a real plot line in Fast & Furious 4 through 7!)

I’m so tired of movies killing people women for The Dramatic Emphasis.

(To be fair to F&F8, it’s not like killing a character for Dramatic Emphasis is unique to that chapter of the franchise. They did it in 1, 3, 4 (sort of?), 5, 6, and 7 (a repeat of 3, but more sad?). Did they really not kill any of the good team in 2?

(Also to be fair, it wasn’t always a woman. There’s just so few women to begin with! Percentage-wise, it’s not even close!)

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Preview review: at no point in the movie did we see Zack do martial arts and/or a superhero pose on a train. Nor did we ever see all of them except one stand on a car and look at the night sky (ie. the poster). (But the poster is still cool, and based on their absolutely terrible decision-making skills when in cars, I’m totally okay with the omission.)

Movie review, based on the four things I said I wanted to see:

1. There’s no juice bar, but I’ll accept starandrea’s suggestion of either the detention room or the mine. A bunch of kids hanging out at a mine — not even an abandoned mine! — was super weird, but I did really like that everyone except Jason had seen each other there before. It’s like the non-sports-star students all have lives too! And do stuff! (Granted, they hang out illegally at an active mine, but whatever.)

1a. Way to go Billy being the only one (apparently) with a social group of actual supportive friends and acquaintances!

2. Flinging notes at each other was absolutely the cutest thing ever, and an acceptable replacement for the jump in the air, which would have seemed very weird in this movie-verse.

2a. Seriously, though, and not entirely related — I feel like they would run into trouble relatively quickly with Jason’s house arrest thing. You can fool the technology, but he lives with three other people; by the end of the movie at least one of them had figured out that he was nowhere he was supposed to be, since his dad was driving around looking for him.

3. I would say that the coins are harder to keep track of then a watch, but they seem to keep track of themselves — very convenient! They also seem to have the happy side effect of making phones waterproof.

3a. This raises a lot of questions for me about what Jason was doing at the end with his probably-not-called-a-spiral-saber thing. Did they keep the coins? Did the coins keep them? Can Jason just not figure out how to make his weapon go away with his suit? I AM CONFUSED.

4. The zords were specifically called dinosaurs, but they were not individually named, and none of them looked like a sabre-toothed tiger (which I know isn’t a dinosaur, but that never stopped them before). I am generally in favor of More Cats, but I would have been worried about them the whole movie, so at least there were no cats in peril?

4a. I liked this movie! Way more than I thought I would!

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I liked it? On a scale of ‘movies I’ve seen,’ I’d rate it above Frozen, but not as awesome as Zootopia.

The songs: nice! Very enjoyable to listen to, very difficult to sing along with.

The characters: nice! There were so very few of them.

The animal sidekicks: cute! Not Rajah. (To be fair, it is hard to compete with a tiger.)

The plot: did not make me angry like Frozen! A+ symbolism!

The visuals: beautiful!

The ‘ocean as character’ concept: loved it. Made the movie way less scary. Although it did raise the question of why the ocean didn’t just — give the heart back itself?

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I have mixed feelings! Because on the one hand this is clearly the best of the TNG movies, and on the other hand it’s one of those problematic faves. (If one had four hands, the third would be ‘of course we’re not worried about continuity, this is Star Trek’ and the fourth would be ‘has there ever been a more goofy plot shenanigan than the manual control joystick on the bridge?’)

Okay, so first: fun movie! Clearly this was written by someone who (like me) was highly influenced by ‘The Sound of Music’ when it comes to what makes an exciting story. (Evacuation in the middle of the night into the mountains!) And especially compared with the reboot movies, there was very little death in this movie. (Not none, but not the enormous casualties of some of the others.)

Second: It was actually a little creepy that the Ba’ku were all white. And what was up with the whole ‘oh, we don’t use machines’ schtick? Gosh, I guess we better get rid of this loom, then! And this irrigation system!

Third: I mean, I don’t know how much continuity is really expected, so that’s whatever. But even just within the bounds of the movie, it felt like there were a lot of loose ends that were never resolved and didn’t even make much sense to begin with.

Fourth: Goofy plot shenanigans everywhere! I loved them all.

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1. First Contact was sort of a weird movie, although I absolutely enjoyed re-watching it.

2. Lily, best character. A+

3. So, I get that maybe this was a budget issue? But Starfleet in First Contact is really human-centric. There’s like one human-looking alien to every 50 humans.

4. I do love that both the team on the ground and the team on the ship noticed that they’d lost communications with each other and basically shrugged it off. “I’m sure they’re fine. What could go wrong?”

5. Not entirely sure why the Borg decided that inventing time travel and conducting an in-depth study of human history was a more strategically sound plan than, say, just bringing a couple more ships to the fight.

6. They basically invented a random member of the bridge crew just so they could kill him off later? That seems harsh.

7. Why do Worf’s self-destruct codes still work for a ship he’s not serving on anymore? That seems like a security flaw.

8. Kinda feel like the crew oversold the whole ‘oh, we live in a utopia without money and the future is amazing’ story, since they were *literally* fighting space aliens at the time. (I guess ‘we live in a utopia without money but we’re also at war with a terrifying and powerful enemy’ wouldn’t have been quite as inspiring.)

9. It didn’t seem like there were enough people on the ship. Where was everyone?

10. Apparently time travel is really easy to reverse engineer? No one seemed excited about this. They didn’t even have to slingshot around the sun!

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Yesterday I planned a Star Trek movie marathon of the three TNG movies (Nemesis doesn’t count, I’m ignoring it forever). I only made it through Generations and First Contact before I started dozing off, which I guess means I’m now officially a grown up.

Here’s my question: seat belts. The reboot/Kelvin timeline is all about seat belts. TNG doesn’t even have chairs that stay bolted to the floor when they crash the ship into a planet.* (Who designed that?!)

So what gives? Is this a social/cultural shift, that now seat belts are considered more standard and so it makes sense that movies made today would include them? Is it a deliberate in-universe callout to the differences in how Starfleet views spaceflight in the Kelvin timeline? Is it just because they came up with a neat special effect and wanted to use it?

[*I had my movies all confused, and I thought Insurrection was the one where they crashed the ship into the planet, and then I figured I should probably just go watch them all.]

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Okay, I have a lot of thoughts about this movie, mostly about how it was startlingly more fun to watch the second time around. Probably I was less worried about what was happening in terms of plot, so I could focus more on what the characters were doing, which is the part I like.

But I have to ask: the hair — is Kirk stress-growing his hair?* Is the crew having secret meetings to discuss the length of time since Kirk’s last haircut and its possible correlation to his mood?

(*At one of my jobs, when the person in charge was experiencing a particular stressful period of time, he’d let his beard grow. This made everyone tense. We knew things were turning around when he shaved again.)

(I feel like Kirk’s characterization was all over the place in this movie, which — to be fair — was not actually inconsistent with the other two movies. But I would assume that many members of the crew pay very close attention to things like his hair and wardrobe choices, and probably discuss it on incognito chat forums, or whatever the Enterprise has.)

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I liked it! It has been a long time since I saw a movie in a theater that wasn’t an action movie. I can’t actually remember how long? LONG.

But ‘Hidden Figures’ was awesome! Very engaging, lots of like-able characters, good music, didn’t feel too short or too long.

Favorite part: That this was a movie based on real events, and there were just — women, everywhere! Not just three main characters and then a sea of men in the background. Which makes sense, because in the actual world, there are lots of women! And lots of men! And you see them! Everywhere!

Anyway, yeah, I liked it. (!)

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movie time

Jan. 17th, 2017 07:47 am
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Tis the season to rewatch Frequency! Last night was a good night for a movie, and I sort of wanted to watch Star Trek Beyond, but I didn’t want to spend any money, so I watched Frequency instead, which I have on dvd.

(PS: That part in the Doctor Who episode ‘Blink’ where they say ‘You only own 17 dvds?!’ will always be hilarious to me. I mean, technically I own more than 17 dvds, sort of, but only if you count the physical discs for the Iron Man Armored Adventures and the Sarah Jane Adventures seasons as individual dvds and not a set. Also apparently I like shows with the word Adventures in the title?)

Anyway, Frequency is still in my top movies of all time list, and was a fun rewatch. I like that they don’t ever really explain anything — there’s no reveal, it’s just ‘oh, solar flares, pretty crazy stuff, must be how we’re magically talking to each other from 30 years apart.’

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I think I would like to see this movie again, but probably not till I can fast forward over the parts I don’t want to watch and rewind the parts I want to see a couple times in a row.

But I have a couple questions:

1. Why did Galen send a hologram video confession instead of something way more helpful? (Like the plans! Or the latitude and longitude of the target! So many options!)

2. Who decided that firing the Death Star at Scarif was an A+ plan? It was an Imperial planet! Full of Imperials! And super important documents! It was important enough to warrant a scientifically improbable shield, but as soon as a few rebels landed it was all ‘just obliterate everything, we’ll sort it out later.’

One can only imagine the conversation that must have taken place:

Some sort of Imperial Officer: “Sir, there’s some rebels down there.”

Tarkin: “Are they winning?”

IO: “No. There’s only a few left. Bad news is they’ve they’ve already stolen the plans.”

Tarkin: “Shoot it with the Death Star.”

IO: “But — there’s like two of them. The entire rest of the population of the planet is our people. Also that’s the backup data for every Imperial document ever scanned.”

Tarkin: “Shoot it with the Death Star.”

IO: “We couldn’t just send down some TIE fighters to clean up the mess?”

(And then they shot it with the Death Star, in what was arguably one of the worst strategic decisions ever made in a Star Wars movie.)

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I liked it! It sure did rain a lot, which sort of explained why the bad guy wore his rain coat all the time. I sort of want to see it again, just to get the timeline more sorted out in my head.

I was very glad I knew what was coming at the end. I feel like it’s still early for spoilers, but yeah, that google search was a good call. I had time to prepare myself, and also read some fix-it fic:

Steady as she goes, by noelia_g

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I finally watched the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie, and I have a few questions:

1. Do we have confirmation yet that the pitch meeting included the phrase “it’s Breakfast Club meets Power Rangers”?

2. Can we please stop pretending they’re in high school? The combination of “let’s make things gritty” and “let’s cast adults as all the students” gives it a weird prison vibe.

3. Sure, the new Billy is smart, but can he hear things on the moon?

4. Oh man, are we getting the dino zords back? Are they going to yell the dinosaur names?

5. How cool is that teaser poster? I mean, weird, definitely, but visually very cool.

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