Jan. 24th, 2017

marcicat: (snowy cat)

I have a somewhat unfortunate tendency to take a guess at what internet abbreviations mean and then never follow up to verify. (see: my ftw fail)

Which is to say, I thought ‘smh’ stood for ‘so much hate.’ (Note: there *does* seem to be some support for this being the case, or at least having been the case at some point.) But when I saw someone using it that I couldn’t quite imagine saying that phrase, I thought ‘one of us is surely wrong about what that means.’

And it turns out that the most widely currently accepted meaning for ‘smh’ is ‘shaking my head,’ which is whatever. The important part of the story is that my brain keeps stalling out before remembering that — I remember there’s something other than ‘so much hate’ but not what it is. And so then I’m staring at the screen thinking ‘so much heckling? so many hipsters? slap my hand?’

It’s a work in progress.

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