Feb. 15th, 2017

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The backstory: My boss is getting a new boss after about a year with no one in that position. The job description has changed, but no one bothers to tell us anything so I have no idea what the last person did or what the new person will do differently.

The story begins: Last week my boss said they needed someone to volunteer to be shadowed by this new person — it’s a standard part of job orientation at this point, so that seemed legit. And I was sick last time I was supposed to have someone shadowing me, so I volunteered. Then the boss said they wanted a second person too. My first thoughts were that the decision was (take your pick) weird, insulting, or overkill. But eventually I settled on ‘thorough.’

Fast forward to: Yesterday, I mentioned that I still had not received a calendar invite letting me know what time this shadowing was taking place. Neither had my fellow “volunteer.” This is what we were told: “There’s no schedule.”

WHY IS THERE NO SCHEDULE? This is both baffling and entirely unsurprising to me.

Anyway, I may or may not be sitting with the new person for an unspecified amount of time today. WHAT OTHER MYSTERIES MIGHT THIS DAY HOLD?

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