Mar. 7th, 2017

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1. First Contact was sort of a weird movie, although I absolutely enjoyed re-watching it.

2. Lily, best character. A+

3. So, I get that maybe this was a budget issue? But Starfleet in First Contact is really human-centric. There’s like one human-looking alien to every 50 humans.

4. I do love that both the team on the ground and the team on the ship noticed that they’d lost communications with each other and basically shrugged it off. “I’m sure they’re fine. What could go wrong?”

5. Not entirely sure why the Borg decided that inventing time travel and conducting an in-depth study of human history was a more strategically sound plan than, say, just bringing a couple more ships to the fight.

6. They basically invented a random member of the bridge crew just so they could kill him off later? That seems harsh.

7. Why do Worf’s self-destruct codes still work for a ship he’s not serving on anymore? That seems like a security flaw.

8. Kinda feel like the crew oversold the whole ‘oh, we live in a utopia without money and the future is amazing’ story, since they were *literally* fighting space aliens at the time. (I guess ‘we live in a utopia without money but we’re also at war with a terrifying and powerful enemy’ wouldn’t have been quite as inspiring.)

9. It didn’t seem like there were enough people on the ship. Where was everyone?

10. Apparently time travel is really easy to reverse engineer? No one seemed excited about this. They didn’t even have to slingshot around the sun!

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