Apr. 14th, 2017

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Apparently, Star Wars time travel WIP fix-it fics focused around episodes 1-6 are my jam right now. Who knew?

A couple weeks ago I recced Back to the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars, by Ariel_Sojourner, which continues to entertain with new chapters.

(Right now there’s a great subplot going on where Anakin knows Luke’s his kid, and Luke knows Anakin’s his dad, but neither knows that the other knows — seriously, I’ve been lol’ing for days.)

Today’s fic rec is Ad Utrumque Paratus, by obeyingthemuse

I’m not sure where this one is going, but it deserves a rec just for the solid gold of this author summary:

It’s hard to bring balance to the Force when the only method you’ve seen is your black-cloaked psychic cyborg sorcerer dad with a severe breathing problem throwing an old man down the Death Star reactor shaft. As much as Luke would like to see the not-yet-Emperor dead, he doesn’t want to be arrested by his unusually attractive(?) war-hero dad and spend the rest of his indeterminate time in the past dropping Ewok beats in a jail cell. Also Leia would probably kill him. But not before breaking him out of jail.

So when the twins wake up on Tatooine decades in the past, they play it safe. They take over a planet, reconnect with their adoptive and real parents without weirding them out (too much), and accidentally cause the Chancellor perpetual near-death experiences.

Nailed it.

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