Apr. 21st, 2017

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Put on a Mask (and Fight!), by writeonclara

Author Summary:
Finn is the defector gone superhero. Rey is the ultra psychic who may or may not use her powers to hustle pool. Poe is the intrepid journalist (or sometimes: bait). Together, they fight crime!

(Or Finn and Rey do. Poe mostly gets himself kidnapped and mouths off at his captors. It’s a work in progress.)

Bonus rec, because it reminded me of that Inception fic and I found it on AO3:

Blast Boxers, by Allothi

“Forger!” Arthur says, because he’s heard that’s the way supervillains like to be addressed. “In five years, every plan you’ve had to take over Inception City has ended in abysmal failure. What makes you think today will be different?”

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