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Watched a few episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore show last night! AND learned fun facts about it!

Mental Floss: 15 Awfully Big Facts About ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’

Love this one:


It was Grant Tinker’s (Moore’s then-husband) idea to name their new production company MTM Enterprises, and Moore didn’t argue since that meant her name was the company. The similarity to MGM hadn’t gone unnoticed and during an early staff meeting someone suggested that since MTM was a small company, wouldn’t it be cute to have a kitten meow like the MGM lion? A staffer visited an animal shelter in Minneapolis and found several orange kittens (they wanted a cat with a fur color similar to a lion’s) and chose the one with the loudest “mew.” The kitten was named Mimsie and she appeared in many different forms in the production tags of various MTM shows. A crew member adopted her and took her home to San Bernardino, where Mimsie lived until the ripe old age of 20.

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I have now seen all two episodes of the new new MacGyver! (PS Episode 2 even passes the Bechdel test!)

The thing is, it’s kind of a weird show. Concept-wise it’s got some problems, and character-wise there is a whole lot of awkward happening. On the other hand, I watched TWO EPISODES, which is two more episodes than any other show I can remember recently.

But! The best part! The pinnacle of episode 2! I present for consideration: THE ENORMOUS BOWL OF PAPERCLIPS IN THE MEETING ROOM!

1. The sole purpose of the paperclips appears to be use as a fidget toy to keep MacGyver from getting bored during the meeting.

2. He folds one into a phoenix shape, which btw is the least realistic part of the episode.

3. This could mean that they have Special Meeting Paperclips just for MacGyver.

4. He left the phoenix sitting on the table, where surely some minion snapped it up; I imagine a brisk underground trade of paperclip shapes among the lower echelons of the Foundation.


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Asking Too Much, by fictorium

(I liked the different perspective on dating the superhero identity versus the civilian identity.)

(Also, I tried to find a quote to put here, but then I just kept getting caught up re-reading the story, and I really do have other things I want to do this morning.)

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I’ve been wanting to use this quote for a few weeks now:

“Come on, my plan is way better — it has an action element.”

To the best of my recollection, it’s from a Harry Potter fic that featured Harry, Draco, and Severus fighting off attackers in a forest. But it’s not like that’s really a searchable amount of information, especially since I’ve likely gotten the quote slightly wrong.

However! I was telling my family about this dilemma, and my sister remembered *this* quote:

“This plan lacks a certain dynamic quality.”
-from Agenda, by Lanning (part 8 of the Identical series)

Which is also awesome! (And she remembers the source, which is about a million points ahead of me.)

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In honor of the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale tonight, here’s one from an American Idol fic!

[Note: I actually think this may have been the first reality tv show fic I ever read, or at least close to it. It is not immediately obvious from the quote, but this fic is actually ridiculous and there is no crying.]

“You went back to your room after the finale and cried a little, didn’t you.”
-from Mastermind, by astolat

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I only just now realized that I opened my bag of crackers at the bottom instead of the top. And I’ve been eating them for… oh, probably half an hour. We definitely need a Friday!

And a fun fic:

where one starts from, by AlchemyAlice

It’s possible this fic would be even more enjoyable if I actually watched The Flash tv show, but it totally works without any background knowledge. And I’m not sure the show could compete, since my favorite part is 100% Anita the real estate agent.

A week later, Anita looks between the three of them, one eyebrow raised. “You’re Barry, I presume?” she says, as soon as they get into the car.

Barry looks dubiously between Iris and Eddie, and says, “…Yes?”

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When we saw Jupiter Ascending in IMAX (awesome!), we also saw a preview for Furious 7. And I’ve been thinking about it a lot (because when presented with a popcorn-action-movie my first response is to overthink it).

And it made me think of that one Wiseguy fic (which totally ends well despite the sad tone of this quote):

“I realized, this is gonna keep happening, you know? I’m gonna have to kill them and then some poor mama’s boy is gonna have to kill me and we’re just going to keep killing each other until no one’s left but crying mothers.”
-A Heaven in Hell’s Despair, by Neery

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I solemnly promise to stream the first two episodes of ‘Agent Carter’ in a fully countable-by-the-network way as soon as they are available on hulu.

(Until then, all bets are off.)

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Baby, It’s Just One Little Favor, by dessert_first

In his spare time, Oliver matchmakes between Laurel and Tommy. (By convincing them he’s in a relationship with John and Felicity.)

Additional tags include: “the least sexy threesome fic ever,” “Fake/Pretend Relationship,” “Crack,” “Humor,” “Ridiculous,” “Season/Series 01″

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I have recently started visiting Planet Fitness, since my workplace offers a reimbursement, and there is a location sort of ridiculously close to my apartment. And there’s tvs, right? With sound you can hear through your earbuds if you want, but I never want to, because I much prefer just making up what they’re saying.

Today there was a morning show on, with a story I’m guessing was about the cold weather, because all four people pulled these scarves out from somewhere. (Under their chairs? IDK, I wasn’t paying attention then.)

The two women immediately put their scarves on, looking super stylish and amazing. One of the guys (maybe Al Roker? he looked familiar) was clearly not going to put on a scarf, period. I’m not sure he even touched it. But the other guy kept picking his up and kind of — failing to put it on. It really looked like this was what was going through his mind:

‘It’s a scarf. I can do this. I CAN do this, right? A scarf. Okay. It’s like a — or I could — does it go in the back first? Or the front? Maybe the side? Is it obvious that I can’t do this? I feel awkward, does it look awkward? Maybe if I put it down — or pick it up? Both? How long is this segment? It must be almost over, right?’

It was pretty great.

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1. Spilled my drink all over my lap while driving to work. Bright side: not hot! Also, wearing sort of indistinct-colored pants anyway. Even better: felt much less guilty when I spilled lunch on my pants later! (V. clumsy today.)

2. Played ‘Heads Up’ at our work meeting today. Restrained myself from saying, ‘Oh, that’s the game they were playing in Sleepy Hollow, right?’ (Barely.)

3. Chair squeaking unable to be fixed with WD-40. Is quietest when at its tallest setting, so I am super tall today! Gives an interesting new perspective on our work area.

4. Coworker managed to work a Star Trek IV reference into the day. Kudos to you, coworker!

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Sleepy Hollow is back! I have actually only seen the season opener, because I haven’t been keeping up. (The second ep should be up on Hulu by now; it’s on my list of things to see, at some point.)

Anyway, the point is: tumblr has shown me pictures of the new character Nick Hawley, and all I could think was, “RJ? Is that you?”

There were some serious Power Rangers Jungle Fury flashbacks, is what I’m saying, to the point where I actually checked actor names. (Not the same person. I think it’s the shirt. And the expression. Possibly the hair.)

Basically I just figured any time you can get a Power Rangers reference worked into the daily blog, why not go for it?

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Packing Stage: I miss my things. It’s not like they’re gone; just in boxes. And those boxes are right here! But opening them up and taking stuff out feels like a step backwards.

[On a note that's only related to the title -- I wish that show would come out on netflix. (Seven Days, in case there was also a show called T-Minus.) I remember liking it, but I also remember liking The Sentinel, and that show didn't impress upon later re-viewing. I'd like to try re-watching Seven Days anyway. Also, what ever happened at the end of that show? I should probably google that before I go saying how great it was.]

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I haven’t been feeling so great this weekend, with my crazy sinus congestion as the main contributor to the feeling that everything is suddenly immensely difficult.

Since it’s easy and distracting, I’ve been reading fics on my nook, starting with the A’s and working forward. So far I’ve run into: Harry Potter, West Wing, Avengers, Due South, Stargate Atlantis, Teen Wolf, Vikings, Merlin, Pacific Rim, and one of my nanowrimo novels, and that was all before hitting the B’s.

It had been a long time since I last read that one where Diefenbaker gets (temporarily) turned into a human (About A Dog, by Speranza), and it did not disappoint on re-reading.

Today I really need to be more productive, since I’m planning on going back to work tomorrow pretty much regardless of my health status. Still think I might be able to make it through the B’s — there’s got to be fewer of those than the A’s right?

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My work!neighbor is currently watching (for the first time) Doctor Who — specifically, the second season with the Tenth Doctor.

[She has reminded me that you should never watch Doctor Who alone at night.]

Yesterday, she said she was up to the two-part season finale. “Does Rose die?” she asked me.

And I stood there for a second trying to think back — the glasses, Cybermen, Torchwood One, the other dimension, burning up a star… And I’m thinking, ‘there’s no way I’m going to be able to explain this in the five seconds it’ll take us to walk to our cars.’

Luckily, she quickly amended her question with, “No, don’t tell me. No spoilers!”

[And I thought at first she was actually making a reference to the show, and then I realized she's not there yet. There's still So. Much. Crazy. yet to come.]

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[Proving that I use tumblr all wrong, here's a post from fuck yeah sleepy hollow. Thanks, tumblr!]

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Sleepy Hollow, I don’t get you. You play all cute and clever, and then BAM out of nowhere it’s cliffhanger time! (Also, that season ending really puts a crimp in my threesome fic plans for February…)

BUT on the other hand, there were some pretty awesome lines and character stuff in there too. It’s too bad we couldn’t just HAVE NICE THINGS, but I get that it’s a tv show and once it was renewed for a second season, that inevitably meant they were going to have to leave some apocalyptic tension in the works.

And since the ending was kind of, well, horrible, here’s a list of some of the totally awesome parts to remember.

*cell phone trading!
*zombie George Washington!
*National Treasure shoutout! (come on, that’s what everyone was thinking during the Mason crypt thingy scene, right?)
*hand holding!
*fist bump!
*hugging! (so much hugging!)

And then some questions, because cliffhanger.

*How is Jenny so awesome for wearing her seatbelt? Way to go, Jenny!
*How is it that Sleepy Hollow has a better grasp on crime and consequences than Sherlock?

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*the year of OTTERDAY
*the year of Iron Man: Armored Adventures
*I posted a lot about laundry this year.
*marmots, wolverines, marbled polecats, gamboling lambs, badgers
*new local theater! (with ice cream!)
*1st time firing a handgun
*2nd time going to a baseball game
*so many movies
*so much fanfic
*work is work
*baby goats, koalas, pallas cats, lolrus, the flamingoat
*sloths, and the SLOTH BEAR
*what is this weather even
*the year I got new sunglasses
*watching tv again
*chickens in safety vests, giraffes

“Ain’t no such thing as a perfect day.”
“If it was too perfect, I’d wonder what the hell was wrong.”

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Sleepy Hollow (the one with the golem, which Abbie apparently heard about at Sunday school, but I helpfully learned about from fanfic)

*bickering about language #1: Scrooge, Christmas trees, & eggnog

*”You strangled me!” “He means thank you.”

*guest star: Henry! (‘hey, so you don’t have much family, and we don’t either, so we could maybe hang out together’ I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ACTUALLY WORKED)

*bickering about language #2: sex, dating, & crossword puzzles

*Captain Irving and Macey being adorable (“You’re getting hot chocolate, not a puppy.”)

*bickering about language #3: waiting by the car (I guess at least Crane didn’t have an ax this time?)

*”Ah! What hellish form of torment is this?” “Funhouse mirrors.” “When did irony become a national pastime?”

*the Christmas stocking

Really, the key takeaway from this episode was ‘why wasn’t Katrina better at arts and crafts?’ Seriously, she couldn’t have knitted the kid a kitten or something?

Other thoughts: I’m totally willing to go the ‘Jeremy’s not dead’ route. That was the whole point of the crossword misdirection conversation, right?

Quip-Off Tally For The Week:
Neither episode was particularly light-hearted, but Sleepy Hollow did have the benefit of including more Christmas, which I liked. Plus, Sleepy Hollow took two extremely creepy concepts (circuses, dolls coming to life) and made them not very scary, while Almost Human took a not not too scary concept (cloning) and made it super creepy. Sleepy Hollow comes out the winner for the week in my book.

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Ooh, raising the stakes this week. Almost Human got off to a very strong start when Dorian got John to eat a live bug. That’s some quality partnership fodder right there.

However, the side by side comparison was thwarted! Sleepy Hollow was a rerun. (Though I think the post-its would give live bug eating a run for its money.)

A few more points of interest from Almost Human:

1. This is why you should attend those inter-precinct softball games.

2. Apparently Dorian can turn off everything that connects him to the department. (Really?)

3. And apparently you can purchase DRN units on the black market. (Really?!)

4. AND apparently Rudy subscribes to the Velveteen Rabbit theory when it comes to bots: if you love them enough, they become real. (WHAT EVEN IS THIS SHOW ABOUT?)

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